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Oscar Scott Guzman
Age: 33
Location: Thornhill, Ontario
Physical Description:
Organizations: Boychat, Annabelleigh.net, LogicalReality.com, Visions of Alice
Oscar Scott Guzman is a pedophile who frequents multiple pedophile websites, has molested at least three girls under age 10, and has also used MUD online gaming rooms to prey on more underage girls.

Oscar Scott Guzman AKA Shade AKA Godard AKA Scott G is a pedophile and self-admitted child molester who has frequented multiple pedophile websites such as Boychat, Girlchat, Visions of Alice, Open Hands and LogicalReality.com. He frequently posts about a "sex license" and "sexual relationship knowledge document", nonsense ideas he came up with as alternatives to age-of-consent laws.

Guzman has molested at least three young girls - his younger sister, as well as two daughters of family friends who were nice enough to let him stay in their homes. He claimed the girls were "flirting" with him; these girls were ages 6, 9 and 10 years old at the time. He also uses online gaming sites to approach minors for "cybersex", becoming involved with a number of underage girls and luring some of them into meeting him in person as well. At least two of these "relationships" were ended when the girls' parents found out and cut off communication.

Shade's long history of pedophile activity and annoying others on the Internet dates back to at least 1999, when he outraged the members of multi-user domain groups by using their game rooms to prey on young teenage girls. Guzman proceeded on to set up his own multi-user domain where adults could have "cybersex" with minors, and posted ad nauseum about his "sex license" idea. For months, the other MUD members made it clear to Guzman that he was not welcome and demanded he stop posting to their Usenet newsgroups; insulting him, cussing him out and telling him to "FOAD", reporting him to law enforcement and even making several "anti-Shade" websites - but despite all of this, Guzman persisted in posting there until the Usenet list owners finally banned him. He has also been banned from numerous other discussion forums and from Wikipedia editing due to his posting of pro-pedophilia rhetoric. Even the other pedophiles can’t tolerate Guzman; he has been banned multiple times from their boards as well.

Guzman was also kicked out of two Toronto area homeless shelters after sexually harassing several of their female workers. When one female staff member declined his advances, he implied threats to her life; she started to avoid him, so he began badgering other people about her, even after the administration told him to stop it. He had also been making pro-pedophile statements, which angered the shelter's other residents. This all resulted in Guzman’s being banned from the shelter for "issues of harassment through manipulative manners"; two years later, Guzman was still writing letters demanding to have a "dialogue" with the woman who wanted nothing to do with him, and insisting the shelter let him back in.

These examples show how Guzman won't accept "no" from females who turn down his advances, and how he is pushy, disrespectful and persistent even when a whole group of adults is demanding he leave them alone. One can just imagine how little respect he would have for the boundaries of a child that he wants to molest, and how persistent and aggressive he would be when victimizing a young girl.

In some of his posts, Guzman even admits that he likes to go after little girls because they are easier to get than adult women. He has also said that he molested his friends’ daughters because they were in the same house and easy to access.

Oscar Scott Guzman has lived in Toronto and Thornhill, Ontario (Canada); he may have also spent time in Mexico and worked as an English teacher there. Wherever he may be, Guzman is a dangerous child molester and a threat to the safety of any young girls he comes in contact with, both online and in real life.

Guzman's own words will now help demonstrate why other people always want him to go away.


What, precisely, did you find so 'sick' in what I said above? That I fingered my little sister? I'm sorry that I don't conform to North America's societal norms, but can you tell me, besides that, what's so terrible about it?

I love people under the age of 18 and don't feel it's necessarily bad to express that love in a sexual way…

Our Investigation

  • Somebody posted to Boychat and Girlchat with the user name "Scott" and "Scott G".
  • Posts were linked to the email address [email protected]
  • This email address was linked to Usenet postings from Scott Guzman aka "Shade"
  • Email address was also linked to Amazon profile for Scott Guzman in Canada - http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile.
  • Header for Scott Guzman's Usenet posts indicated his location was Toronto, Canada. This matched with pedophile board posts from Scott G.
  • Email address [email protected] was linked to personal website of Oscar Scott Guzman.

Online Accounts

Known Websites

Known E-mail Addresses

Last Known Address

Thornhill, Ontario

Additional Quotes

Besides, as has been mentioned before, it has always taken me living with young girls for me to be sexual with them.

But if I must be labelled a 'predator', I'd like to point out that the only 'prey' I 'hunt' is of type that wants to be 'hunted'...there are a fair amount of young girls that are dying to run away from their present predicaments (I certainly know one), so there's no need to 'lure' them at all.

…many adult females want things that I don't generally have….it's easiest to get through the door with adolescents.

...simply because I've made -some- mistakes with young girls doesn't mean that every thing I did sexually with them was a mistake.

“ "I will now admit that I have done some things with minors sexually, but it's been predominantly through the internet. For the few events that actually happened offline (and were not connected in any way to the online world), though, I have admitted to making some mistakes...

I had a rather difficult situation when I was in a live in caretaker situation; my favourite way of teaching this young girl was to basically say she couldn't be near me for x amount of time. But...I ended up deciding that the best solution would have to be to hold her down and get bored enough.. only this didn't quite work either; I found out that she'd rather I was holding her down then not being with me...while she wasn't the type to go off on her own, M, at age 7, there are some young children who might, so in a way, it may have been better that I held her down for this reason as well.

Additional Information

  • Frequents multi-user gaming sites
  • Approaches young teenage girls he meets through online gaming
  • Has spent time in homeless shelters
  • May be unemployed and supported by his parents
  • Will be updated as more information becomes available.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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