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Age: 41
Birthdate: September 10, 1978
Occupation: See Other Information
Location: Canada, states he's 2-3 hours outside of Seattle, WA
Physical Description:
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Brown shoulder length
Other: Scars up and down both arms & legs, anarchy symbol scar on right shoulder with the words "laßt ihm beenden", sometimes wears goth makeup, wears leather clothing, spikes & chains, may wear contacts
Organizations: BLISS, BoyChat
Kris AKA Shiver is a highly depressive pedophile who believes that sex with children is harmless, as long as it's done with care.

Shiver AKA Kris is a very depressed, bisexual pedophile from Canada who serves as a moderator on the BLISS forums. He is also a long time poster at BoyChat under a different moniker, however it is unknown as to what that moniker is at this time. He is referred to on BLISS sometimes as "buggy", perhaps due to his collection of exotic pets, such as tarantulas, scorpions, giant cockroaches, and snakes.

At one point, Kris says that his AoA is 6 up to his own age, but later he seems to indicate that his attraction is to anyone from 14 to 60. He is bisexual and has spoken of encounters with at least one teenaged female. In addition, he admits to being a very jealous person when it comes to boys. When confronted with the possibility of losing one of his young friends, he posted about having homicidal thoughts towards the child's Mother for keeping him away from her son. He would eventually lose that relationship, but went on to form relationships with other boys and has posted about several of them on the BLISS forums. One troubled teenager, a boy called "Zero", was actually put in Kris' care by officials in Canada, when Zero refused to go back to his own foster home. Two months after placing Zero in his care, the boy, a serious drug user, was sent away for at least a year. Kris refused to state on the boards what the reason was, claiming that it would be a breach of his own security if he said anything more.

Kris is what is commonly known as a cutter. When he gets depressed or feels that he can't handle life in general, he will cut himself using razors or knives. He has scars all over his arms and legs because of this, including an anarchy symbol that he cut into his right shoulder and "laßt ihm beenden" which means "let it end" in German. Under his signature image on the BLISS forum, he has the words, "Wear Your Scars With Pride". He also mentions burning himself and having a desire to put spikes in his ears and D hooks into his back. In addition to being a cutter, he throws knives for a hobby. He also holds a black belt in martial arts and has taught classes to both children and adults.


Topic: Fuck the children

posted June 13, 2006 02:51 AM

Fuck adults, friends enemies, a hole in the wall.

First sex with care usually doesnt hurt anyone...

That could be debated till the end of time im sure...

However im not up for debate.

Imo physical intercourse with or without love casual sex of any sort is not harmful if all who are involved want it. If it is not forced. If it is done with care not to cause harm.

Yes a child can consent with enough understanding of the situation to know what they are getting into... I was one such child, so its not open for debate in my world.

A child can have sex with an adult and be hurt sure...

But it is possible for a child to have sex with an adult and be healed by it.

I am afraid that sex is not the issue, it never was...

Its all about image, and news and propaganda.

A little innocent fucking is what we were made for.

Growing up I was taught to feel that sex, touching... hugging, emotion, the human body were all shameful.

Not directly but indirectly...

adults wouldnt talk about sex... so called 'dirty mags and movies' were not sold to minors...

Everything to a child is sensored...

Im lucky I somehow figured out what my penis was...

Some things we arent born with... like how to have sex how to interact physically.

But you know what ?? humans instinctively have one huge fucking sex drive... and we are forced indirectly from birth to supress it.

Rightwingers say its not christian enough. Socially were braught to believe its dirty and harmful...

The truth is... its healthy and it is something that our race is suffereing from a lack of.

The propaganda leads us to believe its in the details... age, religion, orientation.

I believe thats blinding us to the truth... its just sex... it is it necessary for proper development.

I am REALLY lucky I somehow figured out what my penis was...

If not then I wouldnt know now... because they dont teach you that in your teen years... noooo they expect your already well versed and have fucked half the neigbourhood.

How many were closet virgins ??

Seriously how is a person supposed to know what to do unless they break the rules and do what is taboo as a child...

if you dont then your far less likely to do it as an adult...

picture in the bedroom with a loved one...

and you dont know what your dick is for !!

I probbaly read this on nifty... who knows... Its a story about people in an age where sex is considered normal.

at a point in their lives kids are allowed to choose an adult partner to have casual sex with on a regular basis. Its a careing partnership designed to help the child learn and develop.

Before they can choose an adult partner... the kids of all ages take classes in school that involve having structured sexual intercourse with equal and older classmates in order to teach them how to actually 'have sexual intercourse'

I think its an interesting idea... not from a purely erotic point of view... but from a social development point of view.

I feel that in a perfect world thats how it would work.

Within reason and following safety precautions people would have sex freely.

It may not solve the world problems but imo humanity would be very different and mostly for the better.

As I was growing up... physical contact was like a dream or an unobtainable fairytale.

The few times we messed around we had to hide it and feel ashamed.

When we were caught we were grounded or there was hell to pay.

What little we knew of physical contact was from tv and such.

We soon felt it was a bad and hurtful thing to kiss or hug or have sex.

Yes... It fucked me up...

I cant even say the words 'I love you to my parents' never have been able too because even that feels dirty...

Somewhere in my mind 'I love you' got associated with sex.

I blush when people talk about sex.

There are so many problems I have with sex... both physical and psycological that its hard for me to hugg sometimes or even sit clost to another person that im in contact with them.

Now... I know better... but im still workin to undo the damage a childhood of 'correct' behaviour has done to me.

This is everyones fault... for not seeing the truth and not doing something about it.

This should have been understood generations ago...

Now we are a race of socially inept and repressed beings that cant come to terms with shit.

We argue we debate it back and forth we die a little more and we continue to sink.

I for one will fight a little more every day.

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The investigation into this person is ongoing.

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  • Shiver
  • Kris
  • YIM: Cr33pyGr33nlite

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Kris may be living with his parents, or at least close to them. He has spoken of living with them before, then moving out on his own and having a roommate who was the son of the landlord. Shortly afterwards, he posted about moving to NYC. Only away for a short period of time, he posted that he was back in Canada and living with his parents. He claims that his parents are both physicians and that he has a step-sister who is a corrections officer.

Additional Information

Unstable employment

Kris currently claims to be in Tech Support, however throughout his time on BLISS he has claimed to have a wide variety of jobs, including being in the Canadian Army, teaching martial arts classes, owning a skateboarding business, driving a truck, and owning an import business for invertebrates & reptiles.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Kris claims to have been a part of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, and offered advice to another poster on the BLISS forums as to how to skirt their interview questions so that they will not figure out that he is a pedophile.

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