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Age: 39
Birthdate: October 15, 1980
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown but believed to be working with children (possibly a daycare or nanny position)
Location: US
Physical Description:
Weight: 175 lbs.
Other: Wears black jeans, sleeveless shirts, black bandana or backwards ball cap, combat boots, lock-blade knife attached to belt at all times, black trench coat when it rains
Pedophile Websites: BoyMoment
Luc is a depressed pedophile who works with children in a classroom setting. He boasts of having several "young friends", and one "sexy young friend" in particular.

Lucani, aka Luc, is a pedophile who is not only an active member of the known pedo site BoyMoment, but he also works with children and is actively involved with an 8 year old little boy.

Stating that his AoA is of children 5 to 12 years old, Luc's primary attraction is to little boys. He may be a college student, as he has mentioned a class in Family, Child, and Human Development. He has also mentioned working with students in a classroom setting, on a part time basis, which may indicate that he is studying to become a teacher. More importantly though, is the fact that he has mentioned his "boys", some of whom he has met through his work with students in the classroom. Luc has also shared that he was previously fired from another program which involved the care of children (possibly a daycare), when he received three complaints regarding his closeness to the children.

Although he refers to several boys as his YFs, there is one special boy he says he is in love with. Having met him when he was only 5 years old, Luc states that the boy is currently 8 years old. He met him by babysitting for the boy's family, which includes other siblings as well. Luc says that he watches the children several times a week during the school year, and during the summer he has the children full time. He has shared that he is "in" with the family, even sharing holidays with them (he mentions Jewish holidays in particular), and says that the boys have even stayed overnight with him, both at his home and on camping trips. He refers to the 8 year old boy as his SYF, which is a term used by pedophiles to indicate that they are either very special to them or that they are sexually involved. Luc claims there is no sex between him and the boy, but he often talks about the boy "teasing" him, causing him to become sexually aroused.

Blaming his attraction to little boys on the fact that he was a victim of child abuse himself, Luc states that he once sought therapy but quit because the therapist didn't believe his story of extreme abuse. He has posted that he needs the message boards because he has no other outlet for his emotions, and often fears he will lose control and will hurt someone he loves someday. He is so concerned about being triggered into doing something to harm the boy that he has tried to teach the child to know when to tell him to "stop" and what to do if he can't, treating this child as if he were a mature adult. Luc has posted about his fears on the BoyMoment forums, wherein the majority of replies were that he should stay with the boy rather than leave him.


I fear that I will one day lose control of the horrible thoughts that swell up from the darkest depths of my psyche and will hurt the one person in this world whom I would sell my soul to protect.

I have also told him (so often that I think it annoys him, though he's too sweet to ever say so) that if I ever try to do anything with him that he isn't comfortable with, to tell me no. The boy's interest is half the attraction for me, and an unwilling partner is a complete turnoff. One of my biggest concerns is that he won't be uncomfortable with anything I do and won't help me to stop.

It is entirely possible that I could be triggered, do something horrible to the boy, and then wake up later having no memory of the event whatsoever.

I have taken every precaution I can imagine, up to and including teaching him the cancellation triggers and telling him to use them if he ever tells me to stop and I won't.

My eight year old syf knows exactly what he's doing, because he will frequently do things that I find incredibly hot, and then tease me about getting hard. We were horsing around in the pool once and he actually slid his tongue into my belly button, then stepped back a bit and watched me 'react'. He thinks it's really funny. I know a nine year old I really like who does thinks that seriously turn me on, and he's totally oblivious to it. Go figure. Either way, it's extremely attractive.

Our Investigation

Our investigation into the real identity of this pedophile is ongoing. If you have information which leads to his identity, please contact us at [email protected]. We will update this article as new information becomes available and has been confirmed.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names:

  • Luc
  • Lucani


Last Known Address

The location and telephone contact information for this pedophile is unknown at this time. If you have any information which will lead to his identity and/or location, please contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

There is one in this world that I am in love with, with every fiber of my being. I love him mind, heart, body, and soul. He is the light in my world of midnight, and in my eyes the only proof I have ever found of a benevolent God. He is my beloved, my best friend, and the only reason I have the strength to get up each morning. I met him two and a half years ago, when he was five. Incidentally, five is below my aoa, but this boy... this boy was different.

He climbs into my arms and puts his head on my shoulder, gently kissing my cheek or neck. There is no sex between us, but he kisses my cheek and neck with a tenderness any lover would envy. He lay beside me after a mock-light saber duel as we caught our breath last week, our noses inches from one another, and his hands tracing the line of my spine in the small of my back. He leaned forward and gently placed his half-parted lips atop my own. In my years of denial, I have kissed many women. That innocent child's kiss sent fire up my spine, and lightning through my mind. No woman has ever kissed me like that.

I had to explain to him that such activities were dangerous to me, and I could go to jail if anyone found out he'd kissed me that way. He asked me why, since it was he who had kissed me. It was hard to explain that that isn't how the world would see it, and that someday, when he was older, he might come to see it the way the world did and learn to hate me. With another stunningly tender kiss on my lips, he hugged me tight and vowed he would never hate me, no matter what the world told him.

I stated before that there was no sex between is. This is true, though the thoughts are in my mind. I can feel them, growing stronger, each time I am with him. I am terrified that the only way to protect him, my most fervent desire, is to leave him. I even tried once, but I didn't have the strength. He knows not only do I love him, but that I am in love with him, in his words "like a man loves a woman". I did not tell him this, he simply asked me one day, but each time it grows harder not to touch him inappropriately,or to kiss him the way he kissed me that one day.

I'm the family's regular babysitter. I watch him and his two older brothers at least once (often two or three times) a week for a couple of hours during the school year, and ten hours a day, five days a week during the summer. I've watched them overnight at my place, and more than once have been asked to watch only my syf as his older brothers were at practices, sleepovers, or other such activities.

His family is quite attached to me, and I am regularly invited to traditionally family-only activities. I've shared Thanksgivings, Channukahs, Passovers, birthdays, and others with them. I was invited to their New Year's Eve party, though due to prior obligations that I desperately tried to get out of I couldn't make it. Instead, I took him and his brothers to a movie New Year's Day. He refused a seat of his own, as always, preferring to cuddle with me in my lap. For two hours, we just cuddled. Times like that, I have a hard time conceiving of anything making me hurt him. Then I go to sleep and I dream... then I remember.

A few years back, there was a boy I was deeply in love with. He was nine, sweet, and heart-achingly beautiful. Bronze hair, tanned skin, and striking green eyes. I was insanely attracted to him from the first moment I saw him at the job I was currently working. He and I gradually got closer and closer as I worked up the nerve to talk to him from time to time, aided by the fact that I saw him daily at work.

After awhile we got to be good friends, then great friends. Whenever I was at work, he wanted to be beside me. I lived for getting up in the morning on the weekdays, knowing I would see him. Until the day his father met me. (His mother was cool with me at first. We chatted on occasion when she came to pick her son up. His father got one look at me, and the very next day there was an anonymous complaint filed with the office about my being so close to "some of the kids". I got it out of the office that it was him, and the complaint was about my boy.

I pulled back and tried to maintain some distance, but after the third complaint policy stated I be fired and not allowed to come back again.

I am the second-oldest of a LONG list of siblings. My older brother and I essentially raised the remaining children, so I'm not sure there was much difference between my brother and I, due to birth order. As for my yf, he's the youngest of three. It's funny, because his next-oldest brother is more firmly in my aoa, but I am not only not attracted to him, I'm a little turned off by him. His oldest brother is at the very top of my aoa, and he's even more of a turn-off than the middle boy is. My little yf, while at the very bottom of my aoa, is incredibly attractive, and by far has the best personality of the three.

For me, it's 5 to 12. Younger than 5, and they still have baby fat, which is a turn-off for me. I used to think my lower end aoa was 7, but in the past few years I've met a couple of 5 year olds that I really liked. Though truth be known, most of the boys I am attracted to are 7-9. They start getting towards the teen years and I start losing interest. Puberty hits and I no longer have the slightest interest.

Regarding erections:

I get them of course when I am aroused, which happens regularly around my syf since the kid is an insufferable tease. I don't generally get them any other time, though my syf gets them randomly. Sometimes just the friction of his jeans will cause it (the boy goes commando all the time. I tease him about it), sometimes he gets them for no apparent reason at all. He's always adorably embarrassed by it, though he thinks it's funny when it happens to me. It's totally normal for it to happen to boys for totally random reasons. All part of the hormonal adjustments as they age. Even the little guys get them from time to time.

Additional Information

  • Homeschooled from 5th grade until college
  • Father was dual mathematics/physics major in college
  • Can play guitar, piano, harmonica and Irish tin whistle, was studying for music degree before some sort of an accident, still writes music
  • Keeps a lock-blade knife attached to his jeans at all times
  • Wears sunglasses anytime he goes outdoors due to an old eye injury. Has stated that he has many photos of his "boys" wearing his shades.

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