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Matthew Woodward
Age: 39
Birthdate: December 17, 1979
Occupation: Ebay Coin Seller
Location: Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, Visions of Alice, TkGL
Matthew is a pedophile activist best known for harassing others including his own forums.

Matthew Woodward AKA Winston101Smith AKA Debatecrime AKA Lepidopterist AKA NumisMatty (and other names) is an outspoken pedophile activist with a volatile personality. He is not thought highly of even by his own pedophile cohorts. He spoke frequently of searching for places to view images of young girls and was often banned from GirlChat for posting links to illegal Websites.

Matthew based his entire strategy around harassing unsuspecting people. His methodology was to search out anyone on blogs or forums who mentioned the word 'pedophile' then he would move in to inform them that everything they believed about the subject was wrong. When he wasn't met with the reception he felt he deserved he would start to badger them to the point they would eventually no longer allow him to post. At this time he would plead for help from GirlChat claiming that he was being attacked and request backup. The website in focus would immediately be bombarded by pedophiles attempting to force their viewpoints. He usually received assistance from a few fellow radical pedophiles such as Baldur, Jd420, I*Love*Green*Olives, and Lindsay Ashford.

Due to his belief that if society wouldn't accept his sexual attraction to children the appropriate and necessary thing to do would be to force it upon them he frequently threatened violent acts at those who disagreed with him. In 2006 he used this tactic on a mainstream blogger which ultimately backfired on him and resulted in the creation of the Anti-pedophile group Absolute Zero United.



Why not have a sexual relationship? (If she permits it)

And,furthermore, why not stop listening to these anti-peds and start breaking the law, whenever possible, and enjoy life to the full?

Why not let's go kick the f*** out of these nasty beggars?????


Will it happen one day? in the near future? distant? is there a point at which we will teeter over the edge into the use of terror to try to gain equality?

If so, how will it come about?

If we started becoming militant, with non-violent operations involving the destruction of property and they reacted nastily, as we can expect, do we escalate it? Do we then go and capture anti-pedophiles, again fearing the backlash? Do we then plant bombs in places where only certain people we know have harmed pedophiles we know are not severe child molesters (or indeed even harmful at all) such as judges and anti-pedophiles?

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Winston Smith
  • Winston101
  • Winston101Smith
  • Winston2010
  • Lepidopterist
  • debatecrime
  • Nymph'
  • Nympholeptic
  • Nympholepticose
  • boris perreira
  • matt1979uk
  • Demesnes
  • NumisMatty
  • Walter Harford
  • Rosenoble
  • Lepid
  • Matthew1979Uk
  • NumisMattic2200
  • DomainLearner
  • Domain_Man_2100
  • DomainManUk

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

34, Millfield Road, Thorne
Doncaster, dn8 4dg
United Kingdom

Last Known Phone Number


Additional Quotes

Just concentrate on the DISTINCTION between them and us. Give children rights. Empower them. Protect them. Perhaps it would reduce the number of rapes? A lot of stuff goes on behind closed doors we don't know about, i.e. familial abuse. This is the breeders. Bring child sexuality out into the open. Give children protection from parents by making it easier for them talk - give them a voice!

But remember the importantissimo: we are not child molestors - we love children. We are on THEIR side. We MUST win.

So, I've just opened the site you linked to and, woah! her body is what I would describe as near-perfect in form and she looks so succulent, I would say 12 years old. Or thereabouts.

It's ripe about now...

They're still replying with bullsh*t every time...

About time some more hardasses got in there methinks

I am a celibate 27 year old male from the UK and have always been attracted to girls for which I see no reason to feel shame or guilt. I created this blog as an attempt (in the somewhat forlorn hope) of stimulating rational thought in a society full of hatred, lies and hysteria about pedophilia.

Flood the f*ckers!!! winning on Debate Unlimited

Well done guys - you're flooding them now - too many pedos in da' house!

A great thread since I was banned - there were only 2 of us, then i was down....now they're getting their asses smashed to pieces...muahahaha.

As you may have (or may not lol) noticed I have been nusy debating lately in forums about our (my specifically) attraction. Well apart from the obvious 'nons' and 'antis' you come across, there seems to be another, dictinct group who neither exhibit the overt anger of an anti-pedophile stance nor the quiescence you might think a 'non' would display.

I call this subject an 'hysteric', for the only way to describe them is thus; they show signs of being somewhat panicky, fidgety with regards to their objections to the Orientation pedophile and typify the media-made sterotype of assuming we will do harm, whenever and if-ever we should be let out of the bag. Not understanding much of what is known as fact about pedophilia, they can only come up with basic, trite arguments and look shocked when they find out the Monster has a comeback. This fool deserves a label

A simple proof!

Question 1: Is it possible for children to enjoy non-damaging sexual experiences with one another?

If answer is 'yes'..then,

Question 2: Is it possible for an adult and a child to enjoy sexual experiences together?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems solid enough for proof - i.e. there seems to be no way to (disprove) that adultchild sex is wrong, hence there is no argument for illegality of adult-child relations save the Draconian and it cannot be claimed that adult-child sex is (always) wrong!

What's wrong with "preying on frsh meat" ??

You have feelings of guilt that make my balls feel like shrivelling up just to read what you have to say.... I wasn't talking about knocking girls up anyway....why do that? - that was the reason i was seriously scared of having sex – because boys have no control over the consequences.... What about anal/oral?

According the general public I don't just want to have sex with littlr girls I want to rape, molest (define molest?), abuse em whatever and so on...and yet theyw ouldn't even let me have an equal relationship with a girl, so what choice do I have but to scour the underworld of thougts and fantasies left remaining to me after reason has gone away....

Actually so has my mind I just couldn't give a f*** any more.......

f*** the law! Joder la ley!

In the case of people who just want to f*** kids for fun but would not like to do anything else - i.e. romance, trips out on excursions, nights in with the telly and popcorn or cinema etc....I am not sure what to think; if no harm is done and the child wants it then fine, and how would you go about proving the difference between the two "types" in a legal context anyway??

Anyway, as I neither find it totally wrong to hate women nor totally wrong to like them and also want girls, even if you can't associate with them on a fuller platform, I think we would be nitpicking here to try to discern who exactly is the "true" pedophile.

Although, having said that as a man with an exclusive attraction to young girls 9-14 I have to say I feel those who can spend more time with their younger lovers are better for the job than those who may be swayed by the time-taking temptations of modern woman....

Re: Evolution

Wise man he say: One up the bum - no harm done!!

Ode to Splendiferous, Sweet Nymphets, as above ....

Mellifluent, voluptuous, splendiferous gorgeousness, Oblivious delirium deliriously sublime, Blissful serenity, serene blissfullness of oblivion, Sublimely splendiferous, blessed beauteousness divine.

Delightful, delectable delicatesse, Delicious, doe-eyed delectableness, Lovely Lolita languishing in lightsome loveliness, Luscious, lovelorn largesse.

Blossoming nascently, fulsomely floriferous forbidden fruit; Ripe, resplendent, flowering floridity, Honeyed milkshake childish creaminess, Syrupy, sugary, slushy saccharine dreaminess.

Wavy, wheateared winsomeness, Sunny, soulful songbirds singing, Precocious preciousness, Charming, cherished chasteness.

...cue picture of "Summer"

Additional Information

  • Matthew suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which he states has been debilitating and has caused him to be unemployable.
  • He collects coins, plays Chess and fancies himself an intellectual.
  • He claims to speak 6 languages, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • He is an avid Doncaster Rovers fan.

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