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Damien Cole
Age: 42
Birthdate: October 23, 1977
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Webmaster
Location: Pomona, California
Physical Description:
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 347 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Other: Short, curly hair
Pedophile Websites: Boychat, Pedologues
Damien Cole AKA Rookiee is a dangerous pedophile who was caught grooming an underage male to be his disciple online. Cole's activities over the years have included various attempts at pedophile advocacy, including a podcast and blogging communities.

Damien Cole AKA Rookiee

Damien Cole AKA Rookiee
Damien Cole AKA Rookiee

Damien Roberto Andres Cole AKA Rookiee Revolyob is a known member of Boychat. He also was the host of the now-defunct Pedologues podcast. "Rookiee" came somewhat into prominence when he was banned from Wikipedia for attacking pedophile victim Justin Berry, after Berry himself contacted Wikipedia's administration regarding Rookiee's attacks upon him. He was eventually unbanned by Wikipedia and then continued to edit pedophile-related articles with his pedophile propaganda here and here. Later, he would be re-banned due to the campaign by Perverted-Justice.com against him.

Cole was the unwitting impetus for the creation of the Corporate Sex Offenders website when he attacked Perverted-Justice.com via Wikipedia. Cole's online interests were then attacked, one by one, starting with his Blogger, Xanga, and then his podcast.

Cole had hidden his identity tightly, stating on BoyChat that he would not know what to do if outed. In December 2006 Cole's identity was discovered. It was publicized then on the main page of Perverted-Justice.com. Cole immediately shut down his pedologues podcast. However, something more disturbing would soon be discovered.

Using his podcast, Cole spent a year and a half grooming a young male using the online handle "Aqua." Aqua turned out to be a nearby thirteen year old California boy. Cole had "Aqua" (real name withheld for privacy reasons) participate in his podcast on multiple occasions, using the child to promote his view of pederasty. Cole also had "Aqua" post on the blogspot community Paiderastia. At first, it was thought that "Aqua" was just another personality of Cole. However, during our research we made contact with Aqua and his mother, who then was informed of the nature of Cole. Cole had tried to get the parents to allow him to take "Aqua" to concerts and other events, but the mother had refused. After our contacting of "Aqua" and his mother, all contact was cut off between the minor and Rookiee.

Rookiee has cut back his pedophilia activism in light of his exposure and the destruction of his online pursuits. Currently he is operating a furry fetish gear website, so work continues regarding his especially disturbing case.


I got news for everyone: I am pedosexual, and I am PROUD to be pedosexual. I am a childlover. I am a boylover. I am a girllover. And I got news for ya: I am a homosexual male. I am a bisexual male. I am a heterosexual male. Yep! I find dem women's attractive too!

Consent Test

I've just thought of a way to prove whether or not a child can consent to sex.

You ask them, "Do you want to have sex?"

If they say no, then that proves they know whether they want to or not.

The rest is education

Our Investigation

The following briefly outlines the steps our volunteers have taken to connect the screen name "Rookiee" to the real name of Damien Roberto Andres Cole:

  • We were made aware of a leader in the pedophile community, Rookiee Revolyob, who described himself as a college student from California.
  • As we began to search, using his screen name, we discovered that he was using the services of various companies on the internet to further his cause. This prompted Perverted-Justice to launch a campaign in an effort to have these companies deny services to Rookiee and other child rapists who are attempting to "normalize" pedophilia in the eyes of society. Rookiee became even more vocal than ever and began an attack on Perverted-Justice.
  • Our volunteers began a comprehensive effort to search for and collect information that Rookiee had left behind on his internet trail, including IP numbers, alternate screen name, e-mail addresses, and websites on which he maintained memberships. By gathering together every piece of information we could find, we were able to piece together matching information that cross referenced his various screen names with his real name, Damien Cole. A search through public records confirmed his name to be Damien Roberto Andres Cole.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Rookiee
  • YIM:lowlypikeman
  • YIM:rookieeblve
  • YIM:crassusd
  • AIM:crassusd
  • ICQ UIN:826099

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

547 E. Pasadena Street
Pomona, CA 91767

Last Known Phone Number

  • Phone Number: (909) 865-5155
  • Alternate Number: (909) 623-4002

Additional Quotes

Is it right to show the faces of the boys on TV? My opinion is absolutely. Here's why:

If we as boylovers want to be given equal and mutual access to boys, to make love to them consentually, that means that they will be needed to be granted the same social/legal rights and responsibilities as adults (or at least much closer to it); this includes for crimes as well. When crimes are committed by minors, the faces of those minors are rarely if ever shown on television. I'm noticing a change in this. Children are more apt to being treated as adults, which means they are being treated more equally. Eventually, if this trend continues, minors will demand more equal rights and stature as citizens to match the treatment received by adults. This is what happened during the Vietnam War when people would turn 18, be sent to war, but not allowed to vote until 21. The AOM (Age of Majority) dropped a bit in that regard. So now, it will drop more. Children will become more responsible, and more equal, and people will begin to see that they're not as innocent as they'd like to think they're supposed to be.

Another thing is the more minors that end up on the SOR's, the more that people will realize how stupid the SORs are in the first place.

Another thing to consider is that most child porn out there is never shown on television to "identify the victim" because the "victim" is a minor. Minors can't be shown on TV if they're involved in a crime, especially if they're the victim and not missing. If this changes, it means that eventually, all those hundreds of thousands of faces out there on child porn pictures will eventually be revealed, and the world will see how widespread sex with children is, and it's not some isolated, deviant behavior. This is somewhat reflected on YouTube where boys strip down, dancing erotically to "My Humps" on their own accord just for kicks. They're knowledgable, consenting, and they're doing it in abundance. Human beings are generally quite exhibitionist and proud of their sexuality until it becomes a "bad" thing.

So yeah, I'm all for showing minors' faces on TV and convicting them as adults as long as the crime matches reality and is justified. Forcing people into a pond and threatening to throw rocks at them unless they let the boys have sex with them is justified, imo.

Additional Information

  • An archive of Cole's blogs have been recreated at Optymyst on Blogspot.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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