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Roar for Freedom
Founder: Michael Price & Betty Price
Purpose: To lobby to abolish the public sex offender registry and influence legislators to make it easier on sex offenders
Website Address:
Roar for Freedom is a RSO activist group run by a pedophile and his wife, and seeks to abolish sex offender registration and harsher laws against child molesters.

Roar for Freedom is a RSO activist group run by a pedophile named Michael Price and his wife, Betty Price. Like SOSEN, Roar for Freedom would like for the public to believe that sex offenders aren't dangerous to our children and communities. Like SOSEN, this RSO activist group would like for the public to believe that most of the sex offenders on the registry did nothing more than urinate in public, or were involved in "Romeo/Juliet" type crimes. And, just like SOSEN, Roar for Freedom is a haven of pedophiles and other serious sex offense criminals whose charges speak for themselves.

They also would like for the public to believe that their organization is one which seeks to prevent child sexual abuse and assist victims of child sexual abuse. It is bizarre to think that pedophiles could offer help to sexual abuse victims.

Mission Statement

Roar for Freedom is a RSO activist group run by a pedophile and his wife, and seeks to abolish sex offender registration and harsher laws against child molesters. Our mission is to unite sex offenders, their families, and friends in a nation wide campaign to educate society of the truths about sex offenders, recidivisms rates, and the effects that laws and ordinances have on sex offenders, their children, victims and future generations to come. We strive to achieve these goals within an environment that provides needed support for victims/survivors, sex offenders and significant others while stressing the need for sex offender treatment, victim empathy, and properly protecting children from abuse.

Roar for Freedom Members and their charges or the charges of the pedophiles they are enabling

  • Betty Price
  • Michael Price - convicted of SEX BAT BY ADULT/VCTM UNDER 12; F.S. 794.011(2) (PRINCIPAL IN ATTEMPT) in Florida
  • Michael James Gregg - aka Zman aka SexOffenderIssues - convicted of CHILD MOLESTATION in Georgia
  • Julian Dennis Godwin - aka harvardphd123, convicted of SEND CHILD PORN; F.S. 847.0137(2) (PRINCIPAL) and Use Internet to solicit/attempt solicit etc. a child for sex/lewdness etc; F.S. 847.0135(3) (PRINCIPAL) and POSS OF PHOTO/PICTURE SHOWING SEXUAL PERFORMANCE BY A CHILD; F.S. 827.071(5) (PRINCIPAL) in Florida.
  • Johnny Ray Lee - aka jflea86, billiejosdad - convicted of INDECENT LIBERTY MINOR 10Y 10Y in 1994, but is facing new charges
  • Margaret Rae Jenkins, whose son, Alan Gibbons, was convicted of Illegal Use of Minor in Nudity-Oriented Material or Performance and Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
  • Shirley Lowery - mother of Anthony Craig Oliver - convicted of 3 counts sexual assault
  • Chaplain Clair Edgar Luckabaugh - aka celdoc2001 - convicted of 3rd Degree Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Conduct in West Virgina. Clair is also the father of Edward Scott Luckabaugh convicted of predatory criminal sexual assault with victim under 18 in MD
  • Willard Duane Metheny - aka willards_son - convicted of Sexual Assault in Texas
  • Frank Taylor Dewey - aka kc5uci - convicted of Sexual Assault Child in Texas
  • Joanne Hall, mother of Christopher J. Hall - aka scarohall - convicted of Molestation of a Juvenile in Louisiana
  • Jonathan Dell Merritt - aka gor117 - convicted of CRIM SEX CONDUCT W/MINOR-<11YRS OLD-1ST DEGREE Age Of Victim: 09, in South Carolina
  • Steven Paul Kruse - aka Chewy - aka x_103_omni - convicted of Assault With/intent Comm Sexual Abuse, Victim age: 14-17 in Iowa
  • Gary Michael "Kobe" Hawkins - aka m.hawkins25 - convicted of CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT in South Carolina
  • Roy Spencer Harmon AKA Tony Laid AKA Jan Schoal - convicted of Unlaw Sex Conduct W/A 16 Or 17 in Utah
  • Maria Denney, mother of Joshua Denney - convicted of Indecency w/child Sexual Contact, victim age: 12, in Texas
  • Samuel Thomas Weekly - aka samjams4u - convicted of 2903.11- Felonious Assault in Ohio
  • Michael A. White - convicted of COMPUTER PORN CHILD EXPLOITATION in Georgia
  • Arthur Barry Cohen - convicted of Violation of the Alabama Child Pornography Act
  • David Dean Baker - aka poppadave9 - convicted of SEX BAT BY ADULT/VCTM UNDER 12; F.S. 794.011(2) (PRINCIPAL IN ATTEMPT) in Florida
  • Shazaaye Puebla - aka shazawn2 - convicted of Sodomy On A Child in Utah
  • Raymond John Houston - aka diesel1507 - convicted of LEWD,LASCIVIOUS CHILD U/16; F.S. 800.04 (PRINCIPAL) in Florida
  • David William Watts - aka trucker - convicted of Lewd and Lascivious Assault on a Child Under 16 in Florida
  • Nathan Douglas Kliewer - aka nk, nk_rso, pepsimale, sickmindmale, letsplay419 - Convicted of LEWD OR LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH CHILD 14 OR 15 YEARS OLD in California
  • Eric Charles Stanley - convicted of SEXUAL MISCONDUCT WITH A MINOR in Indiana
  • Robel Gregorio Perea - aka rogpe55 - convicted of LEWD ASLT/SEX BAT VCTM<16; F.S. 800.04(3) (PRINCIPAL), Lewd or lascivious molestation victim 12-15 years old offender 18 or older; F.S. 800.04(5)(c)(2) (PRINCIPAL), Lewd or lascivious battery victim 12-15 years old; F.S. 800.04(4) (PRINCIPAL), SEX BATT/COERCE CHILD BY ADULT; F.S. 794.011(2)(b)(PRINCIPAL) in Florida
  • Beverly Blaha Lanfear
  • Kevin P. Misner - aka devilmann26 - Convicted of SEXUAL ASSAULT against a minor in New Jersey in 1993 after spending 5 years in prison he has been charged with failing to register in NJ though he did register in PA which has less strict registration requirements. Kevin has stated that he purposefully destroys his GPS monitor just to cost the state money, claiming he's damaged over $10,000 worth, he hides his computers from the authorities and registers dozens of emails simply to overload the system.
  • Waldron Stone Louis - aka Wally, aka Glitch38 - convicted of LEWD,LASCIVIOUS CHILD U/16; F.S. 800.04 (PRINCIPAL) VOLUSIA, FL
  • Phillip A Walker - aka philipwalker76, aka pwalker23 - convicted of LEWD ASLT/SEX BAT VCTM<16; F.S. 800.04(3) (PRINCIPAL) in Florida in 1998
  • Derek Logue - aka Fallenone, or F1 - convicted in Alabama in 2001 for 'Sexual Abuse 1st' the victim was an 11 year old girl. Derek is registered in the state of Ohio and classified as 'Sexual Predator' with a female child victim
  • Lee Lee Lawless - aka Gratefulhoo, rukidding, mywhozit - Staff Member of SOSEN - Mother of Kenneth Hamilton Convicted of Carnal Knowledge of child 13 to 15 years old - currently awaiting trial for parole violations
  • Terrance Lee Shauger - Repeat Sex Offender
  • Mary Duval aka Tikibug,a_political_prisoner, SOS_1989, hornetmld, Buggy, MaryLee, mother of Ricky Lee Blackman convicted of Lewd Or Indecent Proposals/Acts To Child. She sought help for Ricky from pedophiles on BoyChat
  • Clay Keys - aka Tsand, flahaulboy, brownbilly68, jhnjoneson, jonbulb, BigBird, Big John, toesinthemud convicted of LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS ACT Child under 16, in addition to a long rap sheet
  • Brenda Grewek Marsh aka Tweetygirl415, brensbox - girlfriend of sex offender
  • Travis Reuben Gann aka Avendora - convicted of molesting a 4 year old
  • Cheryl Griffiths - aka Equal Justice, aka Willgotonineveh, aka Your Royal Hiney - current COO of SOSEN. Mother of Ian Matthew Woods - a sexual predator held under civil commitment in Florida
  • Eric Lee Hansen - aka Triedbyconscience - Convicted of SEX ABUSE OF CHLD U/16 YRS in Idaho
  • Walter Howard - aka TMaximus95 - convicted of 3 counts ASSAULT OF CHILD WITH INTENT TO COMMIT RAPE, 3 counts RAPE AND ABUSE OF CHILD, 4 counts INDECENT ASSAULT AND BATTERY ON A PERSON AGED 14 OR OLDER :File:Tm3.png|Additional Information
  • Kevin Meier - SOSEN staff member aka daysrnew, dayzrnew, HuRiKaHnE KeV, - convicted for Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Victim: Youth Male

The Pedo Militia

It is not unusual to find quotes from pedophile activists which advocate violence towards society and anti-pedophiles. However, this file was found in Roar for Freedom's Yahoo! group, and was quite surprising in its violence and terroristic ideas.

P Militia.doc


Sex offender Militia

Watched and followed causing extreme paranoia is not a normal function. Subjected to feelings of discontent from acquaintances feeling there is a secret underlying plan from the known sex offender. Trust worthiness is questionable giving no grace of forgiveness ever. Thanks to the lawmakers that have developed web pages, and lifetime registration. This offender knowing 99 percent of victims of sexual abuse are still alive and live to tell there tales in counseling after their perpetrator is caught and sentenced. All offenders suffer after released into society forced to live to be hounded by strangers protecting their so-called neighborhoods. Most offenders want to get on with their lives seeking some sort of independence. Reoffending isn’t number one on anyone’s list of activities once leaving incarceration, just living and working are top spots of his list.

Murder and mayhem comes to mind most of all. These crimes in my mind are number one on my list of most feared crimes

Society at large thinks more about sexual innuendo, sex sells that is the real bottom line. To heck with the murdering scum, let’s direct the hatred to the sex offender for he is worse. Most offenders have never committed a crime in their lives. Most go to jail unprepared not street wise or tough, offenders are mostly housed in separate sections of county jails and prisons to protect them from the normal population. Oh they are so hated, but their sex lives sell the newspapers, that had already convicted the offender before he was even tried.

Homeless and jobless forced to live with the homeless male. New found acquaintances introduced to low levels of trust of newfound friends and real friendships are scarce after once convicted. Our hero having done his jail time and parole years ago. Finding steady employment and a safe and affordable housing is extremely hard. Finding normal accommodations and employment can be found but easily lost after employers having access to computers and sex offender web sites. Some act as there moral duty to end employment or to evict a known sex offender even if a crime was not even suspected, making the moral judgment call is how they condone their act.

The drug scene those so many years ago had been his problem, back then he had faced those weighty issues and broke his dependence, through religion and hard work. The counseling was pretty much meaningless, facing cravings could not be told. Secrets from the ones he loved, and the probation department. Too many secrets of the fantasies still conceived on an on going writings of mental masturbation. No harm to anyone it’s just a basis to solve ones cravings rather than doing so in real time.

Pedo Militia 2

There could be such a group as a militia, we as registering sex offenders are many and could come together in some sort of armed militia to fight for our quickly dissolving rights? If armed could we be considered a terrorist organization? I envision fighting against journalists spreading in factual information regarding sex crimes of an arrested suspect while in custody. Suspects pleading innocent to horrendous sex charges these stories brought to the publics attention by local publications All suspects in sex cases are assumed guilty while in custody most all unable to come up with bail, family and friends long since departed into the shadows now not willing to surface in fear of being exposed by the hungry sex starved media.

Journalist and state politicians would be a prime targets, local newspapers that publish repeated articles voicing the same cries of hate for sex offenders. I wish someone would do a study on how many murders occur to how many sexual adductions happen weekly in one’s own state, the stats are know are very low compared to murder and mayhem. Facing facts we all know sex sells the newspapers, the more horror the better.

How to target these news people, stalking prey and finding a place for confrontation, assault of some sort would occur. Getting away with any type of physical assault would be very questionable. I envision another way after watching news bulletins from the Far East. I say copy the terrorist successful methods of using a simple washing machine timer and then making black powder bomb incased in plumbing pipe, filled with ball bearings for damage. Place inside a suite case, backpack, and trashcan, place under suspect’s car or inside his or her office this is all depending how brave you are. To kill isn’t the object, making the general public, media, and political establishment a-where of a potential home born terrorist organization that could be far reaching to every state in the union

We as a group are weak at the moment because networking is very hard. The militant in us is growing as the media threatens to expose every last one of us, no matter how long ago your crime was we are still seen as a threat to society. Let us all change the level of this threat, let’s give them something else to be afraid of.


Associations with other RSO activist organizations

Last Known Address

71 Oakford Avenue
Richwood, WV 26261-1313

Last Known Phone Number


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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