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Founder: Rookiee
Purpose: To spread pedophile propaganda on the internet in the form of a web blog.
Website Address:
Previous: http://theboyloveblog.blogspot.com
Paiderastia was a web blog that was created and run by Rookiee and other pedophiles he selected to co-author the blogs. After two failed attempts to keep the blogs active, Paiderastia is now defunct.

Paiderastia was a blog project which was created by a well-known pedophile named Rookiee and was intended to be used as yet another forum for using the internet to spread pedophilic propaganda.


PART I: "Paiderastia": The Boy Love Revival

Rookiee enlisted the help of other pedophiles to co-author the Paiderastia blogging project. It was hosted on Google's free blogging service, Blogger.com, but the pressure was beginning to mount when Stacy Harp, an anti-pedophile activist, discovered the blog and called for the public to contact Google to complain, after her own efforts to call attention to the blog went virtually ignored. Harp then went to the media, [1] and Rookiee began to shake in his boots. He immediately started deleting entries to his blog and removed his name from the list of contributors. In March of 2006, Rookiee deleted the entire blog, but it wouldn't be the last the internet community would hear of it's existence.

PART II: "Paiderastia": Take Two

By April of 2006, Rookiee decided to bring back the Paiderastia blog, and once again, he would create the blog on Google's free blogging service. Adding new contributors to the site, Rookiee was more determined than ever to spread pedophile propaganda via the internet. By the fall of 2006, Rookiee would find that all of his propaganda efforts were being targetted at every turn. Perverted-Justice had launched a massive campaign [2] to pressure companies which hosted Rookiee's blogs, podcasts, videos, and more. Rookiee was fighting a losing battle against Perverted-Justice's Corporate Sex Offender campaign. By December Perverted-Justice outted Rookiee, posting his real identity and information on the front page of the website. Rookiee then deleted his blogs and has not made another attempt to revive Paiderastia...yet.

Blog Contributors

Paiderastia: The Boy Love Revival

Paiderastia: Take Two


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Blog Archives

An archive of the majority of the Paiderastia blogs have been recreated at Optymyst on Blogspot, including screen captures and other information.

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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