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Matt Wagner
Age: 38
Birthdate: August 18, 1981
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Web Developer
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia (May currently be in Thailand)
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Boylover.net, BoyChat
Matt Wagner is an active participant in several pedophile groups and websites where he shares his desires for sexual activity with boys.

File:Thetes - Envex - Matt Wagner - 01.jpg

Matt Wagner AKA Thetes, is a pedophile activist currently living in Canada. Matt is a former administrator of Boylover.net and an active member of BoyChat. He is also the co-founder of the BL Charity. This project which was launched in 2005 and based in Eastern Europe called for donations meant to clothe, feed and support young boys living in impoverished families. After much speculation on BoyChat that Matt and his partner were using this as a guise to be with boys and were simply pocketing the money, they closed after a year complaining that the most money they'd received in a given month was $400 when what they needed was $10,000. In addition to the request for donations he also maintained a store where he offered music, calenders, books, posters, clothing, and jewelry with a pedophile logo.

Matt has traveled extensively and lived in multiple countries including the United States. He frequently flies to various locations for unknown reasons where he meets up with other pedophiles. While he states he has been in long term relationships with men and has also married his soul mate, he maintains his sexual preferences is little boys.


I keep running it through my mind, and I can't see anything wrong with having sex with boys. I don't mean hard core, full blown sex like you see on the Playboy channel, but instead, sexual foreplay, if you will. Just some innocent, sexual fun, which both of you enjoy, and laugh about. Of course, no manipulation, molestation, and so on. If you have a really good relationship with a boy, what's the harm?

And I mean a TRUE friendship. One where you both know what each other is thinking, and can tell each other basically anything. Where you're so erfectly comfortable together, you feed off each other, ultimatley making both of you better people. You are also good friends with the parents, and spend time together often.

Without taking the government into account, the only conclusion I can come up with, is it would be healthier for both, especially the boy. You're bond would grow that much stronger, and the boy would never again, feel alone. He would simply always KNOW he can turn to you, without any worry of judgement, ridecule, or absurdity. He would never be scared of asking you any question, or having to face any problem.

How is that a bad thing?

I have done absolutley nothing wrong, and never intend to do anything wrong. I've only ever been a good hearted soul, and helped people out in my life. That's all I will continue to do aswell. Of course, "wrong" and "illegal" are two different things, and if anyone out there doesn't think that, well, I'm sorry you don't have the ability to think for yourself. :)

I will never admit I'm a bad person, or submit myself to help or therapy, and will take whatever consequences come out from that.

Our Investigation

Our investigation is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Thetes
  • rdframe
  • ventrex2008

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

150 Crossbow Place #320
Canmore, Alberta T1W3H5

Last Known Phone Number

  • (403) 678-3553
  • (778) 238-8765
  • (604) 647-4929

Additional Quotes

Have you ever spent a good amount of time in a country where you can buy literally everything? From a 5yo boy, to the police, police chief, military officers, government officials, "servants" to do literally whatever you'd like without question, etc?

I've never seen any snuff films of kids myself, but I'm basically absolutely positive they do exist. There's alot of sick people in this world. I have no idea if KDV produced any or not, but I do know several people out there probably have, so why not KDV?

When I manage to actually get off my ass and do something, I'll usually end up talking to a couple boys a day. Nothing major, just a quick five minute conversation, or whatever. Then again, I do things like make sure I'm at the bus stop at 3:45pm, just after school gets out. :)

How old was your son when he the perv began molesting him? If he was 11 or older, and didn't like being "molested", he should have known well enough to say no, and/or come to you. If not, then you did a pretty shitty job in raising your son.

I love this society. Everyone's a victim. I wish I was a victim sometimes, because then I wouldn't have to take responsibility for my own life, and could just blame it on someone else. It'd be great. :)

Best advice I can give is to just give yourself some time, make some online friends, then whenever you're ready, meet up with as many BLs in real life as you can. Just slowly setup your life so you can be more open about being a BL. I don't know, it's done wonders for me. My soulmate is a BL himself, and we've been living together for close to a year now. Then our other roommate and good friend knows, and has no problem with it. Then my entire family knows now too, and for the most part, are fine with it.

The only difference between a heterosexual and a pedophile, is one is attracted to women, and the other boys. Other than that, there is absolutley no difference between the two. Being a pedophile doesn't mean you're sick, morally weak, perverted, or anything else.

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