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Age: Unknown
Birthdate: July 22 or 23
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Location: New York, formerly Toronto
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: TeenBoysWorld
PonyBoy is a long time member of TeenBoysWorld and serves on the staff of the forums in an administrative position. He is primarily attracted to pre-teen boys.
PonyBoy's signature image

PonyBoy is a long time poster and administrator on the TeenBoysWorld forums. Although he does participate in the occasional discussion, most of his posts are welcoming new members to the forums.

PonyBoy says he knew he was different by the time he was aged 11 or 12. He states that his current AoA is of boys who are between the ages of 10-14 years old. He prefers boys with long hair and says that the first thing he notices on a boy is his smile.

He is a recovering alcohol and drug addict, and says that he's comfortable with who he is and would not want to change should a "cure" for pedophilia ever come about. He sometimes appears depressed and talks about his "long and painful" journey to get to where he's at.


PonyBoy's reply to what age he prefers (AoA).

Between 10 - 14 all depends on the Boy too. bl

To me looks are important. I am also attracted to cute good looking boys. I guess I am shallow too LOL.

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Additional Quotes

I too have had a hard time accepting myself and was trying to kill myself with Drugs and Alcohol.

I have come to a good place with myself and it was a long and sometime painful process. I am now sober (4 years) and have a great love for myself.

It arrives unannounced
the old familiar feeling
an unwelcome companion.
Tired of the oneness
of being half, not whole.
Yearning for completion
to find the missing piece
Always alone.
Why try?
Why endure?
It is a daily struggle to continue,
to remember to wake
to breathe
to exist.
The emptiness consumes me.
Wanting more.
This is all.
There is no more.

Additional Information

  • Idol is Cary Grant
  • Can't stand boys who smoke
  • Says that earrings on the "right" boy can be very sexy

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