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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Andrew Googins
Age: 37
Birthdate: November 12, 1982
Occupation: Cook at Taco Mac
Location: Cummings, GA
Physical Description:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Average
Pedophile Websites: Little Boy Lover Forum
Andrew Googins is a "boylover" pedophile from Georgia who works as a cook at Taco Mac and lives with his niece, aunt and uncle

Metatron AKA Andrew "AJ" Googins is a member of the Little Boy Lover Forum pedophile site and lives in Cummings, Georgia with his Aunt, Uncle and young niece. Andrew Googins states that he was sexually abused as a child, posting on the Little Boy Lover Forum that he is both a "BL" (boylover) and an "LB" (loved boy). He related that he was first sexually molested when he was 4 years old by a 13-year-old cousin, and that he was 7 years old himself when he had sex with a younger boy, only 3 years old.

When Googins isn't posting on the Little Boy Lover Forum, he enjoys a role playing web site that allows him to role play as an adult (Metatron) with his so-called inner child (Ravin). He also enjoys a game called "Second Life" and uses a child's image as his avatar. He warns his fellow pedophiles that some players do not like kids playing the game so anything that goes on sexually must be done privately.

Googins states that he wishes to be a Dad someday and that he has already helped to raise four kids. He says that he has had many YFs and in one post on the Little Boy Lover Forum, he spoke of his excitement that his sister had given birth to a baby boy.


Is anal sex a domination act?

It could be in some aspects in my experience as a BL and a former LB, i found the act when with some one I loved and cared for, very enjoyable, on both parts

in my personal experence with shrinks

for real victems of forced rape, they can be helpful but in cases where a loved boy and hils af are found out, most of the time, its forced brainwashing, where the boy is bombarded with bullshit, making him feel sick or ashaime dof himself for his feelings, often, the shrink doing far more harm then any good, i have a strong dislike for shrinks and am proud to say at the age of 12, i put a pencle through ones hand who wouldnt back off of me.

Our Investigation

  • We came across Metatron on the Little Boy Lover Forum site wherein we obtained his e-mail address and other personal information, which we obtained through infiltration efforts
  • A search of his e-mail address lead us to his MySpace account as "Ravin", with a location matching that which we had determined from previous information. He also gave information on his MySpace regarding his employment at Taco Mac and his church, Christ First ICCC Church.
  • We also found him on a web site for those who wish to participate in age related role playing, as both "Ravin" (the inner child) and "Metatron" (the adult/protector). His profiles on the site also revealed two other pieces of contact information for Yahoo and MSN, as well as another e-mail address. Also posted on the site was information that he went by the name AJ and that he was an Uncle to a young girl. This matched information obtained through our infiltration that he had a young niece. Posts on the site also confirmed his date of birth.
  • Further searching of his e-mail address led us to a profile on the Ghosthounds site in which he listed matching Yahoo account information. Information posted on the site by his Aunt also led us to his real name and a matching location.
  • Photos from various profiles showed the same person (and often the exact same photos), further verifying that we had the correct individual.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Addresses

Originally: Falmouth, Maine

Currently: Cummings, Georgia

Additional Quotes

Re: second life game

been playing it for a couple years now, ots of fun i have a lil boy av in it :) but kids gota be carful cuse alot of people there ont like kids being in the game so anything sexual has to be 100% behind closed doors and kept secret other then that can be ALOT of fun. lol

Re:Ever had a kid's parent put them in the shower with you?

Yup :D sevril times in the past :D


hey, just curious to see how meny guys here are uncles? my sis just had her first boy and i am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited, hes the cutest lil guy :D

Re: Dressing Up

oh yah very cute :D my yf dressed as spider man one Halloween and the costume was very tight, and very thin material. OMG!!!! sigh after Halloween he used them as pj's and damn man...... well, thats another story lol

Re: Tickling boys?

oh yah, tickling can be lots of fun! my lil neighbor was over the other day and he received some serious tickling to his feet that he decided to stick in my face lol

Additional Information

  • Attends Christ First ICCC Church
  • Works as a cook at Taco Mac
  • Graduated from High School in Falmouth, Maine

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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