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"Matthew Shaller"
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Teacher, possible volunteer at a church
Location: Possibly CA
Physical Description:
Organizations: Age Taboo, Indoctrination Campaign

Matthew Shaller is the director of Age Taboo, a website designed for gay teens to come to terms with their sexuality as well as accept their attraction for even younger boys. On this website, there is information for youth, parents, and therapists, advice columns to write into, as well as personal stories and message boards. It is used to groom gay teens and give them a safe place to express themselves all the while convincing them that are growing up to be pedophiles.

Shaller is a gay teacher whose AoA is young boys age 12-15 (conveniently the age range that his website is directed towards). He is somehow involved in the church as well, talking about volunteering during mass and meeting young boys.


As for me, I've come out to a few ppl, but only one person who I see on a regular basis in real life. I did it because I felt I needed someone to talk to when I was feeling angry or depressed, someone who I hoped could empathize with me and accept me.

I chose this friend because he seemed somewhat safe (although there's always a risk the person will be afraid of you or reject you). He seemed safe because he was unorthodox in his views on several things. He often was skeptical of the conventional wisdom. He also related to all kinds of ppl who are often not accepted by the mainstream.

He was/is my pastor, so I told him I wanted to talk to him about "things" that were on my mind. We met regularly, and talked about all kinds of issues. After a few months, when it was apparent he was very accepting of gay ppl (and even advocated for them sometimes), I told him I was gay.

A few weeks later I told him I wasn't the most typical kind of gay person - that I was attracted mainly to boys age 12-15. At first, I didn't use any labels like BL or pedophile, because I didn't want him to associate me with common stereotypes. It also helped that he had gotten to know me fairly well for a couple years before I came out to him. That way he saw me as a human being and knew I was trustworthy.

It turned out to be a good decision. He's been very understanding and supportive. He doesn't buy into the fear and stereotypes that society has about a lot of things.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting a few youth who are attracted to younger boys, and have been impressed by their sincerity, character, courage, and hope for the future. I have also been saddened by the stories some of them had to share. I developed a strong desire to learn more about helping sexual minority youth and about sexual attraction to younger people, and a desire to establish this effort to help those youth who are ignored or even rejected by most efforts to help sexual minority youth.

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