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Age: 75
Birthdate: March 17, 1944
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Retired, possibly from IT career
Location: Poole, UK
Physical Description:
Other: is disabled and in wheelchair
Pedophile Websites: BLOL
raindrop1703 is an elderly man who presents himself as simply being a gay male, however he spends time enjoying pedophile message boards along with his boyfriend, another known pedophile.

raindrop1703 is an elderly pedophile from the UK who is a member of BLOL. He is also the "boyfriend" of another pedophile who frequents many pedo message boards, Miguel Sanchez. Raindrop1703 downplays pedophilia and posts mostly about gay lifestyles, stating that he is divorced and raised his children on his own. He is also a grandfather and has shared with others about his love for his family. He states that he is in a wheelchair but is still able to take kids places in his car.


Well done JT. I suppose one of my boy moments was when I took him shopping for his brithday. I all but adopted him, he came round so often. He was having a rough time at home. he was a mate of my son.

Re: What do you like to do with boys?

Just like being around with them and being with them, which I have often been so. Unfortunily I cant do the things you other guys do, because I am in a wheelchair. But hey, thats never stop me from helping them. I took them places in my car.

Our Investigation

  • We came across raindrop1703 while researching his "boyfriend", Miguel Sanchez, as they both frequent pedo message boards and chat rooms
  • All information obtained thus far has come from raindrop's own posts and profiles. Our investigation is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Screen Names:

  • raindrop1703
  • Rainer
  • rteic16637

Known E-Mail Addresses:

Other Contact Info:

  • YIM: rteic16637
  • MSN: raindrop1703

Web Sites:


Last Known Address

raindrop1703 has listed his location as being in Poole, and in Dorset, UK. If you have information leading to the address and/or telephone number of this person, please contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

"How a Gay Parent Can Support a Gay Foster Child"

raindrop1703, 2007-04-10 13:21:22

Yes indeed a gay couple or even a single gay man could. I know that for a fact because I am gay and rised my own children. I got divorce and I had the care and control over them. And for those who say gay parents make gay children that is rubbish. both of my children grow up staight and one of has got married with two boys, whom I love with all my heart. And my son is still looking a wife Yes all the family know I am gay

Additional Information

  • Father of 2 adult children, grandfather of 2 boys

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If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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