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Jim Peters/Kelly Thurman Peters
Age: 30s
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Him, Unknown - she is Caucasian.
Occupation: Jim, Unknown. Kelly is in grad school studying education, and hopes to teach art to children.
Location: Clarksville, Tennessee
Physical Description:
Other: Jim, Unknown, see pics for Kelly
Pedophile Websites: Bloggers, MySpace
Two hoax artists who have caused several police agencies to spend a lot of money & time finding out that they were role players, rather than a real pedophile and his teenage prey.
Kelly Thurman Peters
Pics of Kelly Peters
Avatar used on both the mattybear and amokk profiles on LiveJournal
A post by mattybear bragging about shocking people in public

Jim Peters, AKA Mattybear, AKA amokk, and Kelly Peters, AKA nadi_kitten, are role players who took their game to real life. They pretended to be a 32 year old pedophile and a 13 year old girl in Brentwood, Tennessee who were sexually involved. Their game attracted a lot of attention, because, as expected, their "relationship" was alarming to people across the net, some of whom called police stations in Tennessee, causing an investigation which resulted in the discovery that it was all just a game.

Are they really pedophiles? Is Kelly angry because she can't have children? Are they sadistic people who got off on causing a lot of pain and worry for citizens of LiveJournal, and a lot of law enforcement manpower and funds? Whatever they say about it, think twice before believing it.

The LiveJournal Saga

In of May of 2005, nadi_kitten started posting as a 13 year old girl, and mattybear started posting as her 31 year old "boyfriend." A LiveJournal user named dookiedragon noticed that they were posting about having a sexual relationship on LiveJournal. S/he posted about it on a related LiveJournal community called Kick The Freak.

From there, word spread, and a lot of people were concerned about the girl. She hinted that she was pregnant, which concerned people even more. mattybear and nadi_kitten even posted about a "club" where "people like them" were welcome.

Their accounts were reported to LiveJournal, but nothing was done. Finally, it was reported to the police in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, Kick The Freak worked with us, and provided us with IP addresses for nadi_kitten and Jim Peters, which came from the same house, leading us to believe that the amokk account was associated with the nadi_kitten account (see screenshot). From there, we were able to determine that Jim Peters was behind all of this, along with his wife. If you check out the amokk account, you will see that he mentions his wife's account on LiveJournal, which leads to her Deviant Art profile, which leads to her personal site, which has the same address and phone numbers which are associated with amokk.org, which is Jim Peters' website, according to his LiveJournal.

But here is where it gets ugly:

Searching for Kelly Peters' email addresses on Myspace leads to several Myspace accounts which were fake profiles for underage girls in Brentwood, Tennessee. That is the same place nadi_kitten was supposed to be from, and, indeed, one of the Myspace accounts belonged to a "girl" who was supposed to be one of nadi_kitten's friends.

Kelly also is very heavily into role play, and has characters named Becca (a name nadi_kitten goes by), and Nadia.

Just to be sure there was no mistake, we contacted the Brentwood police, who confirmed that nadi_kitten is a fictitious person.

Who's that Girl?

Who is the girl who was supposed to be nadi_kitten? We don't know. There are several people who need to be identified. If you can identify these people, please contact them to let them know their pictures are being used in a sick hoax.

Online Accounts

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  • Bloggers
  • MySpace

Last Known Address

214 High St, Clarksville TN 37040

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Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this couple, their other online aliases, or their contact with children, please contact [email protected].

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