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Terrell "Terry" Bogen Pittman
Age: 49
Birthdate: November 19, 1970
Occupation: Teacher
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyHome, BLU
Terry Pittman is a nudist who also is an admitted "boylover" pedophile.

Phillydude32 AKA Terry Pittman is a nudist from Pennsylvania who not only enjoys chatting online with youth naturalists, but he also happens to be an admitted "boylover" pedophile who frequents online pedophile forums as well.

Terry Pittman is not only a pedophile, he is also a teacher of elementary students with hearing impairments. A deaf man himself, Terry is able to speak and read lips. He states that not only is he a teacher, but he has a desire to serve as a foster parent to children as well. In 2004 however, he was accused of accosting a kindergarten student in the boys restroom of the school where Pittman was teaching. When confronted with the charge, Pittman admitted guilt and resigned his position[1]. It is not known as to whether formal charges were ever filed against Pittman, but clearly he is a danger to any child with whom he has contact, especially with him being in a position of trust.

Pittman is known to be an active member of at least two pedophile web sites, and also posts to newsgroups where he has requested information on obtaining free child pornography. He posts to a nudist forum as well, which has a youth section that he frequents, giving out his Yahoo and AOL instant messenger contact information. He states that he enjoys chatting because he's deaf, however one must wonder what other motives he has in mind when giving his contact information to teens who post in the forums.


Hi..I'm fairly new to this. My questions are:

1) The ng's I've gotten for pics of boys contains words like pictures, boys, erotica, etc. I would have never known about alt.fan.john till someone mentioned it in one of the ng's. That made me wonder if there are other ng's for boylovers that are not obvious such as alt.fan.john. Can someone tell me other ng's I can subscribe to that does not contain obvious words?

2) Is there a ng that has pics/movies of boys/girls together?

Yes I teach deaf elementary students. Mind you, it is not easy! I just thought of this, what if the school was a nudist one and everyone was nude for education. Will that be distracting or motivate them to learn? Something to ponder about, smile.

Our Investigation

  • Pittman was seen posting on the BoyHome Website as "BoysRus". His profile provided an e-mail address and other contact information.
  • Searches conducted using his e-mail address and contact information lead to a nudist forum in which he posted as "NudistPA". He stated that he lived in Philadelphia and listed the same contact information as he had in his BoyHome profile.
  • Posts that Pittman made in the nudist forum revealed that he was deaf, a teacher, from Harrisburg, PA and his date of birth.
  • Further searching of Pittman's information revealed an online article regarding the accusation of his having accosted a kindergarten student in PA.
  • Our investigation into this individual is ongoing. We will update this article with any further information once it has been confirmed.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • BoysRus
  • phillydude32
  • tbpittman
  • tbpittman2
  • NudistPA
  • everwoodfan1
  • YIM: phillydude32
  • YIM: everwoodfan1
  • AIM: tbpittman
  • AIM: tbpittman2

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

  • BoyHome
  • BLU

Last Known Address

Pittman states that he is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, however a complete street address and telephone contact for him is currently not known.

Additional Quotes

Bottom line: the earlier you tell your kids when they're younger, the better reaction you'll get. My problem is that I plan to do foster care and can't bring discuss or act on nudism. Oh well..

Additional Information

  • Enjoys movies, water parks, amusement parks. Also into fitness/weightlifting.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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