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Robert Philip Maher
Age: 62
Birthdate: April 25, 1957
Race: White
Occupation: Software Exec., Photographer
Location: Dallas, Texas
Physical Description:
Organizations: Boy Choirs, Boy Scouts
Robert (Bob) Maher, aka Scouter1807 and Treble1957, is a pedophile who has an obsession with boy choirs. He sells boy choir CDs and attends their concerts often.

Robert Philip Maher, aka Scouter1807 and Treble1957, is an admitted boylover pedophile who, unfortunately, is also involved closely with the Boy Scouts in his area.

Maher is married, grew up in McLean, Virginia, and has a lengthy working history in television and music. Currently, he sells boy choir CDs on eBay and recently won a bid for a video that involved a child dancing around, at times groping themselves and posing in some very suggestive positions.

Maher has a fascination with a 7th grade boy based in the UK and has been known to post on fan sites for a variety of young boy actors and singers, often expressing how "sexy" the children are. He created a Yahoo group called Vienna Boys Choir, and has since created other groups under his screen name which also focus on discussion of boy choirs, choirboys, cathedral choirs and boy singers in general. Although Maher's forum is no longer active, he states that he did have a 12 year old boy on his staff, with hopes to have added yet another one. He also mentions having an established rapport with the Texas Boy's Choir of Fort Worth, TX.


...This must be what Heaven's like. I sat in the first row, center. The boys marched in and I could reach out and touch them if I wanted. The amazing thing is, there was a red-haired boy, who could have been me back in 1968! AND he sang solo! I don't have the words that some of the reviewers on Voices of Angels have, so I don't think I can give you the technical details as well as one of them might. So, I'll stick with emotion, if you don't mind...

Our Investigation

The following steps have been taken in our investigation, which has led us from the screen names Scouter1807 and Treble1957 to the real name of Robert Maher:

  • One of our volunteers, while researching another pedophile, came across information that Scouter1807 was posting on several sites involving children, and that he had an eBay account in which he buys and sells boy choir CDs.
  • The screen name led to a fan website for a well known child singer, with the e-mail address of [email protected] being associated with someone using the screen name revolyob (boylover spelled backwards) to post on the site. A movie database website also had information in their forums, showing that Scouter1807 and Treble1957 were the same person. A cached version of the site showed the two nicknames as being linked together, confirming that they are indeed the same person. Both names were also linked to Dallas, Texas as the home location.
  • Researching the screen names further led us to a Yahoo Group with a link to Treble1957's personal website, and the name 'Bob Maher' listed as belonging to [email protected]
  • A search of archived pages from his old website led us to a post where he named his wife and two sons by their first names, and mentioned again that his location was in Dallas, TX. Public records confirmed that there is a Robert Maher, with a matching date of birth and location, as well as matching names for his wife and sons, therefore confirming that Scouter107 and Treble1957 are indeed Robert Maher.

Online Accounts

Known Aliases:

  • Robert Philip Maher
  • Bob Maher
  • R. P. Maher

Known Screen Names:

  • Scouter1807
  • Treble1957
  • Treble57
  • revolyob
  • bob042557

E-Mail Addresses:


Instant Messenger Contact:

  • AIM: bobblingbling
  • YIM: Treble1957


Last Known Address

Last Known:

  • 2404 Kingsridge Drive, Dallas TX 75287


  • RR01, Linden VA 22642
  • 1007 Salisbury Ct., Sterling VA 20164
  • 128 P. O. Box, Linden VA 22642
  • Reston, VA
  • 2172 Livingston Ter., Milwaukee WI 53219
  • 5201 13th St., Milwaukee WI 53221
  • 6436 Milwaukee Ave., Milwaukee WI 53213

Additional Quotes

I've got some cool stuff to tell you tonight... It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - at least here in Chicago! After an excellent Cajon Fish Dinner this evening at a place called Redfish (blackened redfish for me, thank you!) my friend and I walked down State Street to our hotel. About a 10 block walk. On the way, we passed Marshall Fields. Three things I noticed - One: The store windows were fully animated and decorated for the holidays, and there were lots of kids looking at this with such awe. Two: On the corner was an old guy playing a saxophone, with such misery, that you knew he had the gift - but somewhere along the way, lost it. And Third, there were street performers doing a "play" that had way too many people in my way, so I really couldn't see much - however, there was lots of laughter - the kind that only kids can make - starting in the belly and moving it's way up the body until it explodes from the throat in giggles.... Everyone was just in that Holiday Mood - and no matter how much of a Scrooge you think you are, you can't help but smile at the scene.

Additional Information

  • Worked for ABC Sports as an Associate Producer
  • Worked on many films; most notably - Huck Finn and The Good Son
  • Write scripts and commercials
  • Is a member of the Directors Guild (inactive at the moment)
  • Produced over 250 commercials in South Florida
  • Has produced and directed live television
  • 40 ADDY Awards and 2 Emmys

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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