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Loren Robb
Age: 60s
Birthdate: August 6 (year unknown)
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Writer/Producer
Location: Auckland City, New Zealand
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BL.net, BoyChat
Loren Robb is a pedophile from New Zealand who serves as an administrator for one of the largest pedophile websites in the world.

Loren Robb

Loren AKA Loren Robb is a pedophile from New Zealand who serves as a Director on Boylover.net, one of the most well established pedophile web sites on the internet. He was the third person to join the site at it's inception and has served as an administrator and mentor to many of his fellow pedophiles on the site. He is also a long time member of BoyChat, although he no longer posts there as a regular member.

Loren, a divorced Grandfather, states that he is sexually attracted to teenage boys between the ages of 12 and 16 years old, and is particularly interested in boys who are slim, fit and slightly muscular. Loren says that he has been a "boylover" since he was about 9 years old, fully accepting himself as a pedophile at the age of 14. He states that he considers pedophilia to be a natural part of who he is.

Loren is a writer/producer in television and radio, as well as a published author. He is best known for his production of a television series detailing the day to day lives of people from the former Soviet Union. While working in a remote village in the Soviet Union, Loren became infatuated with a teen-aged orphan boy, and would eventually bring the child back to New Zealand with him when he completed his work project. Loren went on to write about his relationship with the boy, whom the world would come to know as "Kolya". Not only did Robb write a book about Kolya, but he granted NAMBLA a two part interview in which he detailed his relationship with him. It was the hope of pedophiles worldwide that a movie version of the story, titled "The Yakut Lesson", would be produced and distributed to the big screen, propelling pedophile propaganda efforts to mainstream acceptance of their lifestyle in today's society. Loren has stated that while the project has not taken off, the idea is still with him to eventually get it off of the ground. He believes that the western world is in the most need to view his film so that society will be forced to examine relationships between adults and children in a different light.

In 1996 Loren's office was raided by the police due to the belief that he was in possession of child pornography. In an initial hearing, authorities were successful in prosecuting him based on his writing and the cache of his browser showing a history of web sites he had visited. Loren states that the case was reheard at a later date and that all charges were dropped due to his claim that the authorities "had not understood the nature of web browsing, automatic browser caches, and so forth". In other words, Loren's claim is that he did not deliberately choose to download child pornography and that he was not actively trading materials with other pedophiles.


In one fell swoop, love between a man and a boy strikes me as the single hardest thing for a western audience to accept, to be forced to acknowledge. Suddenly for me the story and its underlying message falls into place like that -- if I can make this credible to an audience, and if they can accept it, then the story does its job, and maybe opens their minds a little to the possibility that such things are all right, laudable even, and not to be misinterpreted, or vilified, or covered with shame.

There's no doubt that quite apart from Kolya's need to be parented and my need to be a parent, he and I loved each other very much anyway. We might call that affective or emotional love. There's no doubt Kolya and I loved each other that way too, and with enormous power -- to put it simply, we didn't just love each other, we fell in love with each other. That leaves only physical love, which runs the gamut all the way from an affectionate hug to the full sexual expression of a strong mutual bond.

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Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Loren

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Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Business Address

The Writers Workshop, Ltd.
Unit 2, Courtney Place
81-83 Jervois Road
Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand

Secret Life Media
P. O. Box 47 496
Ponsonby, Auckland 00000 NZ

Secret Life Media
Unit 6, Oceans Resort
18 Eyre Street
Whitlanga, NZ

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64 9 376 42 43

Fax Number

64 9 376 48 49

Additional Quotes

I think the West is really screwed up when it comes to relationships, whether with other cultures or just with other people. I wanted to write a story about a western man who comes face to face with that screwed-up attitude of his, and is forced to change it.

I hope that an audience, especially a western male audience, will be forced to consider the revolutionary notion that it's love that matters, regardless of gender, regardless of age, sexual activity, or cultural background, regardless of how that love might or might not be expressed.

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