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Lindsey Christine
Age: 31
Birthdate: March 5, 1988
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Student
Location: Chapin, Illinois
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Brown
Other: Prominent scar on forehead; sword tattoo on back; has either a piercing or mole on her left nostril
Organizations: Blogger
Pissimissi is a human rights activist who writes fantasy fiction stories involving adult/child sexual relationships, rape, and other sexual taboos, is listed for previous moderation of a pedophile community but is not believed to be a pedophile herself

Pissimissi AKA Lindsey Christine is a blogger who is into roleplaying, Anime, fantasy books, and different areas of sexuality, including her seeming support of pedophilia. She was a co-moderator of a now-defunct Live Journal blog called "Child Love", along with two known pedophile activists, Tyciol and Holokittynx. Her moderating of this extreme pedophile community is what resulted in this article listing her, rather than the stories and topics she writes fiction about. The "Child Love" LJ community was suspended due to a terms of service violation by LiveJournal for promoting child-rape. This individual emailed us to try to explain why she moderated the Child Love LJ community:

Thank you for allowing me to explain. I was led to believe that the group was for discussion on the subject not a place for criminals to hurt people. As far as your claim of this LiveJournal group being the "the most hardcore pedophile group online" that is a stretch. I do not condone child molestation nor have I ever encouraged such a horrible action. I did not help create the group I asked to be involved because I was given the impression it was a safe place for people to discuss abuse they had sufffered in their past. Obviously, that was not the case and if anyone did ask me about it I would gladly explain my reasons. I have never wanted to cause harm to anyone and I would never have joined the group had I known that was it's purpose. This is a huge misunderstanding on my part as well as whoever created a page about me. I do not apprieciate that pictures of mine were stolen to make this page. If the creators of said page had done their research they would have known that I am not in other groups with those two (I say two because I have no idea who 'mark' is) and I did not know of their real intentions. I am ashamed that I was that naive to think people were decent and could talk about this subject without the intention of hurting anyone. I was a fool. Whether you have the page taken down is your dicussion. Thank you for your time.

This page shall be left in order to denote who the third moderator of the Child Love community was, but being that she does not seem to be a pedophile activist, the rest of the entry has been blanked.

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