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Logical Reality
Created: 2001
Referred to as: logicalreality.com
Founder: Pat Kelly
Purpose: Promoting child pornography and enabling child rape
Website Address:
Current: Defunct
Previous: http://logicalreality.com
Individuals: Pat Kelly
Logical Reality was a website and discussion board run by Pat Kelly in order to promote his pro-child pornography agenda.
Anotherone vs. Logical Reality members


Pat Kelly's Website and discussion board LogicalReality.com board purported itself as "The Internet's Freethinking Voice". However, the website consisted of nothing but pro-pedophile propaganda "articles" written by Kelly himself; and the forum was a platform for Kelly to promote his pro-child pornography agenda by enabling pedophilia.

Kelly's so-called "freethinking" did not extend itself to any thinking that did not support pedophilia and child pornography. Anyone who came on the forum and disagreed was subjected to insults and bombastic verbal assaults until they left the board.

At one time, Logical Reality’s board was disabled and replaced with a notice that the forum was under criminal investigation due to involvement in eight child murders. Who really altered the website with this message and their reasons for doing so are unknown at this time; however, after this was posted, Kelly immediately went underground and may have fled to Mexico. The board was dismantled soon afterward and became an adult pornography site; however, it is still owned by Kelly to this day.

Many of the Logical Reality forum posters are known to frequent other pro-pedophile websites as well; its members included such pedophile activists Christopher Kidwell, Brandon Low, Hierophant, IsmAvatar, Turtle and Aztram (who would subsequently be arrested and convicted for raping multiple children and creating child pornography).


Notable Members

Another notable presence on the board was an anti-pedophilia poster known as myfreedom aka anotherone aka buthurt moral fag. A young “man” from South America who subjected himself to much verbal abuse by remaining on the board and vehemently arguing against child pornography.


What children need to see would be a Spielberg level production that took "The Goonies" or ET films into areas of sex. Children would benefit immensely by seeing other children engaged in sexual behaviour because it would confirm to them that there is absolutely nothing wrong or unusual about their own sexual feelings and behaviour. Instead of ET touching the boy's forehead with his lit finger he could have touched the boy's penis and given him his first orgasm. Can you imagine the smiles on the children's faces as they left the Saturday afternoon movies? Can you imagine their relief at finding out it is socially acceptable for them to explore and enjoy their own sexuality?

Having intercourse with a child with or without a condom is a persons personal choice. If you are only active with children then I would say that its most likely that you do not have any diseases unless the child has been penetrated before. I am exclusively involved with young boys and I rarely use a condom unless the boy wants me too. It feels great to be inside a young boy without one, getting the best feel that you can. Condoms all depend on the situation just like it does with adult relationships and sex acts, I am sure this will get deleted because nobody wants to hear the truth from a real pedophile.

the reason why intercourse always crops up is because they use that image to generate the biggest emotional response. the antipedos want moms and scared females to imagine the searing unbearable pain of a huge over sized penis being forced into a tiny inflexible hole and all the damage that it supposedly causes. they dont want to admit the truth. the truth is that the human vagina (and anus for that matter) is quite stretchy and pliable if one takes his time. yes it is possible to tear it if you are too rough,but most guys DONT have an 8 inch penis that is 4 inches around either. its quite possible for a grown man to put it to a 12 yr old without ripping her to pieces if he is gentle and perhaps uses a little KY. this does not serve the agenda however. when you say pedophile,they want you to imagine some 30 something pervert forcing a huge boner into a screaming 5 yr old. that is a childmolester,not a pedophile. know the difference. pedophiles restrict their activities to external stimulation with young ones and the kids often find it quite agreeable. once the boy/girl reaches a certain maturity level they will request further experimentation,which the pedophile MAY agree to. anyone who penetrates a baby is deplorable,but there is nothing wrong with cuddling and touching as long as the kid is able to give you indication that it is desirable. if the child appears scared or uncomfortable you should stop. common sense.

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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