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Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Retired Broadcast Tech
Location: Australia
Physical Description:
Individuals: Rookiee
Pedophile Websites: IPCE, Pedologues
OldStNik is the screen name used by a pedophile associated with IPCE. He was a featured guest on the Pedologues podcast discussing the academic side of pedophilia.

OldStNik is the online name used by a pedophile who is associated with the IPCE, a pedophile organization which seeks to examine and distribute information on pedophilia from an academic aspect.

OldStNik has a degree in psychology, works in welfare, and has an associate degree in welfare as well. He is retired from the broadcast industry, where he worked as a technician. He states that he's been involved in the electronics industry in various areas.

OldStNik chose this particular nickname because he claims to be a descendant of the real Catholic Saint, Nicholas, otherwise known to the world as St. Nicholas or Santa Claus to children around the world. OldStNik perversely equates his love of children to that of the legendary Saint Nicholas himself.

He was featured on the now defunct Pedologues podcast, run by the pedophile activist Rookiee. The discussion centered on the persecution of pedophiles in the today's world, the history of pedophilia, and academic research into the subject from a variety of perspectives worldwide.

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