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Referred to as: Minutemen
Based out of: Across the globe
Founder: Tom Reeves, NAMBLA founder
Purpose: To normalize pedophilia
Website Address:
Current: http://www.reformsexoffenderlaws.org/mm.php
Organizations: NAMBLA, The New NAMBLA, GirlChat, BoyChat
Individuals: Many, listed below.
Pedophile Websites: All
The Minutemen are organized pedophiles and pedophile advocates who seek to normalize pedophilia in the mainstream public


Minutemen refers to a group of pedophiles and pedophile activists who would like to change legislation regarding child sexual abuse. They would like to get rid of the sex offender registry, abolish the age of consent, and "educate" people to believe that sex offenders are harmless, and that there is no need to worry about them. They seek to normalize pedophilia by attacking any news outlet, blog, social media or other online venues of conversation about sex offenses with lies, junk statistics, false stories of their own and faulty "logic" about why sex offender laws and the sex offender registry are unnecessary and/or downright wrong and criminal.

They compare themselves and their situations with the Jews in Nazi Germany, with women and people of color during times of oppression, and with the gay rights movement. They try to confuse people by swarming conversations with their lies and false statistics. Their end goals are to get rid of all sex offender laws and normalize pedophilia in the culture of the United States and other countries.

Though the Minutemen are organized on the RSOL site, there are also many other pedophiles from pedophile activist websites, and several whose agenda is unknown, who join the ranks of the RSOL pedophiles and defenders to troll all news outlets online and attack people who disagree with their agendas. They are from all walks of life, and use aliases to post everything from "concern" posts to outright attacks on anyone who disagrees with them. They also attack blogs and posts by survivors of sexual abuse, dismissing the abuse and defending the abusers.

Many of them are family members or friends of sex offenders, and most of them lie about their sex offenders' situation, often downplaying their crime, changing the dates of the convictions to make it look as if they were minors when convicted, claiming that they were involved in "Romeo and Juliet" situations, peeing in alleys, and other falsified scenarios.

Though they claim to be fighting misinformation, they are very methodically and persistently spreading misinformation and lies across the internet in hopes of bringing the rest of the public to agree with them that pedophilia is harmless and that sex offender laws and registries are not needed.

The best way to battle these rapists and defenders of rapists is to post this wiki article, as well as news articles which show recidivism, such as news articles about Matthew David Sluss, Jon Schillaci, Jim Freeman, or any others who are on the registry who fight for the right to have sex with children. It also helps to understand the tactics that they use to try to normalize pedophilia.


  • Changing the Subject - When the actual issue of child sexual abuse and the harm it does comes up, they quickly dismiss it and revert to quoting junk statistics, sob stories, rare and unusual stories of the court system gone wrong, anything to get out of talking about sexual abuse and the harm it causes, or any of the crimes that they or their loved ones have committed. There are several listed below. They are numbered for easy of use for our volunteers, not based on anything else.
  • Using completely false statistics, faulty arithmetic, twisting the words of statistics, or using statistics that are cherry-picked from pro-pedophile "researchers" or authors, such as Fred Berlin and Judith Levine. Many of the statistics are simply made up, and passed amongst themselves to use in the public. However, since so many cases of sexual abuse are not reported, statistics are completely unreliable when dealing with sex offender legislation.
  • False Sob Stories - They each have sob stories about themselves and/or the sex offender they are defending. Most of the convictions these "activists" and their loved ones have received have been reduced due to plea bargains, and most of their stories are false.
  • Citing Rare or Unusual stories - There are problems in the legal system that affect every type of criminal. Sex offenders and their advocates would have the public believe that these unusual situations are the norm, when they are not, and thus sex offender laws and registries should all be abolished.
  • Blaming the victim - Victims are regularly called "sexually promiscuous" and blamed for their own abuse, even if the victim is 8 years old. Adult survivors who support sex offender legislation are called "professional victims."
  • Blaming the victim's parents - They frequently ask, "Where were the parents?" as if the parents of the victim were responsible for the abuse against the children
  • Blaming Society - They try to blame society and the legislation for the crimes they or their loved ones commit, saying that if only pedophiles were offered more help, there would be no victims, or by saying that, without the strict probation of sex offenders, the offenders would not re-offend.
  • Claiming that they are survivors of child sexual abuse when they are not, or claiming that the abuse did not harm them in any way.
  • Attacking other posters - If anyone disagrees with their false logic or junk statistics, they attack them personally
  • Attacking the media - If a news story is not about how the sex offender laws are bad or harmful, they will attack the news outlet or the reporter
  • Citing statistics which claim that sex offenders are more commonly family members or friends, and not strangers, which has nothing to do with the issue of the age of consent, sex offender laws, or the registry
  • Claiming that they have talked to "hundreds" who have been negatively affected by sex crimes laws. They talk to each other.
  • Calling the stricter laws against sex crimes and the sex offender registry a "panic" or "hysteria."
  • Stating that if children were more educated about sex, there would be fewer victims. In many cases, the ones who say this have expressed the desire to provide this "education."
  • Citing the fact that teens are sexually active as a reason that the age of consent be abolished, and the reason that many sex offenders are "falsely accused."
  • Bringing up the Catholic Church, as if all pedophiles are within the Church, and nowhere else.
  • Claiming that laws concerning sex offenders break up families, as if they expect children to continue living with their abusers.
  • Blaming sex offenses on such things as child beauty pageants, or clothing that children wear
  • Blaming sex offenses on the availability of child pornography on the internet
  • Claiming that, since pedophilia was accepted or not discussed in the past, it should not be discussed now, nor should sex crimes be punishable.
  • Pretending to agree that sexual abuse is harmful to children, only to turn the conversation back to the inconveniences that a sex offender "suffers."
  • Claiming that the people who are most likely to commit sexual crimes against children haven't been arrested yet as a reason to abolish the registry.
  • Using the argument that if sex offenders have to be on a registry, every other type of criminal should be, also.
  • Claiming that informing communities about sex offenders or pedophiles is harassment and illegal, which is false.
  • Stating that the sex offender legislation, caused by "hysteria" keeps men from helping children, and makes all adults afraid of being around children.
  • Claiming "family values," saying that it is more important to keep the family together, rather than to rescue children from abuse.

Mission Statement


The RSOL Minutemen, under the umbrella of the Correspondence Committee, are made up of volunteer men and women who have committed their time to help combat the misinformation contained in many of the online articles and blogs dealing with sex offender issues. We maintain a site where those of us called “monitors” post pertinent and relevant articles that are then accessible to those of us called “responders. ” The responders’ job is to add comments to the comment boards of these articles and, using accurate information that has been gathered by our researchers, to speak the truth and to correct misinformation.

The Minutemen site is maintained, accessed, and utilized on a daily basis. We encourage anyone who is interested in writing pithy responses to pertinent articles and blogs online, or interested in locating, on a regular basis, the pertinent and current articles and blogs, to contact Sandi.

Especially gifted writers will be encouraged to branch out in the areas of writing and submitting letters to editors, opinion pieces, and, when appropriate, letters to legislators and to media staff.


They have terrorized news article comment sections, blogs, facebook pages and other social media since at least 2007.

Notable Members

False Statistics

  • Shana Rowan Claims 1/4 of the sex offenders on the registry are minors. This is patently false, and we are unsure where she got this "information."
  • Claims that sex offenders have a low recidivism rate - Since most sex offenses aren't even reported, no study can accurately measure the rate of recidivism, and there is no acceptable rate of recidivism in the eyes of the public. Furthermore, there is no way to determine how many children were protected from a sex offender who wants to re-offend. Any claims of statistics are simply a smoke screen to try to get the public to believe that sex offenders are not a danger to children.
  • Claims that sex offenders are less likely to sexually abuse a child than a non-sex-offender is faulty in logic, because of simple arithmetic. If there are 750,000 sex offenders and over 300 million non-sex offenders, the number of sex offenses from the population of over 300 million people is going to naturally be higher than from a pool of 750,000 sex offenders. However, the percentage from the population of the rest of the U.S. is miniscule compared to the percentage of recidivism that is reported. But, again, these statistics are useless, because many, if not most sex crimes are not reported, and any citing of statistics is simply a smokescreen and distraction from the real issue, which is that sex criminals MUST be punished.
  • Sex offender advocates claim that sex offenders have low recidivism rates, however since more than 80% of sex crimes go unreported, this artificially lowers the recidivism rate. Further, the report they rely on to falsely claim a low rate, if thoroughly read, would reveal that over 25% of the sex offenders followed in that report were ALREADY repeat sex offenders, negating the resulting 5% claim. The bottom line is that statistics do not prevent sex crimes, nor are they reasons for abolishing the sex offender registry or laws that punish people for sexually offending other people, children or adults.
  • Cherry-picking "facts" and "statistics" is one of their tactics, IE: they ignore statistics like this one:

All 9,691 were in prison in 1994 because they had been arrested and convicted for a sex offense. For 71.5% of the 9,691 men (6,929), that arrest was their first ever for a violent sex crime. In other words, these 6,929 men had no previous arrest for a sex offense. For the remaining 28.5% (2,762 men), that arrest was not their first sex offense arrest. Some had been arrested once before for a sex crime and some two or more times before.

Special HT to Stitches from AZU


News outlets, blogs and social media across the internet. Patch.com seems to be a favorite place for them to hang out and attack other people and use all the tactics listed above.


Tom Reeves:

"Laws are responsible for the bulk of abuse and violence among men and boys engaged in sex," says Tom Reeves. "Laws lead men to panic, to paranoia, to hit-and-run relationships. The laws lead boys to blackmail, to secrecy and lying, and to link sex with crimes. Sex between men and boys does not lead in this direction, the law does"


Aside from those I've affected in real life (mostly family and close friends), there are also several at DU, my other favorite forum. While I've affected them to varying degrees, I'd say it's probably true that I've changed the opinions of all of the regulars at DU in a positive way. One guy in particular I'm actually pretty close to outside of DU. I would say he was probably more level-headed than most to begin with, but he's come away with a completely different perspective after our debate and has told me he's actually gotten into arguments with his gf over MAP issues. That is quite something, I'd say.

Shana Rowan:

Re: the living situation, I can't offer much help...we don't have kids so that's one aspect of things we don't have to deal with. However you are not the only one I've heard of in this exact situation - I know of some moms who have gone to court over it. I just want to get rid of all these laws - they hurt more families than they help.

Shana Rowan, blaming the victim:

Lastly, it is a flat-out insult to victims of any kind of traumatic experience to insinuate that they are left with a "life sentence". Just like victims of a bad car accident or natural disaster - who aren't at fault in any way for their experiences - recovery should not and is not dependent upon punishment of someone else. Recovery is something that depends solely on the victim's desire to become a survivor and allow themselves to be empowered by what they have been through. Holding on to anger and the need for revenge forever is a "life sentence".

FYI: This man was a teenager when he was arrested (age 17) and we aren't provided with the age of his victim. For all we know it was a 16-yr-old consenting girlfriend. -Shana, about a Level 3 sex offender


The registry is an illegal, ex-post facto law that does not protect the community and only makes desperate outcasts more likely to re-offend.

OH and the idea that U.S. culture can protect against sexual assault is ridiculous at its core.

Secrets of Safety:

So, while you spout about what sex offenders shouldn't have as far as rights, consider your refusal to rid yourself of the prejudice and embrace the facts and the truth and make your child more safe with the education you could be providing her.

To a survivor of sex abuse:

Please remember, if the person you were a victim of didn't get his or her punishment, you aren't going to hurt that person by perpetuating ignorant hatred toward someone else.. That will only put you and your child at greater risk of being offended because you refuse to see things for what they really are.. You live in a fairytale world.. You are dangerous to yourself and your family as long as you willingly stay in such a hateful and contemptuous frame of mind.

Now we can't legally own other people, we can't discriminate unless it's against a group of people we have legislated into existence (I agree, we should all "be loath" to admit that we have to practice "bigotry"). We are encouraged to ignore the facts about something in the name of public safety, while we impose our rule in other parts of the world in the name of "democracy".. You are right.. it's a different world.

On the other hand, if he is convicted, yes, it is horrible and she has lost something. However, stating that she can never get "Loss of security and confidence" back is an individual issue and the individual can recover, whether people like to admit it or not. That isn't to say I discount the seriousness of such crimes. I just get tired of reading what professional victims have to say.

The people defending the true predators are the people who propose and support the bill. They are taking all the attention away from the majority of the predators - those who haven't yet been caught. The people in your social circle or your family.

Derek Logue:

Ninety-five percent of sex crime arrests are of people not on the list. It is a false sense of security at best, and based on the unscientific poll it is a tool for vigilante thugs at worst.

Shelly Stow, quoting someone unknown:

While Mommy was glued to the computer and writing down the addresses of everyone on the registry within a mile's radius of the house, Daddy was in the next room sexually molesting Sally while they watched television together.

Shelly Stow, blaming the registry for a boy's anger, rather than the abuse he suffered from his father:

Statistics show that incest offenders, once arrested and punished, have a tiny re-offense rate. His son's anger was almost certainly due to his father's inclusion on the registry which creates a very unstable lifestyle and works nothing but detriment to the family and children.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this effort, the identities of any of the members, or additional members and/or quotes, contact us at [email protected].

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