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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Jennifer "Jack" Jay Kaiser
Age: 34
Birthdate: February 26, 1985
Race: Caucasian (claims to be Italian with Native American Blood)
Occupation: Currently: Incarcerated in Marion, Illinois; Previously: Wal-mart
Location: Kansas City, Kansas (also spends time in Sacramento, California and Portland, Oregon)
Physical Description:
Height: 5'10"
Other: Trans-gender (Female to Male); appears to be a 14-year-old boy. Slight build, although he claims to still have a vagina and breasts.
Pedophile Websites: BoyMoment, Boylove.net, Global-Unity, Boylover.net, BLOL
Jack Kaiser AKA Lyrical Cancer AKA Jennifer May is a pedophile who regularly posts on the BoyMoment and other pedophile forums. A 24-year-old female, who has taken testosterone to appear male, poses as a 14-year-boy and regularly grooms minors and encourages them to be attracted to older male pedophiles.

Lyrical Cancer AKA Jack "Jennifer" Kaiser

File:2132093804 eda345f0e2 m.jpg
Jack posing as a 13 year old boy when he was actually a 22 year old female to male transgender

Breaking News

Jack Kaiser (formerly Jennifer May) was arrested posing as a 15-year-old boy (using the alias Jack Stones) and trying to enroll at a high school in Marion, Illinois. According to news reports a few years ago, while living in Sacramento, Jack attended junior high while he was 21-22. This latest behavior seems consistent with his past M.O.: pretending to be 15 years old to get close to other kids and lure them into the online pedophile activism scene. He plead guilty and was sentenced to only 120 days in jail and 2 years of conditional discharge. Related media here, here and here

He is known as Jack Stones on his Facebook page, and authorities said he used that alias last Friday when he tried to enroll as a 15-year-old freshman at Marion High School in Illinois.

But by the following Monday, suspicious school officials had called the FBI and learned that Jack was born Jennifer May, and was actually 24-year-old Jack Jay Kaiser, a California woman in the midst of switching her gender to a man. Today, Kaiser is being held in Williamson County jail on $20,000 bail, charged with lying to officials at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services about his age and about having been abandoned or homeless.

"It's really sketchy," said Marshall Stone, supervisor special agent for the FBI's Springfield, Ill., unit. "We were initially involved because we were concerned if he was a trafficking victim and needed to be identified." Now authorities are looking at a Web site created to research the "identities and pursuits" of pedophiles that may contain information about Kaiser.

"We are still investigating all aspects of this case. If warranted, more charges could be filed," said special federal officer Eric Breeze, who is working with the FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force assigned to this case.

The site, Wikisposure, came to light after local ABC affiliate WSIL-TV reporter Rachel Gartner reported on the story, and was alerted to it by a viewer. Wikisposure, which is part of Perverted Justice, a nonprofit group that targets alleged sexual predators, described a 24-year-old Jennifer "Jack" Jay Kaiser who was transgender and used the online name "Lyrical Cancer," and who allegedly had associations with pedophile groups.

Lyrical Cancer AKA Jennifer May AKA Jack AKA Jay Kaiser, a pedophile originally from Sacramento, California, who after taking testosterone to become a man, began posing on pedophile forum boards as a 13-year-old boy a year ago.

Originally when he came to our attention, we were concerned for his safety as a minor and located him quickly. We sent police to investigate and they revealed to us that he was actually a 22-year-old male who posed as a 13-year-old boy. Shortly after police visited him, he turned 23, even a visit from police did not stop "Lyrical Cancer"'s online pedophile activism. He kept his identity as a young boy who loved older men and even went along with the incorrect birthday, celebrating his 14th birthday on the pedophile forums within weeks of the police visit.

With that new information, we began to further investigate "Jack". It didn't take long for us to uncover his true identity as a transgender female to male who was born with the name Jennifer. He claims to have changed his name to Jack Jay Kaiser, which appears on public record. He made several videos posting them on YouTube where he detailed his transgender status even showing his binders and discussing the drawbacks of "T" or testosterone that gave him his current masculine voice and features.

Not only did he continue to pose as a young boy, but then we discovered he was grooming an actual minor on the Global-Unity Website where he acted as a moderator and one of the owners. Sixteen-year-old Allaloneboy was coaxed by "Jack" into undressing on Web cam in a chat room full of pedophiles. We contacted police again after this sickening incident. Lyrical Cancer and his lover nz shut down Global-Unity after this second visit by police and he disappeared from the pedophile activist scene briefly.

He has since reappeared in the last few months, very active, and again engaging in conversations with minors on pedophile forums and posting comments on several forum boards in support of pedophiles. Recently, he claimed to have moved to Kansas City, Kansas where he lives with two "boylovers". He also posted comments on a video defending the recent confession of arrested pedophile Jizzony, even claiming he knew two of the victims ages 13 and 15 and that when Jizzony raped them it was "consensual".

What makes the pedophile "Jack"/"Jennifer" particularly sinister and disturbing is his continued persistence to lure underage boys into a world of dangerous sex offenders, child pornographers and pedophile activists with the ruse of being "Lyrical Cancer" (a 14-year-old boy), despite continued warnings he has received from the police.


In regards to the recently arrested pedophile Jizzony who admitted to raping little boys:

I know 2 of the boys. the 15 yr old and the 13 yr old. dude. it was consensual. maybe ya should stop making the media think for you stitches. ya know it is possible kids wanna have sex. i'm 14, id have sex with an adult if i wanted to.

i dont think ppl who wanna have sex or have a desire to have sex with kids are sickos or weirdos. wouldnt make ya less of a bl imo, only what imo makes ya less of a bl is if ya just wanna use a kid for sex and thats it.

Our Investigation

The following are the steps we took to connect the pedophile screen name "Lyrical Cancer" with the real name of Jennifer Jack Jay Kaiser:

  • We noticed the "Lyrical Cancer" screen name posting on the BoyMoment and Boylove.net Websites where he signed several posts as "Jack".
  • He claimed to be living with his "AF" (AdultFriend), nz who owned the site Global-Unity.
  • He also posted several accounts under the name "LyricalCancer" and used the same signature picture on those profiles as he did on BoyMoment.
  • He was very open about his location, history and other personal details on several forums boards across the Internet.
  • From there we were able to use public records to trace "Jack" to his location Oregon.
  • Police confirmed "Jack" was not a 13-year-old boy, but rather a 22-year-old adult.
  • Public records uncovered the remainder of the details.


Note: Shortly after this wiki was originally posted, Jack claimed copyright for the following videos and had them removed from YouTube.

Jack as a 23-year-old transgender female and how he became a male:

Jack as a 23-year-old transgender female explains he still has "tits" and a "vagina":

Jack pretending to be a 13-year-old boy and discussing his role as "Awards Coordinator" on "BLN" AKA Boylove.net. Also, a brief appearance by nz:

Jack pretending to be a 13-year-old boy as posted on the pedophile forum board "BLN" AKA Boylove.net. He talks about giving awards to other pedophiles, including DoodintheMood and Alkamaar. He also congratulates other pedophiles who have made over 824 posts on the board and tells them to "Keep it up". It is quite disturbing that he is encouraging other "boylovers" to keep posting, especially when you consider some of the topics are vile discussions such as, "Would you allow a pedophile to fuck your child", "The strangest place you have seen a boy naked?" and "'Boys' dicks and ass are both sexy". He also discusses and shows the Global-Unity pedophile chat room:

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Lyrical Cancer
  • Jack
  • Mr. Mountain Dew - changed recently on BoyMoment
  • DemonicHowling
  • gawddamnitjack
  • TranscendingJack
  • OTEP4life
  • War Ji
  • HardCora
  • Corrangela
  • Stonie
  • Seek the Living
  • Riddick
  • Violatingpirate
  • Nocturnal_energies
  • Damien Jay Kaiser
  • Jaxxk
  • Jassiki
  • Code's Shadow
  • Code Kaiser
  • Riddick_Jack
  • Cody, Jay or Jack
  • Jack Denied

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

Websites About LyricalCancer:


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

2845 sw 117th AVE
Portland, Oregon 97005

Last Known Phone Number

Jan 2008
503 646 4892

May 2007
cellphone 530 863 7090

Feb 2005
house phone 530 661 9285

Jan 2005
cellphone 530 867 2759

Additional Quotes

In response to the poll on BoyMoment, "Are you sexually attracted to young boys?":

not all boys. some boys are hot.

uh dude. I like adults. I'm 14. I'm not into boys younger then me. i prefer them older. But right you won't wanna open your mind to the idea of kids loving and wanting a sexual relationship with adults.

Claims to like Shotacon (animated child porn featuring young boys):

Shotocan good or bad?:

its hot. Mmmm. And there no one gets hurt. Not like consensual porn hurts anyone.

I support the trans-gender child. I support there right to dress and be as they are. even as far as getting hormone therapy and blockers when its needed, as far as surgery, thats based on case by case IMO.

and I want to make something very clear, I saw someone say this will change there sexuality, No, TRANSGENDER has nothing, NOTHING to do with sexuality.

It has to do with GENDER.

I know alot on this topic, and its something i'm passionate about, I have alot of transgendered friends..

I'm right handed. Ive suffered a head injury as a child, cos i do dumb shit lol. Never been tested for my IQ. I have never failed a grade. My mom never did drugs or smoked while she was pregnant. She was never very sick. I haven't been sexually abused. I am not short for my age, i'm tall for my age. i'm about 5'8" my parents are not short. my dad was 6'5". never been teased for my height. I am attracted to teen boys and adults. people my age and older. I have smoked pot.

Poem from his LiveJournal:

Beautiful from head to toe
Disappeared; they'll never show

So innocent, they follow me
Their little minds just cannot see

Ahead of them lies a surprise
The fall-out of my plan devised

I have enough to fill my need
It's time to watch their lives recede

One by one I hang them high
Watch them squirm, and slowly die

Never have I felt so good
And finally, I understood

To achieve eternal happiness
I cannot let this lust suppress

My newfound form of beauty; of art
Is making a child's soul depart

Additional Information

  • Claims his mother is in Folsom prison for Marijuana possession
  • Claims his father died in Iraq, but we were unable to locate public records to verify this. Possibly fictitious story.
  • Has two brothers who live in Sacramento, California. One brother has three small children.
  • Likes the band "OTEP"
  • Heavy marijuana smoker, often films himself talking about marijuana usage.
  • Has been a heavy drug user in the past. Talk about using cocaine, meth and mushrooms.
  • Big World of Warcraft (WOW) fan, often talks about playing "Horde".
  • Video Gamer has an account on Xbox.
  • Has a cat named Molly and recently got a dog.
  • Claims to have known fellow pedophile nz since he was 16.
  • Claims to have a juvenile record for grand theft auto and spent time in "Juvi"
  • Likes zoophilia

About Me

Dark Brown Hair (short, tryin to grow it out again), blue eyes, white as fuck (altho i think fuck is green), 5'11" 120lbs, borderline sociopath, dark minded, furry, cub, pansexual, college student (criminal Justice), simple gamer, obsession with necro.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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