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Raimund Wild
Age: 60s
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Author
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Gray
Organizations: TinyEden.org, alt.fan.prettyboy
Raimund Wild is the author of pro-pedophile books and administrator of a pro-pedophilia website. He has also frequented child pornography trading groups on Usenet.
File:Usenet vs Wild.jpg
Usenet vs. Wild


Raimund Wild is the owner of two websites, http://TinyEden.org and http://projectnigua.org, and the author of a self-published novel called Tiny Eden. This book is Wild's fantasy of a pedophile utopia; casting himself in the role of a pilot who crash-lands on an island full of young native boys who eventually become physically involved with him.

What makes this nonsense become frightening is that according to his statements on numerous forums, Wild actually does travel through impoverished South American countries and involves himself with young boys he comes across who are desperate and living in the streets. It gets even more alarming when one considers that Wild has frequented Usenet child pornography trading groups such as alt.fan.prettyboy and alt.support.boy-lovers. Although these have now been removed, Wild's "Tiny Eden" website also previously contained pro-child pornography propaganda and links to other well-known pedophile websites and to the web pages of NAMBLA associates as well.

In addition, Wild is attempting to start an all-boys' residential school called Project Nigua in a especially high-poverty, high child prostitution area; seeking donations and assistance with this endeavor from unsuspecting people who do not know about his involvement with pro-pedophile activity.

For a long number of years, Wild has annoyed members of Usenet with his pro-pedophile nonsense; apparently becoming so caught up in his own "Tiny Eden" pedophile fantasy story that he eventually began posting under the screen name "Guenther Hayes" (the book's main character).

Raimund Wild is also known to spend time in nudist resorts that allow children, including "The Grand Barn" in Ontario, Canada.


The child molester label is a one slap kills all word. This comes from the false assumption that children are not sexual. That they have no sexual sensations till to this awkward day sometime during puberty when they suddenly turn into raging hormones on feet.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Children are very sexual...

Those who so eagerly jump on the bandwagon to fight child sex abuse are under the mistaken impression that these children are the victims of some perverted few. They believe that these children must have been pimped or kidnapped and forced into this “work”. Regrettably, nothing could be further from the truth.

Online Accounts

Known Websites

Known E-mail Addresses

  • raiwild55 @yahoo.ca
  • guenter_heyes @tinyeden.org
  • info @niguaproject.org

Additional Quotes

I state Boy-LOVE and they accuse me of using it as a codeword for child sexual abuse. However this is not what I stand for. When I use the word LOVE I do mean LOVE and not SEX. And in the same token one has to begin to define CHILD restricted to a person below the age of puberty and teenage years, and not call a 15 or 17- year-old a “Child”.

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