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Mike D78
Age: Late 20s
Location: United States
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Wikipedia Campaign
Mike D78 is a pedophile activist who attempted to vandalize Wikipedia articles in an effort to promote pedophilia in today's society.

Mike D78 is a pedophile activist who was an active participant in the Wikipedia Campaign, an effort organized by a group of pedophiles to vandalize articles on pedophilia and activism on Wikipedia. The campaign was one of many attempts pedophile activists have made towards the end goal of normalizing pedophilia in society today.

Mike D78 has been blocked from editing any further articles on the Wikipedia site for pushing the pro-pedophilia point of view. It is strongly believed that Mike D78 is merely another name used by a pedophile who has previously been banned from the site.

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  • The investigation into this individual is ongoing.

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  • Mike D78

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