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Age: Early 30's
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Mexican
Occupation: English Teacher
Location: Mexico
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boychat
MRB is a convicted sex offender in the United States, but is not a U.S. citizen. He states that he faced deportation so moved out of the country to Mexico. MRB is a dangerous pedophile since he is an English teacher at an all boys Catholic school for junior high and high school students.

MRB is a convicted sex offender in the state of North Carolina, but says he is currently living outside of the United States -- believed to be living in Mexico (D.F. to be exact). He currently teaches English at an all boys Catholic school for junior high and high school students and frequently writes about his experiences and thoughts about the boys at BoyChat.


And, damn, it's almost like paradise on a daily basis, literally hundreds of cuties all around, all within my AOA. You can't walk two feet in the hallway without running into a perfect "10", no matter what your tastes are.

I've always been lucky and been able to get paid for spending time with kids. My current job is probably the best I've ever had, get to spend the day in BL paradise and play around with them (no crawling all over the floor unfortunately), okay...so I do have to teach sometimes. But I get paid for it.

As if that wasn't enough, I've started a little bit of private tutoring as well. Today I spent an hour and a half with an 12 year old working on math. He was surprised I could do math, since he knows me as an English teacher. It was the first lesson I gave him. Towards the end of the time, he started asking me what certain things in English meant, that he'd heard in some rock songs. I stayed an extra 10 minutes, and had to tell him I had to go. "But there are a lot of other things I want to know!" he insisted. heheh. I told him to make a list and I'd help him with that next time. This might turn out to be a regular gig as well. And for all my trouble I get an extra $20 an hour as well (dollars, not pesos).

On a side not, his little brother even sat on my lap when I got there. Too bad he's only like 2 years old.

So, life could be worse.

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The investigation into this person is ongoing.

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Current location:

  • Mexico

If you have information about this person's current address, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

Previous locations:

  • North Carolina, United States

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If you have information about this person's current phone number, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

Additional Quotes

I'm now responsible for a group of mostly 8 year olds (all boys in the class, no girls, yipee!) for the rest of the year, since their teacher decided to take another job in the middle of the school year (sounds crazy, huh? but he's not a BL and he got offered tons more money at his new job). So, that means more boys for me. heh

I only vaguely recall the Duncan pictures {and seriously, it's been a long time since I viewed any of that stuff}, but I think at that time, it was like the wild west in Russia, most of the kp was coming out of there. Read about the Blue Orchid busts. I'm sure a lot of kids were exploited to create those images, but it was probably no worse for them than what would have happened to them just living on the streets being forgotten as the country sank into severe poverty and lots of families were displaced. Shitty things happen all over the world, and kids are victims of extreme forms of abuse everywhere, but I seriously doubt sexual abuse is the prime candidate that everyone should be focusing on.

This place is not perfect, and there is certainly stress to be found there. But, the boys! Damn, to be around so many cute boys all day long, to have the freedom to chat with them, befriend them, spend time with them without suspicion, these are all intangible benefits not measured in monetary value. I've told myself it's worth sacrificing a bit higher income in order to be able to work in this type of environment.

Right now I work with the kids of the primarily upper middle class, but they're all boys, almost all very cute, all within my AOA, and very manageable despite their socioeconomic background.

And it's more about seeing tiny penises also, frankly...I never see any of that myself. And when you have oodles of boys to choose from, I'm sure you'd find a few you could connect with.

I also witnessed other teenagers make the odd reference to pedophiles here or there, right in front me, they never once suspected me.

One of the things I really like about boys (preteens at least) is their almost obliviousness to their looks. Some of the most gorgeous kids I've known were actually rather shy and introverted, and probably didn't have a clue how absolutely fucking gorgeous they were. I don't think looks correlate to stuckupishness at all, some ugly kids I've met thot they were hot.

In the U.S., it is really bad to be an (illegal) immigrant, not white, homosexual, a pedophile, a communist, liberal, atheist, drug user, poor, convict, and damn it if I haven't been each one of those for at least some part of my life. No wonder they wanted to get rid of me!

I fear the "knock" more than anything....cuz that's what I personally experienced many years ago. Knock knock, this is the F.B.I. Your life is over.

I was charging $20 to $25 (dollar equivalent) an hour to privately tutor students, all of them boys.

Additional Information

Sex Offender Information

He was convicted and charged as a sex offender in the state of North Carolina. He states he was incarcerated for four (4) years and has been out for nearly two years now and he gave us some information to the extent of his criminal record:

When I got sentenced, I was also ordered to SO treatment in North Carolina (I forget the name of the famous federal prison sex offender treatment center there...Butner?).

I dreaded going there. The stupid judge actually LENGTHENED my sentence because the sentence I was facing under normal guidelines wouldn't have allowed me to go to "treatment" (it was too short).

Luckily, I was a low priority for the federal government, and since I was facing deportation (not being a u.s. citizen), they never actually sent me to that stupid place. I was very relieved. I never had to go through the brainwashing.

So, I live out of the U.S. now. In a couple of months I face the possibility of being surrounded by dozens of 8 to 10 year old boys on a daily basis. I think that will have a better effect on my mental health than any S.O. treatment ever would have had.

Location Information

He's in Mexico and goes into further detail in this post:

...So, I live out of the U.S. now.

...I will probably be pretty busy moving to a new place (either to D.F. itself, or a neighborhing city), and taking care of some other stuff in a state a 1,000 miles away.

If you're ever south of the border, let me know. This is my permanent home now, and there are still many parts left I need to explore. Kinda sad actually, being rather ignorant of my own birthplace.

I was deported to my birth country, and exiled from all my family (I was born outside the U.S., but lived more than 90% of my life there, and all my immediate family still lives there).

And this is the information on D.F.:


The Mexican Federal District, known in Spanish as Distrito Federal (D.F.) is an area within Mexico that is not part of any of the Mexican states, but an independent self-governing city-state and the seat of the Federal Government. The core of the vast Mexico City Metropolitan Area is within the Federal District's limits.

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