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Montreal Ganymede Collective or Collectif
Referred to as: Montreal Ganymede Collective or Collectif
Based out of: Montreal
Founder: Free Spirits members: Camper, PopaBear and Somersault
Purpose: A place for pedophiles to meet in person.
Website Address:
Current: N/A
Previous: Defunct
Individuals: Camper, PopaBear and Somersault
Pedophile Websites: Free Spirits Coalition
The Montreal Ganymede Collective is a group of pedophiles who meet in person to discuss sex with young boys, and ways to avoid detection and prosecution by law enforcement.

The Montreal Ganymede Collective AKA Montreal Ganymede Collectif is a group of pedophiles who meet in person to talk about having sex with young children. It is based in Montreal, and many of the online activists have met each other there.

The group meets at coffee houses and private homes and besides discussing having sex with children, there is also a lot of discussion about how to avoid detection and capture by law enforcement. There have been lecturers, such as Robin Sharpe, the child pornographer, and visits by computer experts, who help the pedophiles clean up their computers, encrypt child pornography and stay anonymous online. There were also occasions when they would meet weekly to watch a popular television show, and try to guess which of the young male stars would be shown in his underwear.

At one point, NAMBLA, or the National American Man/Boy Love Association, wanted to partner with either the Montreal Ganymede Collective, or Free Spirits Coalition. It is not clear which organization it wanted to align with, but both are Canadian, and pedophiles, and there were many of the same members at the same time, so that distinction may be moot. The members are both English and French and most of them have been convicted of sex crimes. They have financed aid for sex offenders, such as providing a teacher who got caught with child porn a new computer, and helping fund Robin Sharpe's legal defense.

There is some information about the people who have met there, and the pedophile organizations involved.

It was formed in 1998 by members of the Free Spirits Coalition, including "Camper" AKA "John White" "PopaBear" AKA Stacey Katz and "Somersault" AKA Ian Hodgson. These three are all Canadian, and it's likely that many of the meetings happened at at least one of their homes.

Camper owns Epifora, a Website hosting company used specifically to host pedophile websites, forums and e-mail accounts. Somersault runs a tech forum for pedophiles. It's obvious that this group of people is involved in many online activities involving pedophilia, and that they are highly organized, and widely spread throughout the world. Most of the people involved are also associated with Boychat.

It is unknown whether the "official" group still meets; however, people from the organization do still meet in person, and these meetings are discussed on various website forums and some of the meetings are archived on sites such as Cerius.

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