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Derek Izatt
Age: 33
Birthdate: August 20, 1986
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: IT Technician
Location: Scotland
Physical Description:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Slim
Individuals: Lux, Sorrow, MrBolo
Pedophile Websites: GlWiki
Raelanura is a girllove pedophile obsessed with anime that sexualizes little girls.

Derek Izatt, self-professed pedophile

Derek Izatt, self-professed pedophile
Older picture of Derek Izatt, self-professed pedophile
Screenshots of forums posts where Izatt is rabidly pro-pedophile
Screenshots of forums posts where Izatt is rabidly pro-pedophile
Screenshots of forums posts where Izatt is rabidly pro-pedophile
Old live spaces page, with the same pictures that hang on his wall
File:User-Lux-Cl meet 2.png
Lux' recollections of the meeting with several pedophiles in the UK, including Izatt

Raelanura AKA Derek Izatt is a self-professed "girllover" pedophile from Scotland. He is obsessed with Anime and spends most of his time making and viewing Manga where he purchases Anime DVDs and posts Anime pictures to his Web pages. Manga is a type of Japanese comic book, known for its distinctive drawing style and format with Anime being its animated counterpart. Some pornographic Mangas named Hentai depict young boys and girls in highly sexualized drawings and situations. Raelanura likes to view/make Manga that sexualizes little girls, known as lolicon Hentai.

He isn't very well known to the pedophile community. He is only listed as being an editor on GlWiki; however, he did meet several pedophiles, including Lux and Sorrow, to go on a vacation that they used to lust after and take pictures of little children. He is also very rabidly pro-pedophile on at least one of the Anime forums he posts on.

Update: Derek claims "I also have a complete and current Enhanced Disclosure as issued by the Scottish Criminal Record Office and the Scottish Executive, which certifies my suitability to work with young people."

Though we have not found any confessions that he has molested children, he has admitted that he is a pedophile who has "romantic" attractions to children, and who is friends with two pedophiles who are in jail for molesting children, Sorrow and Lux. In the light of this, we hope that the Scottish Criminal Record Office and the Scottish Executive will reverse his clearance to work with children.


First, let me point out that I am a self-confessed paedophile; however, I am not a child molester. A child molester is to a paedophile, what a rapist is to Joe Public. The difference between JP and a paedophile is preference - a choice we, as individuals, should be free to make, but however, find we are being choked of our rights as individuals by this prison planet we call home.

I realise I may never be able to talk any sense into you people, but that does not mean I will not try. You people are behaving and thinking like puppets; you are told the rules and follow them accordingly. You have no minds of your own and for that I pity you.

I gathered you had no idea what you were on about. Though I can't speak for others, I for one am an artist, writer, musician, and skilled, qualified IT Technician. I wouldn't call that having no class.

It's been an interesting argument but ultimately your case is unjustifiable. A paedophile bears a romantic attraction to young girls/boys; a child molester's attraction is sexual, and we do not appreciate being familiarised with them.

Deep down, I know that you know you are wrong in this instance. It's time for those of you who were only arguing for the fun of it to 'fess up. This is an ultimatum - if you were being serious, give me your arguments and not your opinions, because opinions do not justify court cases

No, I haven't; you see, I'm not a child molester - I'm a paedophile. This is the point I am trying to make. Listen carefully now: -

Paedophile - Romantic attraction

Child molester - Sexual attraction


I admit it: I'm ecchi. Very ecchi. But chances are most of you have figured that out by now. Need a hint? Every drawing I've uploaded so far have been of a female character, and most of them have been pretty sexy (especially my most recent one). But you know what? I'm fine with it. Nothing wrong with having a healthy libido, and I'm sure my work will appeal to the right audience sooner or later. I've found that drawing what you want to draw (and I mean what you REALLY want to draw) forces attention to detail and is probably the best way to progress.

I'm already mulling over ideas for my next drawing. Chances are I'll put pencil to paper at some point today. No specific ideas in mind just yet, and whenever I do have an idea I'll have to fine-tune it in my mind, otherwise I end up trying to draw countless different things at once. In the meantime, stay ecchi everyone. The one thing you can believe about perverts is that they're at least honest. As a psychologist (now consultant) once told me, there are two types of people: those that masturbate and those that lie.

Note: "ecchi" means perverted.

Our Investigation

These are the steps we took to verify that "Raelanura" was actually Derek Izatt:

  • Raelanura was an editor on GlWiki, a pedophile Website used to share info on little girls and girl love.
  • A simple search of his screen name lead us to multiple Websites, including his DeviantArt site, which gave us the e-mail address [email protected] This e-mail address is connected with this Myspace.
  • Continuing the search, we came across the following profile, which listed an alternate e-mail address of [email protected]
  • This e-mail address lead us to an online petition site where he created an online petition and signed his full name Derek Izatt with his e-mail address [email protected]
  • A search of his name and location lead to an online announcement where he mentioned his current location as the one listed below.
  • After receiving an email from Derek in which he claims he is not the same person as Raelunara, we went back through our research to double-confirm, as we always do, and found that a picture of the shelves in his room were featured on Anime News Network, using his real name, and that, on those same forums, he answered several questions about his collection using his screen name "Raelanura," and also found that, under that same name, he had posted some very pro-pedophilic diatribes on a different forum, tag-teaming attacks against anti-pedophile views with Sorrow. (In the screenshots of this thread, Sorrow's name has been changed to Pedobear, but that is clear, since Izatt refers to him as Sorrow.)
  • His pictures come from a live spaces profile he had called "Rae's Rants, which he has now deleted (see screenshots)," which features pictures of the very same posters on the walls of Derek Izatt, and also from his facebook and bebo profiles.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Raelanura

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

As of 2000

  • Rosneath
  • Helensburgh
  • Scotland

Additional Quotes

I'm guessing the only way to talk to Milly is to talk LIKE Milly...so I'll lower the pitch a little...

...When I was 8 years old, I was WATCHING PORN AND JERKING OFF! And guess what? Millions of people can SAY THE SAME! Guess what else? It's NOYB!

Crude enough for you?

About the banning of animated child pornography in Canada:

Yes, even that, whether you like it or not. Besides, it doesn't show the brutal rape and/or murder of women for sexual pleasure; it depicts it, which is different in that nobody actually gets hurt by it. Offended, perhaps, but that's their problem. I'm offended by Elfen Lied, but that doesn't mean I think it should be banned and taken from everyone that likes it. I think you need to be told what "freedom of speech and/or expression" means; there are no exceptions, hence why it's called freedom.

wouldn't worry too much about Nymphet painting a picture of the anime community as a horde of child molesters. Ever see Puni Puni Poemy? You can't possibly think that Nymphet is worse than that. I know this is just yet another comparison, but I think it's a pretty good one. This is an anime that contains, for one example, heavily implied oral sex and explicit bondage and S&M involving prepubescent girls, and of course, just like Nymphet, people who like it will describe it as a comedy, despite that it can't possibly be, given the above. Or can it? Well, yeah, it can.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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