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Willard Dee Burkhamer AKA Movieman
Age: Deceased
Birthdate: October 26, 1921
Occupation: Sapulpa, OK
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, Somersault
Willard Dee Burkhamer was a long-time member of multiple pedophile websites.
File:Movieman sig pic1.jpg
Willard Dee Brkhamer AKA Movieman sig pic

Willard Dee Burkhamer AKA Movieman posted on pedophile websites such as BoyChat and Somersault. Burkhamer told stories of boys in his charge going naked everywhere, and talked about how he encouraged them to have sex together. He said he visited nude beaches with the boys, and also encouraged sexual activities between the children there. For years, the other pedophiles encouraged him to post his "storyettes" about the boys he was around, and he was a very popular person on several of their websites, and met with many pedophiles over the years.

It is believed that he has many victims who are probably in need of help and counseling. Though he has passed away, we feel that his information needs to be posted for the families of his victims, as well as for his victims. He says that parts of his stories are fictional, but he also says that all the stories of "Tiger" were about many different boys he was in contact with. He claims the stories of the twins were stories about him and his twin brother. However, he has also posted "boy moments" of seeing boys' private parts on these pedophile websites.

Whether or not his stories are fiction, he clearly had pedophile fantasies, and encouraged other pedophiles. He was involved in the Big Brothers organization. It is unfortunate that he was not identified sooner, since he likely molested children for almost 80 years before his death.


Two little hands -- holding forks with food on them -- suspended in mid air -- another blank look on their faces – a what Uncle M? it's a nudest colony. Whats a nudest colony? Well -- um -- ah -- four little sharp eyes boring holes in my mind. You know how both of you love to wear your loin cloths instead of all your clothing? And again both at the same time -- yeah uncle M. Well you don't even have to wear them there. They both laid their food laden forks down, turned looked at each other -- then both turned back to me -- What? Yeah! thats right --- no clothing at all. They both picked up their forks -- put the food in their mouth, set there chewing, the silence was madning. Well boys what do you say? No clothes they repeated? Thats right no clothes. Other people? Yes. Will there be boys there of our own age? Yup.

Jason and Bob would dissaper and then an hour or so later would show up with out a word where they had been. One evening after the evening meal was over and the boys and I were setting watching TV -- I jumped him -- Jason where do you and Bob dissaper to every now and then? Oh we just find a spot and talk. About what I asked? Jason started squirming face turning a little red -- aaah Uncle M -- you see we just talk. I know, you said that, about what? About then Juston spoke up -- why don't you tell Uncle M Jason. He turned to me -- they do the same thing that Timmy and I do -- play with each other. Timmy and I sneaked up on them and watched -- they were doing that head to foot thing, and wow were they ever. Well your no different Jason said, you and Timmy do the same thing, Bob and I watched you too. Yeah -- I know -- Juston said -- but you know what? No what. I can't wait till we get back home and it will be just you and me. I miss you Jason. Yeah -- I miss you too Juston.

The boy and girl set on the floor opening small bags of candy and eating some of it. The boy had a small toy car to play with. He was on his knees, setting back with his legs and feet as a setting place. Then laying on his stomach. Finally he set back on his butt with both knees bent to where they were under his chin. He had on short wide leg trouseres and no shorts. The lighting was bright enough that in the position he was setting did shine down his trousers legs. The scenery was beautiful, it was about this long laying very contentedly over his little jewel sack. Just for a few seconds then he moved again.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed Movieman posting about boys on several pedophile websites
  • One of his friends posted about his death on June 28, 2010
  • We were able to find his obituary, which identified him
  • The obituary matched all of the information we had gathered in the past about his twin brother, other family members, date of birth, location, et cetera.

Last Known Address

Withheld to protect his family members


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes

Boys ---- Reconised by their impsih desire to tease. The most capatvative part about them is the whole body.

This consits of ---

Feet -- shoes that have aged befor their time -- perfumed odor of toe jam and that they are attached to the legs --

LEGS The part between the knee and feet -- very impresive disigned to tease any eye that looks.

THIGH -- One of the most senstive and senious parts of a boys body. when rubbed or stroked causes the erection of ole glory.

Hips -- consisting of two little mounds of teasing beauty when patted can turn to a glossy red.

Stomach -- held in place by a belly button and when tickled with loveing fingers causes the uncontroled giggling of boyish joy.

Chest -- that controls the breath of life -- and also has the arms attached to it that flail like a wind mill when excitement takes over.

Head -- consists of hair, two eyes, two ears, one mouth, one nose -- each chisled in place by the master hand of creative beauty.

Last but not least -- THE GROIN -- consits of a small type appendage and two jewels that can grow in size as time goes by.

What a beautiful silhouette -- by the master hands of creation. A BOY.

Smiles and hugs

Movieman -- love you all

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If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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