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Peter Cowell
Age: 63
Birthdate: July 31, 1956
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Luxury coach driver
Location: Leicester, United Kingdom
Physical Description:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: Slender
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, Boytalk Radio, BoyMoment
Peter Cowell is a dangerous pedophile in the UK who has lived in the Philippines molesting children for three years. Actively looking for boys, he has posted singles ads looking for teens. He is a regular on the "boylove" forums and has made trips to Germany to meet other "boylovers".

File:Nycalvin - 01.jpg

Peter D. Cowell AKA nycalvin is a dangerous pedophile who openly admits he has molested children, bragging "3 years in the Philippines and every day a new boy/teen". As a regular member of Boytalk Radio, he was a DJ for a short period of time before the other pedophiles there couldn’t tolerate him.

As an active member of boymoment, he talked of meeting other "boylovers" in Germany. He has posted personal ads looking for teens on boysnetwork and gayamsterdam stating his preference for younger males.

Originally from the UK, he traveled to New York for a job claiming he worked for the UN. He started in Manhattan, settling in Queens. He would make trips to CA between 1996 – 1999, to places such as Universal Studios. Working as a trucker he traveled NY, PA, and CA. Eventually he moved back to Manchester, UK. He was driving for a luxury tour bus company until his back problems put him on disability. He claims to have sued his former employer and was awarded £2000. He is believed to be driving tour bus excursions for children.


From Boytalk Radio on 5/28/08

nycalvin spent 3 years in the philippines, and every day a new boy/teen

i have videos in the NTSC format that i need to change to the PAL system, xxx rated vids, that i took

the boys i f***** were virgins!

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed nycalvin posting on btr (Boytalk Radio), he was especially vulgar boasting of his conquests in the Philippines. His claims of having sex with numerous boys who were virgins got our attention, and we soon realized he was active on boymoment and boychat as well.
  • Making no secret of his first name, he readily admitted to fellow btr members his name was Peter.
  • He posted his email address on btr which led to the gay singles ads and his Friendster profile. Further research on his email led to his full name and age along with his Myspace page.
  • His posts on Boymoment matched his comments on his boysnetwork and faceparty pages of a trip to Germany to visit other boylovers. Several comments on his occupation and location were also cross verified.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • nycalvin

Email Addresses


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

The current address for this pedophile is unknown, although he is to believed to have lived here: 3989 45TH ST SUNNYSIDE NY. He is now possibly living in the Cheshire, UK area.

Additional Quotes

16:56 < nycalvin> my AoA is 12
16:57 < calloway> hey, I like the 11-12yo's but I absolutely adore 8-9yo's
16:57 < Uncle_TMJR> Just 12, that's all, Calvin?
16:58 * nycalvin 's lips are sealed
17:00 < calloway> well, even some 13-14yo's can be cute, if they still look young
17:00 * nycalvin saw a vid today of a 12yo jacking off!
17:00 < calloway> and if their voices haven't changed
17:01 < nycalvin> and, yes, i still have it!
17:01 < Orestes> surfing the forbidden sites, nycalvin?
17:01 < nycalvin> yes, orestes!
17:03 < nycalvin> BUT, it was so naturel, a boy doing what a boy does! LIKE WE USED TO DO WHEN WE WE 12

20:33 <~Skylark> [04:17:51] skylark0099 says: i have the detail from peeps you sent illegal material to
20:33 <~Skylark> [04:17:55] nycalvin says: i don't have any pics! or vids anymore!
20:33 <~Skylark> [04:18:16] nycalvin says: none on my pc!
20:33 <~Skylark> [04:20:44] skylark0099 says: i also have 3 other peeps you have sent stuff to
20:33 <~Skylark> [04:20:55] nycalvin says: so he will be jailed as well for recieving porn!

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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