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Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Free Spirits Coalition, BoyChat, LifeLine
Nelly is the Webmaster for LifeLine, a real-time chat room, which offers support for fellow pedophiles. LifeLine is a part of the Free Spirits Coalition network.

Nelly is the webmaster of LifeLine, the real time chat room located at BoyChat, where pedophiles can meet and offer support to one another. There is also a small message board located there as well. Nelly has been the webmaster since just before the site launched in 2001.

LifeLine falls under the Free Spirits Coalition umbrella and is open only to registered members, whereas BoyChat is open to the public. Having the chat room closed to the public allows the pedophiles more freedom to express themselves openly and with more anonymity. The chat room is open to both boy lovers and girl lovers, as well as to youth.

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