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Age: 54+
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: White
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Possibly Everett, Washington
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boychat
Lupie is a dangerous pedophile who is a well-known member of BoyChat and speaks of kidnapping children.
Picture of Lupie as a child
Picture of Lupie as a child
Picture of Lupie as a child

Lupie is a dangerous pedophile who talks about kidnapping children.

if I were 20 today, and had no desire for a biological child, kidnapping would not be out of the question.

Most kidnappers are, as I have said, are not good people. But if someone kidnaps out of love, that is not taken into account.


My son downloaded a bunch of stuff that I would rather not talk about. The pics were all little girls, but accidently, I found that he told his best friend on instant messages that he liked boys. Umm little boys. Now he is in a relationship that is a boring hetero same age type thingie. Should a proud pedo like me be dissapointed, I secretly wished that he would have the hots for little naked horny boys, but what a dissapointment he was.

*boys* with earrings are not really interesting in US. It`s when a boys cock ring becomes hopelessly stuck, and has to be removed in ER... no boy I am interested in is allowed to wear one though.

LOOpiethe cock ring inspectore

One size fits all....only when referring to condems.

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Unsure of his location, but here are some clues:

I live in a medium sized US town, but in a small section that is geographically separate from the main part. Having been there for 20 some odd years, I find a certain comfort in the most mayberryish aspects of living there. It has one main street that has almost every type business and service that you may want sans the seedier type habitats. It has two liquor stores and a tatoo parlor, but no prostitution and no public bars. I can walk into any of several stores and be greeted by familiar faces. A few miles away(8 miles) there is a much bigger more urbanized, but less familiar business center that includes a racetrack and what caters to off interstate visitors.

If you have information about this person's current address, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

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If you have information about this person's current phone number, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

Additional Quotes

He also speaks about his own experiences with young children with ease on BoyChat:

When I was 54 I had a YF that was 13. He was a little stinker that pushed every button but the right one. If he only knew how to, I would probably be living with Bubba right now. His mom had no illusions about this and thought it fine. Levity and disbelief were my allies.


My mistake was to stare at his little bits a little bit too much. He seemed to be pretty acomplished at fondling himself, so I told him he was going to wear it out. It got me off the hook, and left him confused. Telling him about mastrubation would have been redundant, and I would have had to demonstrate. - June 21, 2007

Funny you should say that. I just left a family gathering. We were at a restauraunt for approx 2 hours. They seated me next to a cute 11 yr old. We have been together on 4 or 5 occasions and in a kind of getting to know one another way. I seldom get to be around a boy, and he was quite friendly.

I`m not sure he could see it in my eyes, but I was savoring the moment. A little attention to him and he became animated as if I was a newly discovered friend. He has never met his dad, but is close to my 20 yr old son.

We are disliked and often hated. Sex is important, but the quality of a pedophiles life is going to be much better if he(or she) realizes that having acceptance by non-pedophiles is really more important than you might think. We don`t have any chance of changing societies collective attitudes because of inhibitions about sex and a whole slew of other reasons. Convincing them that it is about love doesn`t work.Whether or not it is about love is moot. Objections for our very existence are ingrained in our culture and to be surprised that lawmakers and the judicial system will be totally unfair and adamantly opposed to compromise of any sort is quite naive.

I don`t fear creating a situation or situations that include boys in my life. I do however believe making it known that I would like more than what is tolerated is counterproductive, and certainly will end in eventual dissapointment of major proportions.

What to do if a 14 yr. wants to make love?

I think you surely have thought of making a boy happy. If not, why not? Do you like boys? This may be a good thing for both of you. I know that the feminists and Descartes want you to make a miserable game out of it, but you know what most here would do if a boy really needed this.

Some of these boys will go elswhere to get their thrills. If you can`t give up anything, then let someone else have him.

The following quotes are in response to a discussion on BoyChat regarding the two kidnapped boys, Ownby and Hornbeck, in Missouri

I think the point of Egons message is that due to the evident condition of the kidnapped boys, and the fact that the older one seemed to prefer the man(possibly getting much attention from him) there is a considerable strech to hold him under $1,000,000 bail. Society makes it difficult for even the most kind considerate boylovers to have a life with a boy without a lot of impossible hurdles. This mans life is over. The evidence against him of harm is not strong. Kidnapping is accociated with murder and violence toward the child, but when these are lacking, severe penalties don`t change.

It just reminds me of my own son, when we spent so much time together and we both had a worthwhile time together. No sex of couse, but that is only a part of loving boys anyway. I had such a similar relationship, but only because I was the biological father, I had easy access.

Quite often boylovers don`t want to or can`t get close enough to a woman to have a child. They cannot in the US, have access to boys. A few exeptions, but if I were 20 today, and had no desire for a biological child, kidnapping would not be out of the question.

I just got through talking to my son. He told me he loved me. He is past my AoA, but that doesn`t matter.

"Kidnapping a boy because you feel you can`t befriend one any other way? You`re pathetic."

Anyone can be with a boy and be admired by a boy. I have been fortunate, living in a time when boys could explore and seek out older guys. It was only a problem if you let others tell you whether you could do this or not. You have taken my remark out of context, suggesting that I can`t befriend a boy is quite funny. Out of spite for an oppressive society such as the US that would not be a totally unthought of reaction. I am going by what younger BL`s tell me about how boys are much more paranoid, and I have seen it for myself.

A lot depends of where you are from, and what the regional attitudes are.

Kidnapping is pretty common in other parts of the world, mostly to glean wealth from rich parents. Most kidnappers are, as I have said, are not good people. But if someone kidnaps out of love, that is not taken into account.

You should read some posts from Santi about a society that offers a different scenario. We (if you are American) have the most dimwit society around and those that believe it is not are not given to origional thought. If you ain`t got it, you never will.


Additional Information

Lupie claims that his talent is being a pianist. He has stated that he knows a half dozen schizophrenics and 2 are in his family. Posted about telling his 'shrink' that he thought his mid-teen son was a pedophile. Lupie has mentioned going to pool halls and being at the library.

  • Hair color: Possibly Blond

Previous Occupation

  • Active Duty Navy

Family Information

This information could lead to identifying this individual.

While visiting my stepdaughter, she told me a little about her boy Dakota, who is 11 soon to be 12. He got poison ivy and called her to tell her.(he doesn`t live with her) She assured him that it would be all right soon. He said, "but mom, I`ve got it on my privates."

Her comment, "He`s 11, I betcha` I know what he`s been doing."

...My two brothers, one being schizophrenic...

...I also have two boys........Twice married...

...as a small child in the bible belt. Although I must admit to some Jewish ancestry...

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