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Age: 27
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: White
Occupation: Nurse
Location: Charlotte, NC
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: TeenBoysWorld
partiboi26 is the CEO and founder of TeenBoysWorld, which is pedophile forum for boy lovers. The forum gives off the appearance of being intended to offer support and socialization for gay teens, but that is far from the actual truth.
partiboi26's signature image

partiboi26 is the self proclaimed "CEO" of TeenBoysWorld, a pedophile forum for those who are attracted primarily to teenaged boys. The forum gives off the appearance of providing support and socialization for gay teenagers. While there are indeed many teenaged members of the forums, there are also many older, adult, members. A good look at the topics in the forums shows that the site is clearly intended for pedophiles. The forum does not have it's own domain and is hosted on a free forums site.

partiboi26 claims that his AoA is to boys from 11 years old and up, but states that it can sometimes be as young as 9 year old children. He says that he prefers caucasion boys with dark hair and light colored eyes. He also likes for his young friends to have a petite build and a toned body. partiboi26 states that he knew he was gay around the age of 7-8 years old, and knew that he liked younger boys by the time he was 11.

partiboi26 is interested in video games, hiking, biking, swimming and camping, and has met several other boylovers in real life whom he had first met over the internet. He is obsessed with child actor Randy Shelly, calling him his "baby" when he posts about him in the forums.

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  • Partiboi26 Was an only child until the age of 15, when he gained 2 step sisters
  • Has a nephew born February 2006, who he mentions periodically.
  • He had a friend named Bobby who committed suicide in July 2004, then had a cousin who overdosed in December 2006.

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