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Pedophile Violent/Death Threats
Purpose: Pedophiles attempting to intimidate others
Website Address:
Pedophiles attempt to portray themselves as harmless "childlovers" but this is a public front for angry individuals who make threats of death and violence against others who do not support pedophilia.

Pedophiles will try to present themselves as misunderstood, benevolent individuals who only want to love and would never cause harm to children. They claim that the public's perception of them as predatory molesters is incorrect; that they are actually "kind, loving, and courageous men who have given over their lives to the love, nurture and mentoring of boys", "a loving mentor (gardener) who is willing to carefully fertilize and tend to the growth of the emotions, spirit and intellectual flora of the garden of a child's soul", and so on; however, looking past this public façade will reveal manipulative, narcissistic individuals who are angry over being denied the freedom to sexually abuse children.

The use of intimidation and threats is one classic method through which pedophiles gain compliance from, maintain control over and ensure the silence of the children they victimize. They also frequently try to bully adults who interfere with their pro-pedophile agenda; making threats of violence and/or death toward various people and other child safety advocate groups, law enforcement officers and NBC news reporter Chris Hansen, as well as threatening to launch terrorist-style attacks on the general public.

If pedophiles are making these kind of threatening statements toward other adults, one can only imagine what they might be saying in order to manipulate vulnerable children.


The following quotes are only a few examples of numerous violent and/or death threats posted by pedophiles on various discussion boards. Again, keep in mind the one real reason for their anger: not being allowed the freedom to molest children.

From BoyChat member Santi, a perpetual ray of sunshine who demonstrates his benevolence through numerous posts such as these:

If you kill an anti [Pedospeak term for child safety activist and others who do not support child rape], you are at most guilty of poaching or animal cruelty, and even that is wrong, as animals are not inferior beings. Antis, on the other hand, should be terminated alltogether without even minor considerations about broken rules or ethics.

In all means antis are good for nothing, so terminating them for eugenics purposes or just for the sake of fun is something good. And the termination should include all their family members (regardless of the age and gender), if the aim is to dissapear their cursed presence in the planet.

From BoyChat member Xanadu:

I've said it before, and it's quoted on my Wikisposure page. If any anti even comes with in spitting distance of me, they will be dead. They will no longer live. I will fucking kill them. So if they want to stay alive they can leave me alone.

That's not a threat. It's a promise.

From BoyChat member Bill Evans:

I have on occasions wondered what would be the likely result of filling the stormwater drains of any major city with a tankerload of gasoline and dropping in a match... or even just waiting for some other fool to provide the spark...

From infamous GirlChat pedophile Jack McClellan:

I wish we could change our lot through peaceful means alone such as the Internet and media appearances, but this experience has taught me that it might take some of us physically fighting back and possibly putting some of these haters and antis in the hospital or morgue before we're finally taken seriously and treated with respect.

From Holokittynx, an associate of Lindsay Ashford:

As far as I'm concerned the next two steps in this struggle should be: anonymous info-jamming with things like pamphlets and hacking, and violent retaliation against anti-peds later on.

As far as I'm concerned if you are on the PJ bandwagon you should die.

There is a point at which I'll kill LEOs, and I won't think about justification. I'm not there yet, but it could come quickly.

From GirlChat member Trucker:

There are plenty of truckers who'd love to tie those guys on both ends to the DOT bumpers and hit 10th gear. And nobody would ever find them again. I discovered that truckers can be like that if needed.

More from the BoyChat member Santi:

I had a dream, where I saw a BL busted in a Dateline "To Catch a Predator". The BL [pedophile] arrived prepared, that is, different from the usual poor saps that get busted in the program.

I had a dream, and while Hanson started to humiliate him, the BL took out a gun and shot the whole load on Hanson's lower face, precisely skipping the middle line and upper portions, to destroy without killing. You know, to allow Barbara Walters to cry in the interview that would take place as soon as the monster was in conditions to talk, after a year or so of semifailed reconstructive surgery.

The crew got wild and the Stasi members tried to get inside the home, while the BL, in a amusing rampage, chased all them and shot them down, trying this time to produce as many mortal wounds as possible.

I had a dream, and in it the BL got inside the room where the Peej team was. The extreme nature of the lacerations produced with a saw and a knife forbid me for describing them. Maimed and bubbling, they were soaked in gasoline.

The charred corpses smelled as inciense.

The dream continued, and at the end the BL used a mallet to smash the heads of those members of the crew that survived.

Santi also advocates that pedophiles should seek revenge on any child victims who tell on them. It is frightening to think of children being anywhere near this man.

What I meant is to take revenge against the boy Oh yes, you read it right and I did not make mistakes: to take revenge against the boy. To make him to pay for what he did.

From BoyChat member Nickless:

If someone, anyone, friend or foe, tries to destroy my life because I love boys, I will give up my quiet 'normal' life and become a cold-blooded hunter. I will be patient, I will be rational, I will be ruthless, and I will hunt that person or persons down as my last and only goal in life, and I will avenge with extreme prejudice.

Apparently, Nickless' idea of ruthless cold-blooded hunting was to launch a metaphysical assault on NBC reporter Chris Hansen:

I will not rehash all the reasons why we cannot change the world to our liking. I will not state the obvious. No, I'm going to try something a little different tonight. I'm going to reach back into my past and pull forward a little trick that I will share with you, and if it works, will utterly destroy Chris Hansen. Interested? I thought so.

The idea behind this little trick is that the key lever behind history's most momentous events is nothing more than a perfectly random, chaotic act. Think of it as a directed "butterfly effect", the theory that a butterfly flapping it's wings in Kansas can set a series of events in motion that results in a killing storm in China... only directed at a target.

Let's pick Chris Hansen as our initial target, and if it works on him we can move on to others.

I'm going to create a mental picture of Chris Hansen's demise, and I'm going to ask that you do the same. This simple act, if executed properly, will have interesting consequences. To be "executed properly", the act must be:

1. Completely pointless (for example, digging a hole only to fill it up again)

2. Self-conscious without embarrassment (you must be fully aware of and accepting of the pointlessness of the act, and comfortable with that fact)

3. Tied to detailed mental imaging (prior to the pointless act, you imagine, without wanting or desperation, the detailed scenario that you will to happen)

4. Discardable (Once finished, you walk away from the act, having no emotional investment, and no worries or concerns about the ultimate outcome)

Some may label this as "mysticism", but I prefer to think that the universe is completely unknowable, and we still cannot answer how a universe behaves as a single thing consisting of infinitesimal parts interacting through "forces", or "actions at a distance". By performing our little "trick", we change the sequence of the universe, and consciousness (whatever that is) acts on the universe in infinitesimal and chaotic ways that somehow nudges the universe in the direction of our will.

What is cool about this little trick is that you don't even have to believe that it will work, all you have to do is DO IT!

So, think of Chris Hansen's financial ruin, terminal illness, maiming, or even death in excruciating detail -- without gloating or longing, dispassionately, as if it were real, then set up and implement your pointless act as the physical expression of your imagining, then walk away from both the imagining and the pointless act without caring or expecting any particular outcome.

I will preempt and redirect all negative and critical responses to this post as just more negativity to be heaped upon Chris Hansen's dire fate, hehe.

So take your time, think about it, set up the act, and execute...

Such is the power of the powerless.

Heh, a perving act of powerlessness...

We can then check back in a few weeks to see how Mr. Hansen is faring.

So here goes............


More deep and intelligent thoughts from the master of constructive posts, Santi. One can only imagine (in nightmares) how 'beneficial' it would be for any child to have this so-called boylover around.

I laugh at the victims of sexual abuse

Posted by Santi on 2008-May-22 20:45:41, Thursday

Not the real ones, of course, but I refer to all those twitching vaginas that claim they were abuse as girls, or the poor faggots that come with the "I am a loser because my teacher touched my microdick when I was eight".

Only in a society rotten to the bone and in deep decadence somebody would have sympathy for these maggots.

They didn't even experience abuse, in most cases! But they know that if they say that, they can justify the failures their lives are, and gain a little sympathy from the usual morons.

They really live daily hells, and although that amuses me indeed, at the end they are great for projecting their own misery around. That is why I consider all them should be put to sleep, for ending their suffering and the annoyance they create.

Imagine the solitude, despair and hate that thrives in their rotten bodies. Bullied in elementary and middle schools, despised by everybody, never invited to the parties, left aside always, unsuccessful at jobs, with poor relations, failed marriages and losers in all senses. Fat, ugly, horrible bodies, bad genes, bad education... that doesn't help! One of them calls herself "the voice of the children" and she isn't, but for sure she is "the howl of loneliness".

Again, with the so called sexual abuse they suffered they try to justify not only the decay of their lives, but also the obsession they have with a subject that usually is not even a concern for those who really suffered abuse. Normal people, even if they were sexually abused, move on, find something good in life, get friends, go to parties, to the movies or contribute in a positive way, but these poor saps just can dwell in the same and the same and the same again. They want us to dissapear, but I am sure that if we dissapeared from this world, they would die of sadness, as we are the only exciting they have in their miseries.

Please don't get me wrong. I really love, enjoy and celebrate their suffering. I would like it to be ten thousands worst, but what I don't like is the fact that they manage to ruin the life of so many people. And it is the horrible underdevelopment of the Axis of Evil the thing that allows them to thrive. In Mexico, Lydia Cacho thought high of her, after exposing one big network of child sexual abuse in Cancun. Cacho is today almost forgotten. Had he turned into a sort of echols, von shit or similar, she would be already dead.

It is really sad they don't come for a little holiday here, to be butchered in a lonely beach.

More from Santi, who has a grandiose self-image and a nefarious plan to "out" people who disagree with pedophilia. Apparently, he is too delusional to realize that almost all people disagree with pedophilia (other than a few sick exceptions like himself); and that being 'anti-pedophile' is not something anyone usually tries to hide.

Disclosing anti [pedospeak name for child safety activist] information is an ethical dilemma

Posted by Santi on 2008-May-22 01:19:30, Thursday

...for some morons and low lifes, but not for me. When you are ready or in the mood, contact me, and I will start to actively disclose it in so many sites and places, that they won't be able to fight it back.

And of course most are poor, as most are just underachievers, not good for even lick the floor I step on. These animals were born to be abused and destroyed, and any imbecil that disagrees deserves not only contempt, but maybe the same treatment as of course he is an accomplice of the antis.

I imagine most of that inferior filth is gringo, but at least I am aware of one fucking spic that has skipped several attempts to get it. As most losers, he is lose.


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