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Scapegoat, ScapeyCog
Age: Early 40s
Race: Caucasian
Location: Believed to be in the US
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Has stated he has a receding hairline
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
Scapegoat AKA ScapeyCog is a long-term member, frequent poster and cog on BoyChat.
File:Scapegoat pic1.jpg
Scapegoat AKA ScapeyCog
File:Scapegoat pic2.jpg
Scapegoat AKA ScapeyCog
File:Scapegoat pic3.jpg
Scapegoat AKA ScapeyCog
File:Scapegoat pic4.jpg
Scapegoat AKA ScapeyCog
File:Scapegoat pic5.jpg
Scapegoat AKA ScapeyCog

Scapegoat AKA ScapeyCog is a long term member and frequent pedophile poster on BoyChat. He recently became a cog (moderator) for the board, as well.

Little is known about Scapegoat, except that he enjoys posting a variety of pictures of himself as a child in his posts. He boasts of having a little boys foot fetish. Scapegoat states that he knew he was a pedophile by the time he was in the sixth grade, when he experimented sexually with other boys his age. As he grew older, his AoA has remained for teenage boys, therefore he refers to himself as a TBL, or teen boylover. He states that his "sexual orientation" has never been a problem for him, and that he believes that being a pedophile is genetic.

In Scapegoat's perfect world, little boys would never grow up, adult friends (AFs) would be God and there would be no need for females.


I knew from roughly sixth grade onwards that I was attracted to other males and even had a couple of "partners in experimentation" during my youth. Since I am primarily a TBL (teen boy lover), I was attracted to those my age and a few years younger when I was a teenager myself. For a long time, I, too, simply thought I was gay. It wasn't until I was in college and suddenly found myself with a following of dozens of junior high school age boys that the realization dawned on me. I never really had a problem coming to terms with my sexual orientation.

My YF was the cutest choirboy ever.

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Scapegoat
  • Scapey
  • ScapeyCog

Known E-mail Addresses


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes

In my version of the multiverse.....

Posted by Scapegoat on 2007-May-28 14:06:33, Monday

In reply to Re: nothing but boys.. posted by hyacinth on 2007-May-28 13:36:42, Monday

.....each BL will be given his own reality to play around in. The initial conditions, fundamental constants, and physical laws will be such that all the boys will be within said BL's AoA and will never mature beyond that. They and their AF (who in effect will be their God) will all be immortal, so there will be no need for females.

Hm, why does some of this sound kind of Mormon to me?

Additional Information

  • Scapegoat has posted that he's hypersensitive but others have posted that he's an attention seeker, passive-aggressive and a thread hijacker.
  • Despite that, he appears to be a popular poster on BoyChat and has posted that he likes classical music and made posts that indicate that he not only plays a musical instrument, but has given some lessons, as well.
  • About his appearance, Scapegoat posts that he looks young for his age and people are often surprised when they find out his actual age.
  • He has mentioned a receding hairline as well.

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