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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Age: Early to Mid 20s
Race: Hispanic
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, GlWiki
Santi is a hate-filled, racist pedophile who is not only attracted to little boys, but also coaches boys soccer in Mexico.
File:Santi sigpic1.png
Santi's sig pic

Santi's sig pic

Santi is a pedophile who is primarily attracted to little boys and is probably the most vile, hate-filled, angry, racist pedophile that we have ever come across in our investigations.

He is a very active, longtime, member of BoyChat and also frequents Castillo Azul (the Spanish version of BoyChat). He has been known to blog and has actively participated in the Wikipedia Campaign in an effort to push pedophilic views and propaganda onto society. He has also been an editor of the GlWiki and the Spanish version of Wikipedia (articles on pedophilia).

Santi, who sponsors two soccer teams in the Mexico City area of Mexico, states that he prefers 6-year-old little boys and has an obsession for children who wear short shorts. He has stated that his overall AoA is for children who are 6 to 13 years old. He also shares with his fellow pedophiles that he has many YFs and that he has a good relationship with the parents of his "boys" and even a couple of girls.

He has been known to give advice on what amounts to manipulating the parents so that he can continue his relationships with the children. He views children as "little adults" and holds them responsible for their part in relationships with adults. Santi even goes so far as to state that he sees nothing wrong with exacting revenge on a child. He is also known to give advice to other pedophiles on how to live as a pedophile in Mexico.

Santi, who refers to the United States as "Gringoland", continually expresses extreme hatred for all things American, even though he is formerly from the States. Even more disturbing is his hatred for anyone who is an anti-pedophile activist and anyone associated with the organization. He has posted death threats against several members of an anti-pedophile group, as well as against Chris Hansen of NBC's Dateline series. Much more could be said about Santi, but we think it's best to let his own quotes do the talking for us. Reader discretion is strongly advised.


The first quote below is in response to a survey posted on BoyChat on "baby-fucking". For reader convenience, this editor has added the question being asked in bold text. No other text has been added, removed or otherwise changed:

1. What is your opinion on masturbating a one-day-old boy to orgasm?

I doubt a one-day old boy can have an orgasm.

2. ...giving him the orgasm by performing oral sex?

I don't thik that would be my thing: I dislike babies body odor. But I don't think receiving a blowjob in such a tender age harms anything.

3. According to Adam Selene, the seventh-day cutting of a Jewish boy goes much better when slicing firm sausage as opposed to trying to trim limp spaghetti. Is fondling the boy into an erect state beforehand an evil sexual attack?

Regardless of the circumcision debate that should and must start any time the mutilation is brought to the agenda, I suspect that performing it with a penile erection might cause bleeding.

4. ...followup to #3: the family is Muslim and the ceremony is happening to a nine-year-old.

Likewise as in 3.

5. ...in some cultures it is common to sooth a male infant by performing oral sex...Sexual abuse? Or not?

Not abuse but I think it can become addictive to both, the performer and receiver.

6. Assuming that the infant is well-fed so this doesn't replace needed nourishment: the baby's pacifier can't be found, so you give him something else to suckle on (I don't think I need to tell you specifically what I'm thinking you might give him). Checking beforehand to ensure that he has no teeth yet, of course. He's very unlikely to remember that this happened, of course.

I think the pacifier excuse is ludicrous. If you want the baby to blowjob you just do it, I don't think him/her is to remember jack. But a bare finger is a better replacement of a pacifier.

Life is quite simple. I really don't get those chaps that come with the "oh, well, we have to debate this for weeks before reaching a conclusion".

For me most 5 yos are different from 6 yos. I indeed prefer 6 yos.

I don't know why, maybe is the entrance to elementary school, maybe the milk teeth lose, a little bit more maturity and reliability.

In general terms I confere to that age a different stage. As if a big transition happened.

But it is just my perception.

I like 5 yos, I adore 6 yos.

According to several YFs...

... I am very good blowing.

But I don't know what they are talking about.

Hate-filled Quotes

What I meant is to take revenge against the boy

Posted by Santi on 2007-August-5 16:23:37, Sunday

In reply to Not sure what you mean... posted by Anacreon on 2007-August-5 15:30:25, Sunday

Oh yes, you read it right and I did not make mistakes: to take revenge against the boy. To make him to pay for what he did.

"Oh no, but we are boylovers, we are supposed to be the garbage bins and take all the crap on us".


I laugh at the victims of sexual abuse

Posted by Santi on 2008-May-22 20:45:41, Thursday

Not the real ones, of course, but I refer to all those twitching vaginas that claim they were abuse as girls, or the poor faggots that come with the "I am a loser because my teacher touched my microdick when I was eight".

Only in a society rotten to the bone and in deep decadence somebody would have sympathy for these maggots.

They didn't even experience abuse, in most cases! But they know that if they say that, they can justify the failures their lives are, and gain a little sympathy from the usual morons.

They really live daily hells, and although that amuses me indeed, at the end they are great for projecting their own misery around. That is why I consider all them should be put to sleep, for ending their suffering and the annoyance they create.

Imagine the solitude, despair and hate that thrives in their rotten bodies. Bullied in elementary and middle schools, despised by everybody, never invited to the parties, left aside always, unsuccessful at jobs, with poor relations, failed marriages and losers in all senses. Fat, ugly, horrible bodies, bad genes, bad education... that doesn't help! One of them calls herself "the voice of the children" and she isn't, but for sure she is "the howl of loneliness".

Again, with the so called sexual abuse they suffered they try to justify not only the decay of their lives, but also the obsession they have with a subject that usually is not even a concern for those who really suffered abuse. Normal people, even if they were sexually abused, move on, find something good in life, get friends, go to parties, to the movies or contribute in a positive way, but these poor saps just can dwell in the same and the same and the same again. They want us to dissapear, but I am sure that if we dissapeared from this world, they would die of sadness, as we are the only exciting they have in their miseries.

Please don't get me wrong. I really love, enjoy and celebrate their suffering. I would like it to be ten thousands worst, but what I don't like is the fact that they manage to ruin the life of so many people. And it is the horrible underdevelopment of the Axis of Evil the thing that allows them to thrive. In Mexico, Lydia Cacho thought high of her, after exposing one big network of child sexual abuse in Cancun. Cacho is today almost forgotten. Had he turned into a sort of echols, von shit or similar, she would be already dead.

It is really sad they don't come for a little holiday here, to be butchered in a lonely beach.


I had a dream, where I saw a BL busted in a Dateline "To Catch a Predator". The BL arrived prepared, that is, different from the usual poor saps that get busted in the program.

I had a dream, and while Hanson started to humiliate him, the BL took out a gun and shot the whole load on Hanson's lower face, precisely skipping the middle line and upper portions, to destroy without killing. You know, to allow Barbara Walters to cry in the interview that would take place as soon as the monster was in conditions to talk, after a year or so of semifailed reconstructive surgery.

The crew got wild and the Stasi members tried to get inside the home, while the BL, in a amusing rampage, chased all them and shot them down, trying this time to produce as many mortal wounds as possible.

I had a dream, and in it the BL got inside the room where the Peej team was. The extreme nature of the lacerations produced with a saw and a knife forbid me for describing them. Maimed and bubbling, they were soaked in gasoline.

The charred corpses smelled as inciense.

The dream continued, and at the end the BL used a mallet to smash the heads of those members of the crew that survived. I had and I have a dream!

Suppose that you know where the Peej homo lives. You go, torch the house, put a machine gun outside and shoot down everything coming from the house in fire, including animals and children. By tomorrow, the news would be "Boylovers kill justice maker Peej homo & family".

I think we have enough strenght in our hands to hold the helm. Besides, crossing the border from north to south is not that difficult

Our Investigation

  • We first came across Santi, a regular, and quite controversial poster, in the BoyChat forums since January 2004.
  • As we began our search for information on Santi, we came across his talk page and other information from the Wikipedia site, taking note that he was actively involved in the Wikipedia Campaign, a pedophile effort to spread their views throughout society, in an attempt to normalize pedophilia as a sexual orientation.
  • Santi posted links to his YouTube account several times in the BoyChat forums, which upon review showed that he was using the screen name 'Santi101' on his account. He has noted that he has several accounts, so that he can post comments with one of his aliases to keep from linking the names together (thereby making it more difficult for anti-pedophile activists to identify him).
  • Information on Santi's location and personal history has come directly from his posts in the pedo forums. As our investigation is ongoing on this individual, we will update this article with further information when it becomes available.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Santi
  • Santi the Ghost
  • foreversanti
  • Santi101
  • Santiago
  • Sinti
  • Sant
  • atelesgeo

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Active Websites

Known Inactive Websites

  • Blogspot User:alexnewworld
  • Blogspot User:foreversanti


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Believed to be living in the Mexico City area of Mexico, Santi's exact location is unknown at this time. If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

Additional Quotes

Why is revenge so underated?

I mean, what is wrong with taking revenge, or even preemtive measures that will harm a brat?

Does this spoils the whole honey-covered pussy-flavoured Boylove manifesto?

Again: boys are just little adults. Never forget it.

One of my yf is barely 10 and has hair... and is not bragging, since I saw it.

See? The chimpshorts are subhumanly-designed...

... crap. Short-shots, on the contrary, are amazing.

I have the same lenght-shorts impossed in the two soccer teams I sponsor.

Everytime I pass by those Chapultepec fountains in hot or at least warm days there are many kids, boys and girls, "swimming" there. And besides their beautiful bodies, the show is entertaining and funny!

And of course you can take pics as long as you don't have a psycho-face.

The following quotes show just how hate filled Santi is:

In different social settings I've raised the "perverted justice" shits. I must mention that, even in the most antipaedophile settings, the answer was more or less coincident with this line: "it is incredible nobody stops that vigilante group".

And indeed it is incredible. Only a country fucked up to the bone, a pseudocountry in any sense, a country packed with pussies that are quite good murdering children overseas but afraid of doing anything to defend themselves, can allow this enormous tumor, this bleeding and stinking cancer to exist.

Take for example the morbidly obese cunt, peej member, that was featured here months ago. The sick fuck was, of course, bullied (as the animal she is) from kindergarten up to high school. Her problem was not only the lard, though, but the intrinsic inferiority she has. This mean that her low self-esteem is not only due to her oil-tanker outlook, but to traits that only a bullet inside her brain can solve. Anyhow, when this razor realized her doomed future (after all, who will marry or even touch such a monster), it decided to join a group of other losers where her maladies could be at least a little equalized. So the pig finally found the pigsty she belongs to.

These fucksos and all their supporters (without any, not even a single exception) would already be death, maimed or dying, had this group appeared here. Their headquarters would already be burned, and their membership treated as vermin. It would not take more than one year between its appearance and its termination. I can picture the leader, whomever the hell it would be (maybe the same xavier von shit), financially ruined and in jail with fake or artificially augmented cases, rottening for the rest of its miserable existence.

How are they going to slander somebody without fingers or a tongue? How come they will phone your boss or your neighbours if they are crippled? How are they going to deal with kiddie porn if their eyes get poked out of their sockets? Instrumental rape (that is, with tools or any foreign objects) might works wonders. And, of course, their homes would be burglarized twice a month, and that if they are lucky.

Debris like the obese cunt scream and cry when they confront extreme physical, real violence, and in the aftermath they quit the bravado forever, regardless the trigger that started their pussy campaigns. They go back to the shadows and to the misery they actually deserve.

Sad to say, they did not set their headquarters south the border.

The martyr fallacy...I am very familiar with it. It has been used in this country to excuse all kind of innaction "after all, we don't want to make a martyr of him".

I think what follows, in that hypothetical scenario, is to kill him, make a martyr of him, and people will forgot the twit after 15 days with the next season of The Apprentice or with the next Katrina (as happened to Natalie Hollowbrain). If not, kill another one and so on.

Am I deranged? Well, look what has happened here with some journalist, presidential candidate Colossio and many others: killed and forgotten, killed and forgotten.

Of course a bunch of fans will remember them forever.

But there is a Spanish say: "once the dog is dead, rabies is over".


In reply to PJ’s Xavier shows true colors on Dallas TV posted by ABC Lover on 2007-July-20 22:44:15, Friday

.. is the only thing that the subhuman gringo shit-filled smeared excrement of peej deserve.

All, regardless their age. Including their offspring. And their asslicking god.

And, of course, anybody who disagrees with this is just an accomplice of these debris.

The day the cunt or von shit are murdered, and pictures of their gruesome killing, or they slowly dying in a hospital, be sure I'll be laughing at them for hours and more.

Hell! I'd even profanate their graves (well, not me, I am not that good digging, but I'd pay somebody) to take the carcass and display it in a extremely disgusting way, for everybody to watch. I mean, imagine the semi-rotten xavier von shit corpse dressed as a woman and up an stick!

One thing is being nice and other being stupid. This "I will not give them the evil they give me" is not honourable. Is pure pussiness.

More pedophilic comments...in this quote, Santi refers to "golden" showers, urination for sexual purposes:

He was seven and I was 13

And all the "golden" things happened, many days, many times...

Fond memories, yes, and all cold was absent.

Paranoia age appart, the boycock is the universal symbol for power that is still in cocoon. From that point of view you might grow a central, quite long and extremely boring comprehensive theory on such issue.

I'd prefer to suck them.

BLs can't afford to be monogamous...That is a big mistake, no matter what is argued in contrary and the chicanery used around the issue.

If you have many YFs, you will have many levels of friendship with many different boys. Of course you will have 'The Special One', no doubt.

But when he goes away or finds somebody else, you will still have the whole gang to hang around. That does not mean you will not mourn him, but you will not be isolated and alone with your pain.

Additional Information

  • Has a fascination with a boy named Francesco, who performs in circuses
  • Sponsors 2 soccer teams in the Mexico City area
  • Favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Tokyo Drift, The Ring, Anaconda, and The House of Wax

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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