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Age: 50
Birthdate: Virgo
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown, professional
Location: Eldridge, Iowa, United States
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, GirlChat
Nickless is a pedophile who often posts links to YouTube videos of young boys along with his own personal comments about them. Arrested for possession of child pornography sometime around 1996-97, Nickless also admits to having an attraction to young girls.


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Nickless sig pic

Nickless is a frequent poster to BoyChat. He likes to surf YouTube for videos of young boys and post links to BoyChat along with comments on the "attributes" of children in the videos. While Nickless is an admitted boylover, he also has an eye for young girls and posts about this on GirlChat as well. He was arrested for possession of child pornography sometime around 1996-97, yet became a mentor to young boys in the 2000s.


"...When I was in my mid-20s, I had befriended a girl of 13 at the local gym. She was usually by herself so she proceeded to flirt the hell out of me everytime we met. She was oh-so-13 and very, VERY HOT... petulant lips, smooth roundish little-girl body (but not fat), dreamy eyes, long blond straight hair down to her shoulders... and the only thing that was not 13 about her was her fully-developed breasts!!! She went by "Missy", and boy did that name ever fit her! She was one of the few girls in my life that I masturbated having sexual fantasies of, and I still cum to her memory once in awhile right to the present day!..."

"A hard teenage cock is the archetype for all religious fervor. The concept of an all-powerful, all-knowing God derives from the throbbing cock of a young boy in heat. I picture a priest carrying the aroused frame of a young naked boy, presenting to his kneeling congregation...

"Body of Christ!"


"Body of Christ!"


on down the line, until all have had their fill."

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

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Additional Quotes

"While my AoA for boys runs from 8 or 9 up to 14 or 15 with my "target" AoA at 12, my AoA for girls starts at around 11 and goes on up to the late teens with a target AoA of 14... which this girl probably was.

And yes, some of the other boychatters make fun of me for liking "girly-boys". I'm attracted to "bad boys", but I am especially attracted to the androgynous ones."

"I'm Nickless because my YF's name is Nicholas, and he left for college last fall. He is str8, but we still hug when we see each other, and close our emails with "Love, ____". (Damn I hate so see that period of my life fade into the distant past!)"

"I'm celebrating because I just got my first promotion in 12 years. Yay! Do I really give a fuck? Not really. I'll tell you what I would give a fuck about...

If a silky-smooth 12-year-old boy was going to sleep naked with me tonite, I just might give a fuck! Or get a fuck, hehe. Fuck."

"Mine would be...

Posted by Nickless on September 28, 2005

In reply to The big BoyChat fetish poll

Mild S&M: light spanking and ball-groping. (fantasy, of course)

As far as "cute" fetish -- there's something about a boy wearing a stocking cap down to his eyebrows that does something mysterious to me.


Additional Information

  • Nickless has written about being arrested by the FBI sometime in the early to mid '90s for child pornography. *His account states that he received 2 years probation and a $200.00 fine.
  • He states that his job or his family ever found out about it and there was no sex offender registry at that time.
  • Nickless states that the only time it haunts him is when he is reentering the country after traveling for business.
  • He is apparently flagged and must go through more secure customs.
  • Nickless' interests include music, art, poetry, drama and things of beauty.
  • He says he's mathematical with interests in science, logic and reason and loves Hubble space pictures.
  • He claims to be creative and artistic with ideas.

Views on Pedophile Activism

Pedophile Activism - the 'real deal' Posted by Nickless on 2007-May-26 20:01:59, Saturday

or... MAA activism for "the rest of us"

or... political exit strategy for the life-long oppressed

My insanely rational subconscious has devised a workable strategy for pedophile activism.

First, we all know why traditional modes of activism won't work for child-lovers:

1. No empathy. The general population has neither empathy nor sympathy for pedophiles. Empathy worked for the civil rights movement in the 1960s when Americans watched hapless demonstrating blacks being given the water cannon and the attack dogs. Such empathy helped turn the legislative tide for blacks in America. No such empathy exists for pedophiles.

2. Anonymity. How can pedophiles even gather for a demonstration when the forces conspiring against pedophilia require anonymity for all but a brave few? The motivation to remain hidden and anonymous is huge, given the negative consequences for "coming out".

3. No unity. The lack of unity is sustained by anonymity and the very morality that condemns pedophiles. Pedophiles are seriously divided on the morality of pedophilia itself. Without unity there cannot be an agenda.

4. No (workable) agenda. (See number 3) Actually, the lack of an agenda is even more complicated... if there WERE a pedophile agenda, it would have to be more than just lowering the AoC or educating about sexual orientations -- it would have to challenge the very premise and foundation of Judeo-Christian-Muslim values. That is why blacks have achieved equal civil rights, but gays have not, and pedophiles probably never will.

5. No war chest. No money. No resources. Anonymity sustains the money problem, as does lack of unity. Without a separate and substantial source of funds, educating the majority through billboards, TV spots, mass publications, public debates, and through other methods of "getting the word out" is just too prohibitive. Same goes for hiring top lawyers to defend nonviolent pedophiles who commit victimless crimes.

Fear is the mega-weapon that maintains the status quo and encourages the hate-fed current hysteria.

I have a solution that bypasses 1 through 5 above. I have a plan for "the rest of us".

Most of us just want to live our lives in peace, loving our friends, family, and kids, without fear of harassment, ostracism, or imprisonment, and living full lives until death eventually takes us. Deep inside, we quietly fume and rage against the outrages and injustices perpetrated against child-lovers and adult-loving children by authorities and citizens alike, but we refrain from speaking out or taking action so that we can live our lives as "normally" as possible.

So, let's do just that: Let's live out our lives as normally as possible, living the status quo, on into old age if possible, but... let us all pick a date for ourselves -- a date with death.

Now hear me out on this. We all will arrive at a point in our lives where we will have done just about everything we were willing to do in life, and all that remains is the waiting game, waiting for death to take us in our old age. Why waste that death? Why not turn that inevitable death into an activist's last gasp? Why not plan for our death on a specific date, and on that date perform some act that will generate substantial media attention? Here are the specifics:

1. You pick a date, a date to end your life. You don't wait for chance and circumstance to end your life, you decide when and where. You get your estate in order, and you follow through.

2. You pick a target context. You pick a setting or a context that is at the forefront of anti-pedo hysteria or at the head of anti-pedo activities or a source of anti-pedo legislation.

3. You plan your target activity. You don't act like cowardly Muslim terrorists who attack markets, malls, schools, etc.; rather you target those gatherings and institutions that are enemies of MAAs. Now I'm not advocating violence against those targets, mind you -- THAT would likely be a violation of Rule #6. I must leave it to each of you to be creative in coming up with a target activity that will get media attention if successful, and the more media attention, the better. Think of your plan as a "major media event".

4. You write snail-mail letters ahead of time that you will eventually mail to a handful of major media outlets, detailing the wrongs and grievances you have suffered as a pedophile, and a list of changes that society should enact to alleviate such suffering for future pedophiles.

5. You execute your target activity as follows: a) The day of your planned activity, you drop the letters in the mail. b)You attempt to implement your planned activity. c) Regardless of the success or failure of your planned activity, you die that same day, perhaps as part of your planned activity.

Okay, there it is, a pedo-activist plan... simple, elegant, and probably effective.

Such a plan does not require empathy from the citizenry, but if you design your target activity to tug at people's heartstrings, it might just create public empathy for pedophilia as well (but that is not the goal).

Such a plan does not require you to give up your anonymity, or for you to live your life any differently, right up until the moment of your death.

Such a plan does not require unity among MAAs, nor does it require communication or coordination of any kind to implement. It is a solitary demonstration of protest on your part.

Such a plan DOES have a workable agenda, a simple one of merely bringing public attention to the plight of MAAs and to force the citizenry to consider dealing differently with pedophiles than continuing with the status quo, to get REAL discussion and debate out in the open.

Such a plan does not require any more money than what you can afford in order to implement your target activity.

And just look at the beauty of this plan: Imagine a period of ten or fifteen years where elder pedophiles randomly, unpredictably create major media events by their own deaths, each sending similar messages to public media demanding the citizenry to re-examine their biases against childhood sexuality and pederasty and to change the laws that oppress both adults, teens, and children who want nothing more than to love one another!

Also, you don't have to sign up, you don't have to make a pledge, you don't have to make your agreement known (and should not). You just have to decide for yourself in the privacy of your own conscience whether or not to design your death in old age as a politically meaningful act, or to die just as anonymously as you have lived.

If this post doesn't get cogged (and I think I have stayed both within the rules and the law), I will draft a template for the "snail-mail" letter in a later post.


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