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PACM or Pedophiles Against Child Molestation
Referred to as: PACM or Pedophiles Against Child Molestation
Founder: Kaliko Kat
Purpose: A forum for pedophiles to talk about spreading the pedophile propaganda that pedophiles are not harmful to children.
Website Address:
Previous: http://www.glgarden.org/kalikokat/PACM.htm, http://pacm.15.forumer.com, http://neopacmrevolution.com
Organizations: GirlChat, glgarden
"Pedophiles Against Child Molestation" is yet another pedophile campaign with the goal of spreading pedophile propaganda.

PACM would like everyone to believe that pedophiles just love children. That's all. They'd like for you to believe that they're against the molestation of children. But that depends on what your definition of "child molestation" is. It's clearly not the same as theirs. In this article, you will read their manifesto, and you will read their open letter to "Normals" (people who are not pedophiles). Then you will read quotes from the people who are members of this organization, and you will begin to realize what true pedophile propaganda looks like, and how they are trying to legitimize their "cause."

PACM Manifesto

Manifesto of Pedophiles Against Child Molestation (P.A.C.M.)

Dear Reader,

We are Pedophiles Against Child Molestation (PACM). We're a group of concerned, law-abiding child lovers who are tired of being confused for being child molestors. Our romantic and loving attraction to children does not make us monsters... only acting on those feelings would. We are celibate with children by choice for their sake, our own, and because we believe it to be the right thing to do.

I wish to make it known right here for clarity's sake that we of PACM do not always agree. We do agree to be law abiding, but beyond that there is not a lot of agreement. I hope to speak here for myself and give you a general idea of what we are like, by using myself as an example. But really, you should get to know our members (by visiting our forum) for a better look, because nothing is ever cut-and-dry. I can only truly speak for myself here, on all issues save for the "be law abiding" one.

We of PACM wish to remind you that the definition of "child molestor" is "a rapist who preys on children." We believe rape is evil, regardless of what age the victim and perpetrator are. "Pedophile" is defined based on its roots: "pedo" means "child" and "phile" means lover. Between 85% and 90% of child molestors are NOT true pedophiles, because they are situational molestors - meaning they molest merely because the child is simply a placid and naive victim, and NOT because they're attracted romantically to children. Child molestation is more often than not "glorified masturbation" done by otherwise normal heterosexual men. They are NOT truly pedophiles... true pedophiles are child lovers, and child molestors are NOT child lovers. PACM is anti-rape. Even in the instances where a true pedophile succumbs to temptation, it is still illegal. PACM opposes illegal activities, and shuns those who practice them.

We of PACM do NOT support or condone illegal activity, especially molestation. We do NOT condone or support child pornography or those who peddle it. We most definitely do NOT support child slavery for any reason [not even sweat shop labor]. We even sometimes BOYCOTT companies that we know practice this foul practice. (I cannot speak for everyone on this particular issue.) PACM is trying to spread a more positive - a truer - image of what child lovers are, because it's the Truth... but we can't do it if people keep breaking the law. We of PACM do not support these immoral acts. We do NOT support breaking the law.

We child lovers did not choose to be attracted to children... we aged, and the age group we are attracted to did not. Many of us can love adults with the depth and power of most normal people, but our tormented, unattainable longing for minors will always be strong. Life has tried to tempt us many times to molest, and we have staunchly ignored its attempts. EDIT: I should point out here that this makes it sound like we have a hard time controlling ourselves. Some have a harder time with this than others, but most (who I know) who find it difficult largely avoid children. Myself (Kaliko Kat), my love for them so overwhelms the lust that I don't even get "obviously excited" around children.

We of PACM also oppose the demonization of all pedophiles based on the actions of the child molestors. We child lovers are living, breathing, thinking human beings who love, laugh, cry, bleed, and feel pain. We have chosen celibate life because it is the right thing to do, and are more than capable of controlling ourselves. We sometimes have to hide our identities online or keep our thoughts to ourselves for fear of being hated for no good reason, for such hatred often results in us being beaten, harmed, and discriminated against for jobs even though we've done no crime. However, some child lovers have been brave enough to come out about themselves, to give a human face to child love. Some examples of these people can be found amongst the links at the bottom of this message.

We of PACM believe it should be a crime to confuse the criminal for the crime... love the sinner even while you despise the sin, for the sinner is a human. You cannot choose the people you fall in love with, though you can control what you do about it. It is especially important to not pre-judge law-abiding child lovers as being monsters, for we love children deeply. We would never let any harm come to any child, and would sacrifice our lives for the sake of one of these precious angels. We child lovers are not the conniving, sneaking, cunning predators popular media make us out to be... those are the serial rapists/molestors, and they are not true child lovers. As stated above, rapists do not love their victims. Because we love children, we would die before making them victims. We are loving, caring individuals working in whatever way we can for the betterment of mankind and to help make life for children better. We do this through volunteering where we can, working for organizations that help children, or sometimes simply giving platonic love to a child. Many adults nowadays have become so afraid to show their love to their kids, or have kids because they feel it's necessary and don't really love their children, that many of today's children do not know love from adults. This is part of why we child lovers let children know through platonic means that they are loved by us... so at least one adult in their life will do the right thing for them. For a child without love will turn into an adult without love, which can be a very dangerous thing when it's not merely a sorrowful thing.

We of PACM believe that child lovers are NOT sick or damaged in any way. We simply fall in love with children. As stated before, you cannot choose who you fall in love with, though you can choose what to do about that love. We choose to protect and show platonic love to those children our hearts have fallen for.

Many people have become convinced that all touch from adults is bad for children. This is not true. Experiments that have been done with rhesus monkeys have shown that when forced to choose between the touch of an adult [preferably the mother] and food, the baby rhesus monkey chose the touch of the adult. Statistically speaking, countries whose children get more good touch from adults are less violent than those who don't touch their kids as much. We of PACM are concerned that America is becoming a nation of belligerent, angry, bullying, violent, and dangerous people NOT because of violence on television [though that does nothing to help the problem] BUT BECAUSE Americans have become so panic-striken about "good touch" and "bad touch" due to this "pedophile panic" that the definitions of each have gotten confused. We of PACM are concerned that this problem of violence in our culture will only get worse unless good touch is redefined in a non-panicked context and allowed to happen. For it is a sad, sad world when librarians are starting to be told not to hold a child's hand when escorting them to the reading circle.

Children need to be loved. This panic over "bad touch" is unnecessary and ultimately more harmful than the small percentage of molestations. This is not intended to downplay the issue of molestation, however, studies have proven that the majority of molestations are committed by family members, and that these intra-familial offenders are rarely sexually or romantically attracted to the children... they are situational molestors, rapists taking advantage of their children's trust in them. Strangers who molest are a very small percentage, especially in comparison to incest molestations. You would do better to be concerned about your husband or wife being a molestor than a stranger being one. However, do not forget the difference between child lovers and child molestors.

Please open your heart. Feel free to hate molestation, for we of PACM do. However, do not confuse all child lovers for being molestors. A person is not a sinner until he or she has committed a sin. Just because someone fantasizes about something does not mean they will do it.

Other non-pedophiles have opened their hearts to us child lovers and to the truth about us. They, too, support our cause but do not pre-judge us for our desires nor do they hate us for having them. I myself [Kaliko Kat, founder of the PACM] have a middle-aged friend who was molested by her father as a child. She knows that I am a child lover, and knows what that means. She also knows my true heart... she knows that I am a loving, caring, law-abiding citizen; she is still my close friend, and if anything, we have grown closer for this secret being revealed. I also have other friends who are aware of my sexuality, and love me anyway.

We of PACM want to remind you, you cannot choose who you fall in love with, nor can you choose your sexuality. Whether or not you agree with this, we hope you can at least agree that people who love as we do and have committed no crime should not be hated or mistrusted unless we prove ourselves unworthy of trust. And I assure you, if we ever felt we could no longer control ourselves, we would isolate ourselves for the sake of the children we love.

Thank you for your time.

Please take time to visit our web site: http://www.glgarden.org/kalikokat/PACM.htm

"An Open Letter to the "Normals"

Dear Reader,

This is a plea for you to open your mind and your heart. Open your head and throw away your preconceived notions. Don't let words have negative connotations. I would appriciate your unbiased ear. Please read this letter in its entirety.

Once upon a time, homosexuality was considered by most to be a sin beyond sin. But homosexuals fought for and won acceptance from the majority of the Western world. They were brave, standing up to a society that told them constantly that they didn't deserve to live, and treated their sexuality as a sinful choice when it was neither a sin nor a choice.

Now the same thing is happening with another group of people, with another sexuality. A sexuality that was not only accepted at one time but encouraged. A sexuality of which Western civilization is the only civilization to not accept it. Even as long ago as the early 1900s it was still common. Only in the last 60 or 70 years has it really begun to be discouraged, and as a result there are more problems than there were before.

What do I mean? I will tell you:

I am a pedophile. I am not a monster. I do not prey on children. I do not rape children, I do not touch children in inappropriate ways. I do not act in an unseemly manner towards children. I do not have a job or hobbies that put me in close proximity to children. I am not sick, I do not need mental help. I do deserve to live, to exist.

My pedophilia is an inborn sexuality, not a choice. I was not molested nor abused as a child, nor did any adults or other older people ever act in an unseemly manner towards me. If there was a cause to my "condition," it was in the womb, where your sexuality was decided.

I am not just a pedophile. I can have normal sexual relations with adults. I am not attracted to all children any more than you are attracted to all members of your sexual preference. Nor am I attracted to children of either sex. I may be bisexual in regards to my relations with adults, but where my pedophilia is concerned, I am attracted mainly to young girls from between the ages of seven and 14. I have no attraction whatsoever to little boys. I do not desire boys.

My attraction to children is not just sexual, either, as I am a romantic at heart. I am attracted to little girls who, to me, have beauty, dignity, grace, charm, a good sense of humor, intelligence, maturity, a strong will, strong opinions, and general strenth of charecter. Just as in my relations with adults, I do not want weak-minded, weak-willed fuddy-duddies with the intelligence of a jelly doughnut. Not all children are mature enough and open minded enough to accept me and love me for all that I am. I have no more desire for close-minded idiotic children than I do for close-minded idiotic adults.

I am not a sexual deviant, a pervert, or a sex-crazed fiend. I am capable of completely platonic relationships with young girls and other children. I have several friends who are young teens or children, and they suspect nothing of my sexuality, for I have never given them any reason to suspect I am anything but normal. I have never flirted with them. I have never asked for their real names or where they live, nor for any clues as to their location. I have never lied to them about my age, nor about my appearance or what kind of life I have. I am always completely honest and respectful to them. If they asked me if I were a pedophile, I would be honest with them. I do not mention this to them, though, for the same reason I do not go around telling everyone else I meet what I am... for the simple reason that they would hear the word pedophile and begin making assumptions, become uncomfortable with me, disown me, and maybe even denounce me.

I am in no way a monster or a fiend. I do not look up child pornography, and never have, for it is highly unlikely that any of those pictures were taken with the informed consent of the children involved. I would kill myself before harming a child in any way, for children [even the ones I am not attracted to] are sacred, and it would be a blasphemy to harm a child. I am disgusted and angered at people who would harm children by rape or other forms of violence, for the dual reason of the blasphemy of the actions and their giving all pedophiles bad names by association. I am a true pedophile, pedo meaning child and phile meaning love, and for this reason I believe the rape and/or murder of a child is a crime worthy of long and painful torture, and death.

My pedophilia is not a choice, it is not a sin, and it is not a sickness. I have chosen to obey all of society's laws out of respect and love for the children I love more than for my own safety or comfort. Do you honestly think I would choose a lifestyle in which discovery of my sexuality would get me forever ostracized or worse? To imply such a sexuality is a choice is lunacy. To imply that pedophilia is a sickness is the same as saying that homosexuality or heterosexuality are sicknesses. Furthermore, how can it be a sickness or insanity if it does not drive me to do anything illegal?

I have spoken here honestly. I hope that I've given you something to think about. I hope you've come out of the reading of this with a little more compassion and understanding. If not, well, I will accept that. At least I tried.

I also hope that one day society will change its mind back to the way it was before Western civilization and psychology began this vicious cycle of illogical hatred and misunderstanding. I hope that this will happen, if not for the good of all the decent people who happen to be pedophiles, then for the good of the children whose whole lives are being ruined from all directions by this repression. Thank you, and please have a nice day.

Sincerely, Kaliko Kat

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Denying a child's sexuality can be just as harmful as forcing it. That's kind of where lots of my issues come from...

And abuse is still a totally different thing from consent by nature, no matter what the age... Even though consentual sex can STILL be harmful for children, this is perhaps more a product of the society we live in than anything natural...


This will be a very quick post that I'll add more to later. With the situation between me and my "girlfriend", I've done some thinking. Society really needs to change the way they use the world molestation and replace it with another word for kids that aren't FORCED to do anything and there's mutual consent.


It's called fondling, but since society thinks it's impossible for her to want it they call it molestation.


there we go laugh.gif more needs to be changed than just the semantics of all this...

Because child adult relationships are illegal however, there's no word for a good sort of it laugh.gif

I call it "lovin' up", but lets shorten it to love

QUOTE (Muffseigh @ March 31, 2007 07:24 am)

And I'm not saying all newborns are sex maniacs.

...sure they are. why else would anyone cry so much laugh.gif

In this society (well, the society that I live in, being America) I think that the sexual act itself isn't wrong per se... but regardless of the good intentions, in a culture that villainizes sexual contact with minors, it can create a lot of issues.


Fingering A Minor. Kiddy-fiddling. Adult/child sexual relations.

...my personal take on it. (Not the executive decision of PACM)

It happens. It happens all the time. Not as frequently as let's say, teen/teen sex, but it's got to be out there. Sometimes consensual, sometimes not.

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