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Age: 57
Birthdate: May 30, 1962
Race: White
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Probably Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: LiveJournal, GreatestJournal, Blogspot
LittleGirlLover is a disgusting blogger who was banned from LiveJournal but continues to spew his filth on other blogging sites.

LittleGirlLover, AKA Mark_ex_lgl, is a longtime blogger with several blogs on sites, such as LiveJournal, GreatestJournal and Blogspot. On these blogs he openly admits to being a pedophile and sadly thinks that our Constitution gives him the right to blog about wanting to have sex with children.


I am a girl lover, pedosexual, pedophile: all of those and a whole lot more. Mostly though, I'm a thinking individual, and I have thought “me” pretty far through, and know more about myself and my intentions, than the passerby through these pages will likely ever know.

This website exists for the sole purpose of the fact that it yet may under our Constitution. Contrary to what someone who is not I may opine of the reason for its existence, it is here to both educate and offer real hope, for both pedophiles and their potential victims or lovers, alike. It is my considered and learned opinion that this will go a much further distance toward "protecting the children," than any of the alternative so-called efforts I have seen to date.

Given my disclaimer, above, my endeavor is driven by a much more pure and noble motive than those alternatives.

An excerpt from his journal:

The dream was short. I was standing in line for something or another, maybe food, since my mind was fooling around with the whole starvation idea just before I fell asleep. A girl of 11, 12 or 13 was in front of me in the line. She knew me, at least in passing. She was wearing bright spectrum red jeans. She knew me well enough, I guess, to reach back with her left hand, draw my right hand up over her shoulder, put my index finger in her mouth sideways, across and between her front teeth, and bite. Not hard, and not for long, even though the few seconds seemed an eternity. Just her teeth and the wetness of her mouth was involved. There was a playful and childish sexiness in the act, and at one point she glanced impishly back over her shoulder, her eyes aflash, and her grin wide. She knew she had me. For perhaps four seconds, no more, my midsection moved forward against her bottom, and she pushed back against that midsection.

My take on it, even still in the dream, was that the finger bit had been intended and understood by herself, the rest of her actions, and mine, too - had surprised her, and she seemed rather conflicted and confused.

I assume, for the moment, I had this dream so that I could write it here.

I woke up not hungry, but still starving. So, I wrote an email.

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts

E-mail Addresses:

Other Contacts:

  • YIM: mark_ex_lgl
  • YIM: littlegirlloveralways
  • YIM: ageplaywithsex
  • YIM: alwaysmarklgl
  • YIM: askmeniceandimaytellyou
  • MSN: [email protected]

Known Aliases:

  • Mark
  • littlegirllover
  • ilovelittlegirlsalways

Active Web sites:


  • Blogspot
  • LiveJournal
  • GreatestJournal

Last Known Address

If you have information about this person's current address, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

Additional Quotes

A little something about his family situation:

I had the prettiest and saddest dream this afternoon.

I was at a school. (Lol, I know whatchur thinking, but it's only partly that way) It was my kindergartener son's school. A girl of about 15 or 16 fell in love with me. I can't describe it any other way than that, though it may have been any number of other things. She was pixie beautiful, mixed race, vivacious, and giddy and gleeful, and such a girl.

Saturday night, the younger son came over to watch movies. The older one and I had not gotten to watching King Kong, so that was on the slate as well as some others we’d picked up at the video store earlier: “Bad News Bears” (the first one), and this other movie called “Monster Night.”

For a change, all or any of these was cool with me (no Spiderman (or other superheroes), no Godzilla this time around)...

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