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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

George Sonny Hoffman
Age: 69 (Approximately)
Birthdate: 1950
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: 'Writer'
Location: Denton, Texas, United States
Physical Description:
Weight: 'Some extra baggage'
Individuals: Tom Arthur
Pedophile Websites: MrDouble.com
George Hoffman writes sadistic stories for pedophiles about children being tortured and raped.
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George Sonny Hoffman
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George Sonny Hoffman
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George Sonny Hoffman

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George Sonny Hoffman AKA Phil Phantom has maintained a website since 2000, where he publishes 'erotic' stories for pedophiles about children being violently sexually abused and tortured. Reoccurring themes to Hoffman's stories include incest, sadistic sexual violence and a fixation with rape, all involving children. They provide an insight into the fantasies of a pedophile sadist, who derives immense sexual pleasure from the thought of children suffering intolerable cruelty.


The following excerpts were taken from a story where the protagonist, 'Catherine,' is a 15 year old girl being sadistically sexually abused:

"John returned to the four men in compartment five, took his seat, and announced, "Gentlemen, fortune has smiled upon us. The good Lord has come through and answered our prayers. We are about to be joined by a vision of loveliness the likes of which you've never seen. She's fifteen, alone in my charge, on her way to Glory, and so are we."

Marve Porter, a middle-aged dry goods clerk on his way to Saint Louis said, "What gives, Reverend?"

"You'll see, but to make this journey interesting, you gentlemen follow my lead. Do any of you have qualms about tickling the fancy of a minor?"

Harvey Greenglass, a reporter going west, sat forward and said, "Not one damn bit, Reverend. You lead, I'll follow."

Blake Edwards, an attorney returning to Indianapolis, said, "Have you been given guardianship?"

"Absolute and unrestricted authorization to guide and discipline as I see fit. The child will verify that."

"If she does, I will support you--in court if need be. I am curious, though, her mother didn't seem the type to grant you the type of liberties you are alluding to."

"Yeah, well her mother has her own kinks. I practically molested the kid right in front of her. She didn't say a word about that, and I dare say I could have slipped the kid some pork and she would have still remained quiet. That bitch is one big bundle of repressed sexuality, just waiting to blow. It's just too bad she didn't come along. I guarantee, this train ride would have proved most interesting.""

"Blake took John's place. John got on his knees before Catherine and angled his hard cock to her open vagina. Sweat beaded on Catherine's brow as she watched the purple head moving closer to her hole. The contact made her flinch. "Having second thoughts?"

"No. I want to get fucked, but I am a little scared. You're so big. Will it hurt?"

"Yes, but the pleasure that follows should compensate." He shoved, and the head plowed her lips open, sinking in past her cuntal ring. Catherine grimaced and drew in a sharp breath.

"That wasn't the pain. Try to relax." He pushed gently, and slowly gained two more inches of entry. She grimaced tighter, gritting her teeth. He gained another inch and felt the resistance of her hymen. "Are you ready? This will hurt, but it won't hurt for long.""

""Yes, Catherine, accept it. I told you before, you are a sex slave. It doesn't matter what you want, at least, not to your master. As long as you have a master, I have one, too. Do you think I am enjoying this? Is that what you think, that I like saying filthy words, that I like hearing about the sex he is having with my only child, my baby girl? Am I some kind of monster in your eyes, just because I will do anything at all to save your soul?""

""Mommy, I'm dying. They are killing me. I can't go on. I want to die. They hurt me so badly, Mommy."

"I know, sweetheart. They enjoy hurting you, don't they?"

"Yes, they love making me scream and cry."

"And I'm sure you scream and cry a great deal. You never were very brave about pain. I wish there were some way I could ease your suffering, but there isn't. I can't kiss it and make it go away, especially not if they're hurting you where I think they are. Mommy's can't kiss their little girl's cunnies, now can they? That is where they like to hurt you the most, isn't it?"

"Yes, Mommy. They torture my pussy. My pussy is so sore and swollen, all cut up and bloody. They pinch my clit in pliers and twist till I scream my guts out."

"That must hurt dreadfully. What else do they do to your poor little pussy?"

Catherine cupped the mouthpiece and said to John, "My god, she's getting off on my torture."

John said, "Then give her something to get off on."

"Catherine. Speak to me."

"I'm sorry, Mother. He pulled on my clit and the pain made me suck in my breath."

"I'll bet your poor little clitty is sore, isn't it, baby?"

"Yes. They stick needles deep into it. Sometimes, my clit looks like a pin cushion."

"I'll bet they like to fuck you with those needles in your clit. Do they, Catherine? Do they fuck you with those needles in your clit?""

"Yes, Mommy, and my pussy lips too. The pain makes me pass out."

"I'm not surprised, but I'll bet you don't pass out right away. You feel those needles getting jammed deeper into your cunt, don't you?"

"Yes, and it is awful pain, Mommy."

"Do they ever burn your pussy or your tits?"

"Sometimes, but they don't want blisters or ugly scars. Still, they can burn my pussy in many ways that won't make a blister. They heat up knives and spoons in hot water. They melt wax on my pussy. They put burning cigars very close until the surface begins to sear."

"What about your tits, Catherine? What do they do to your tits?"

"Terrible things."

"What exactly?"

"They pull my nipples with pliers, stick long needles through my tittie flesh; they whip them, smash them in big clamps, and they put their cigars out on them."

"What do your tits look like now, Catherine?"

"They look awful, all cut up and swollen with big blisters from the cigars. My nipples look like dried mince meat. It's awful what they do to me, and the reverend is the worst."

"What does he like to do, Catherine?"

"He likes to put strong clamps with teeth on my clit and pussy lips, then lead me around on a string tied to the one on my clit. I'm wearing one right now, and...Ahhhhhhh! Oh, Jesus! Please, don't yank. Please!"

Annabelle said, "He pulled the string, didn't he?"

Catherine was crying from another slap, and said, "Yes! I want to die, Mommy. Tell Jesus to take me."

"Catherine, you calm down! Stop acting like a baby. Jesus will take you when he's good and ready. Do not, I repeat, do not ever think about taking your own life. Suicide is a straight ticket to Hell. If you think you are suffering now, take your life. You'll see you had it easy. Catherine, be brave. Endure. You must. Suffering is the path to salvation, and you should welcome the pain. Don't expect any sympathy from me. If you ask me, the reverend is being too easy on you. A whore's life should be one of suffering and torture."

"Mother, how can you say that after what I've told you?"

"I can say that because that's how I feel. Whores should suffer on Earth and burn in Hell. The fact that you are my daughter makes no difference. Right now, you are a whore. I want you to suffer, and if you should die a whore, I hope you burn in Hell. You must earn your freedom in order to earn forgiveness and salvation. If you fail, it's your own fault. I am doing all I can to win your ultimate freedom and salvation; but in the meantime, while you are a whore, you will get no sympathy from me. Now that you know where I stand on the subject, maybe you'll stop your pathetic whimpering and trying to play on my sympathies. Put the reverend on.""

Our Investigation

  • Domain records associated with Phil Phantom's website contained details which revealed his identity.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Phil Phantom
  • Hurricane Man
  • George Hoffman

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address


141 Hikina Ct #102
Wahiawa, HI 96786


Phil Phantom Enterprises
30227 Chihuahua Valley Rd.
Warner Springs , CA 92086

Last Known Phone Number


909 767-9800

Additional Quotes

The following excerpts were taken from another story which is told in the first person of a girl being sexually abused by her parents:

"In my early teen years, we never actually fucked. We did have intercourse, though. This was accomplished, supposedly, while I slept or took naps. Several times each week, they'd come creeping into my room and uncover me. Mom would talk him through positioning me, then guide his every action until he had his thin cock buried to the balls. Taking my virginity took them over an hour from the time his cock touched my pussy until my hymen ripped. Trying to pretend to sleep through that was a real challenge. I not only had to hide the pain, I had to hide the intense excitement I experienced with the first feel of a real penis inside me"

"They did do one thing that bothered me a great deal when it first happened. They liked getting Daddy's semen in my pussy. If he ever came on my body, Mom would insist that he scoop up the semen with his finger and put in inside me. Eventually, he learned how to ejaculate inside me by either jerking off with a few inches inside me, or jerking off on the outside, then sending his cock all the way in as he climaxed. "

"Eventually, I got the best of both worlds. Mom had gone off on an all day shopping spree, leaving me with Dad and Mark. They got horny, because in my ninth month, mom, my good Mom, forbade me to wear any clothes, ever. This was to humiliate me. I was also forced to show my spread beaver at all times. Walking was the only time my knees got near each other. Consequently, I made the guys horny. They took matters into their own hands and raped my repeatedly, even tying me down to do it. I struggled and fought, just for appearances sake. It was a divine raping, just as I'd always wanted. After that, it was rape, rape, rape, whenever Mom's back was turned."

Additional Information

  • Fancies himself as a "violent weather nut" or "storm chaser."

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