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Robert Molloy
Age: 56
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: White
Occupation: Former Teacher, now incarcerated
Location: Kentucky State Reformatory
Physical Description:
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Gray or Partially Gray
Organizations: BoyChat, Free Spirits Coalition
After meeting a young boy on BoyChat and luring him to Kentucky to live with him, Molloy murdered the boy in a jealous rage when he learned that the boy wanted to return home to Florida.
Robert Molloy, pedophile and murderer
Robert Molloy, pedophile and murderer
Robert Molloy's sigpic on BoyChat
Robert Molloy's sigpic on BoyChat

Robbie, aka Robert Molloy, is not only a pedophile, he is a cold-blooded murderer.

A leader in the online pedophile community, Molloy served as treasurer of the Free Spirits Coalition in 1998, and as the webmaster for Boychat from September 1999 to October 1999.

During his time at BoyChat, he met a teenaged boy who was known online as "Little Alfredo". The two formed a relationship and Molloy lured him away from his home in Florida to come live with him in Kentucky. By the end of October 1999, Molloy murdered "Little Alfredo", whose real name was Toby Antone. It was believed that Toby had wanted to return home, but Molloy would never give him that chance. Molloy was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

In an effort to cover up the fact that Molloy was a member and leader of the Boychat community, the staff of the site has removed his posts from the message boards. However, he is still listed on BoyWiki as a Boychat poster and webmaster.


While a member at BoyChat, Molloy lied to everyone about his true occupation. Although he was really a teacher at Jefferson Community College in Louisvilly, KY, he told everyone he was in the medical field. The following quote is an obvious attempt to keep up with his ongoing lie, however given the fact the he did end up taking the life of a boy, the quote is quite ominous:

To help it all make sense, you...have taken the right steps. Josh's downfall, and his sisters' death, can take some semblance of "meaningfulness" if it encourages you to intervene on behalf of other boys.

I have watched boys die - and as each draws his last breath, I whisper to him a promise - that I will remember him, and cherish every boy I meet - and save those that I can. And I will do it in the names of those who are gone.

On watching boys at the amusement park, a favorite pasttime for many pedophiles:

Well, we must have been thinking alike this weekend - I spent the day at King's Island, too. And you're right - it was LOADED with pretty boys. I know that "look" and "smile" you talk about - sharing the "inner boy" I call it - and I love it. Amusement parks are the GREATEST place for you photo buffs too - you catch the boys at their most excited and uninhibited, and can capture expressions available no other place.

Our Investigation

The information we discovered which led us to connect the screen name "Robbie" to the real name of Robert Molloy was found by researching BoyChat and media which covered the story of the murder of Toby Antone, despite attempts of BoyChat staff to cover up the fact that Molloy was indeed a part of the staff of the site.

Online Accounts


Last Known Address

Incarcerated at Eastern KY Correctional Complex - Update: 04/12/2008 - moved to Kentucky State Reformatory

Additional Quotes

If we can present ourselves as human to people who think otherwise - and if they can find it in their heart to accept us as such (which I feel MH has), then we have accomplished a lot.

Simple Mendelian genetics would predict that an "inbred" cross only becomes detrimental if there are "lethal recessives" in the line - and even then, only after several generations of inbreeding.

Hell, we do it with cats, dogs, farm animals, plants, etc. - and those species seem to be doing fine.

Sounds like I would have remembered you - but I took 8 rolls of film, so I may have caught you in line (a project I am working on - images of people in line - weird, huh?). I will look for you!!

Isn't the world people make for themselves and with others while they are standing in line an interesting thing? I think it is - I hope it is publishible, too. Some of my crazier shots have been bought - maybe this will be my "coffee-table book" LOL

PS - I DEFINATELY would like sitting next to you on a coaster to see this "roller-erotic" thing you say happens!!

Additional Information

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