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MARTIJN Association
Created: 1982
Referred to as: MARTIJN Association
Based out of: Amsterdam
Founder: Unknown
Purpose: "MARTIJN Association, founded in 1982, is a platform for discussion about pedophilia. MARTIJN Association fights for the social and societal acceptance of child-adult relationships. In relationships between children and adults that are experienced as pleasant, possible physical intimacy should not have to be a problem."
Website Address:
Current: http://martijn.org
Organizations: PNVD
A pedophile activist organization based in the Netherlands.

UPDATE: 12/15/2010

Dutch Labour Party: “Paedophile group incites abuse”

Published on 15 December 2010 - 7:47pm

Dutch paedophile association Martijn should face criminal investigation, Labour Party MP Khadija Arib told current affairs TV programme EenVandaag.

The programme reported that the association advertised on the website run by two suspects in the Amsterdam sex abuse scandal. For years, chief suspect Robert Mikelsons and his male spouse owned and ran the website boyhood-magazine.org. The website, now closed down, featured photos of children in sexual poses. It also included links to sites containing explicit child pornography.

The Dutch association Martijn campaigns for the “acceptance of paedophilia and adult-child love relationships”, and calls for the age of sexual consent to be abolished. According to Khadija Arib, the organisation incites child sex abuse.

Robert Mikelson, originally from Latvia, is alleged to have sexually abused dozens of young children in his care at Amsterdam day care centres.

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The MARTIJN Association is one of the many pedophile organizations interested in spreading propaganda about pedophiles, and trying to make it seem like it is normal to be sexually attracted to children. It is aligned with an actual political party, PNVD, which desires to abolish the age of consent laws. Based in Amsterdam, the organization raises money for their "cause," provides a forum for pedophiles to discuss activism, and sends out a magazine to its members. It is the second largest pedophile organization in the world (after NAMBLA).



Minahassastraat 1
Amsterdam 1094 RS, NL

Postbus 93548
1090 EA Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Postbus 5478
NL-1007 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands

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MARTIJN Association is against violence, force and dominance in relationships, stands for honesty, openness, lust and love.

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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