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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Patrick Kelly
Age: 69
Birthdate: August 12, 1950
Location: Unknown at this time; possibly in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; previous addresses in Toronto,Venice (Los Angeles), Florida, Bangkok (Thailand)
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: LogicalReality.com, Newgon.com, possibly Thomas Frank White
Owner of LogicalReality.com (former pro-pedophile forum, currently a porn site) and pro-child sex activist who aggressively sought to legalize child pornography.

Patrick "Pat" Kelly is the owner and administrator of LogicalReality.com (formerly a discussion board focused on pro-pedophilia themes, currently a porn site), and an 'activist' who supported and aggressively promoted the legalization of child pornography. Kelly is also possibly associated with Thomas Frank White, the San Francisco businessman who was convicted for raping young boys in Mexico and suspected of using his victims for child pornography.

Pat Kelly's long-term involvement in child pornography is evident through many years of Internet activity, including 1996 involvement with newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.pre-teen, his 1997 newsgroup distribution of photos showing a 6-year old boy being raped by an adult man, and many postings on Usenet and various discussion boards including his own. As Logical Reality's administrator, he aggressively promoted his pro-child porn agenda through 'articles' and discussions on his website, and also by other actions which included writing letters to Michael Jackson's attorneys, attempting to enlist the support of CNN and other mainstream media sources, and seeking to hire attorneys for his planned legal challenge of current child pornography laws (all of whom either ignored him, or refused and told him off.) He was also soliciting donations to fund an intended future project RealityKids.com, which would be a website directed at young children with the purpose of encouraging them to have sex with adults.

Kelly pretended that his motivation was the best interest of children; attempting to support this premise with completely unsubstantiated and untrue claims that the laws prohibiting child pornography are harmful to children, and that many kids commit suicide every day because they can't legally participate in child pornography. However, Kelly's real agenda was obvious - he was concerned that he might get arrested for child pornography, but rather than choosing to just remove himself from any involvement with child porn, he was attempting to remove the laws against it instead.

At one point, Kelly's LogicalReality.com board was disabled and replaced with a notice that the forum was under criminal investigation due to involvement in eight child murders. Who really altered the website with this message and their reasons for doing so are unknown at this time.

Kelly has spent time in Thailand, along with camera and video production/editing equipment that he sold before leaving the country and returning to the U.S. One can only speculate on the reason why a pro-child porn advocate in a high-child sex trafficking area would not want to bring his video equipment through U.S. Customs inspection.

Kelly appears to have suddenly gone underground in late 2004 or 2005, dismantling his discussion board and abandoning his plan of filing a California District Court legal action to challenge child pornography laws. The reasons for his abrupt disappearance, and his whereabouts now, are still unknown; however, the timing coincides with Thomas Frank White's legal trouble. It is unlikely that someone so avid about child pornography would suddenly just lose interest; which is why Patrick Kelly remains a dangerous threat to any children he may be around.

Kelly has been known to spend time in Mexico, Thailand, Canada and Southern California. He may have grown up in the Philadelphia area, may have previously resided in Michigan and in Florida, and has used addresses in Bangkok and in Toronto. He is possibly in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which is a major child sex trafficking area and also near the prison where Thomas Frank White is now incarcerated.


I have tasted and felt the sensations of having a child's penis in my mouth. I have licked a young hairless vagina and sensed pleasure within the body movements of my very willing sex partner. I have had sex with several children and the memories of these episodes are forever etched into my mind.

But how can you represent children if you are not willing or able to recognize a fundamental reality of childhood, which just so happens to include the very real needs children have to explore their sexuality with practically anyone who shows an interest?

My contention is that just because a picture depicts children engaged in sexual behavior there is no reasonable basis to assume all sexual behavior involving children is a form of abuse or a visual record of harm being done to a child. Laws that define any and all images of children engaged in sexual behavior as illegal with severe penalties are overbroad and fail to take into account the fact that most pictures now defined as child pornography show children smiling and clearly enjoying themselves. Here are some other reason I believe child pornography laws could be successfully challenged:

Existing child pornography laws have a wide ranging chilling effect upon the ability of children to respond in a normal fashion to their natural sex drives which can be reasonably extrapolated to mean it also has negative psychological effects upon children. I believe much evidence is available that can substantiate not only the fact of harm but the degree of harm to children and their families directly attributable to child pornography laws.

Of all the child pornography I have seen, with very few exceptions the children appear happy, unrestrained and in fact seem to be enjoying themselves without any signs of trauma.

The ban on child pornography harms children through extending the degree of conflict between the inner reality of childhood sexuality and the social views towards childhood sexuality. Social views on childhood sexuality have become so extreme and irrational; many have come to deny that childhood sexuality even exists. The ban on child pornography increases the terror children experience towards sex causing them to hide, deny, repress and distort their sexuality.

We have in our minds a very distinct connection between pornography and many negative concepts such as perversion or child abuse. Though these associations may seem very natural and have a ring of common sense to us, the fact is there is nothing natural or even logical about such ideas. We have simply learned at a gut level to feel this way towards pornography and especially child pornography. But these feelings have no real basis in reality and pictures showing children enjoying their sexuality are actually no different from pictures showing Johnny skating with friends. Both frequently contain the exact same smiling faces.

Our Investigation

Pat Kelly was already known to the public through his website and his other past actions promoting child pornography.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Pkelly
  • PatKelly
  • Patrick James Kelly
  • Patrick Kelly

Known E-mail Addresses


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

80 Windward Avenue
Venice, CA 90291-4102

Previous Address

PO Box 64
Hua Mak Post Office
Bangkok 10243 Thailand

2-1091 St. Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON M6E1A8 Canada

1323 Sze and 1323 17th St
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

Last Known Phone Number

1 416 936 3217

Previous Number


Previous Number

01-171-5828 (Thailand)

Additional Quotes

It seems that in virtually all cases of adult-child sex where there is no force and the child is unaware of strong social opposition to such behavior, children are not negatively affected by the experience. From a child's perspective, engaging in sex with someone much older generally amounts to little more than the child enjoying all the new attention. For most children, the experience is not much different than any other new and untried adventure they often encounter in their young lives. It's exciting, different, sexually arousing and for the most part enjoyable. It is far from anything the child would view as traumatic and certainly not something the child would see as some type of physical assault against them.

But it seems to me that part of the problem with all this pedophilia and child sex stuff can be traced back to the fact many females have eaten themselves so far out of sexual attractiveness that you now feel threatened and are actually competing with children for the affection of males. From this perspective the alleged desire to protect children from sex might actually have more to do with protecting your position within the family against those you view as a threat to your femininity if not potential competition.

Additional Information

  • May have worked as a news photographer and/or camera man
  • May have worked in the field of video editing and production
  • May have owned one or more retail computer stores
  • May have been involved in work related to children's residential psychiatric care

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