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Peter-Gene Budarick
Age: 72
Birthdate: September 20, 1947
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Production Artist/Programmer
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat
Peter-Gene Budarick AKA Sibelius is a member of the GirlChat forums. He was a regular poster for quite some time and is considered dangerous as he spoke of teaching children his religion and being attracted to little girls as young as 12 years old.
File:Sibelius sigpic.png
Sibelius' sig pic

Peter-Gene Budarick AKA Sibelius

Sibelius AKA Peter-Gene Budarick is a member of the GirlChat forums and has been a regular member since approximately 2000. He is a dangerous pedophile activist as he discusses recruiting and teaching children his religion of Quatzikosahan. He also claims to be a Jew Hater and thinks highly of Hitler.

I am leaving to do more important work

Posted by Sibelius on Saturday, September 27 2003 at 12:35:59am

Hello friends.

I am leaving this forum to do more important work. This comprises work to make this world a better place for future generations of true human beings. What you would call "Children". I refer to them as Godlings and Godletts in my religion of Quatzikosahan.

Additionally, like most pedophiles, he also believes that children are sexual human beings:

In my writings the words: {Love}, {Erotics} and {Sex} have a relatively precise meaning. Such words - which have a precise or unique meaning - will henceforth be put between curly brackets. You will note that {Erotics} is not found in your dictionary. Instead you will find “erotic”. It is perhaps not the best word to choose, and after reading this you may suggest to me better ones.

Words that are used by culture (both by {Super-Culture} and also here at GC) like “pedophile”, “sexual”, etc…. will be put into parenthesis. Example: Children are “sexual” beings.


He does continue to claim that he is not a pedophile:

Loving children is the ONLY thing that makes this animal, homo sapiens, a human being, and we would want to kill that?! by finding a cure?! I find this incredible, and i am not even a so-called "pedophile"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But come on, we know better:

We have to remember that as "lovers of children" we are rather isolated and prone to obsession because of this isolation. People don't understand.

But i am sexualy attracted to young women, being females who are able to safely conceive and give birth to a child, which is of course a very beautiful part of human life. That happen usually between the age of 12-yo to 18-yo with few exceptions and you will find that in most cultures the "age of conscent" has been within this range [with 15-yo being the median]

Sadly and yet predictably, he begins to so-call “educate” the pedophiles on intercourse and children:

I only bring the issue up because "intercourse" was mentioned which is actually something which children do not do [or even like] except in a ritual sort of way [because perhaps they have seen adults do it]. There is actually a lot of knowledge in existance about the pleasure which the genitally unmutilated human body offers, and this pleasure is available to children also [they are fully functional]. It is just pleasure and it should not be confused with love. Indeed it has been shown that such activity leads to the release of certain chemicals and hormones in the body which improve the health of the child, promotes growth, strengthens the immune system, and increases learning ability and so on. There is a large body of hidden and forbiden knowledge which i have access too based on real life cases.

He continues with saying there’s nothing wrong with pain and pleasure for a child:

There is nothing wrong with receiving pleasure, when it is a natural bi-product of nurturing, caring and teaching a child. There is also nothing wrong with a child experiencing and learning how to have and manage pleasure [and of course pain also].

And unfortunately this dangerous pedophile is around children:

I am GLAD.....

Posted by Sibelius on Tuesday, September 23 2003 at 08:24:31am

In reply to Sib, I'm sad..... posted by DeeGee on Tuesday, September 23 2003 at 07:46:52am

you spoiled them.

Children exist to be spoiled. It is the only love they will EVER get. But sometimes an old man like me is lucky and will get the love of a lil girl -it is very rare of course but nice when it happens.

Take care mate!


One of the posts on SF that tied the Sibelius on GirlChat to the Sibelius on StormFront.org, which ultimately tied him to Peter-Gene Budarick.

10-15-2006, 09:23 AM

I appologize


This is particularly directed to Don and Jamie and also to the moderators who had to take my post and decided to ban me for a year.

I will not do a "Mel Gibson" about what i wrote under the influence.

I make no excuses.


We need to move on.

I hope we are not "Jews" who hold grudges against our own people.

If you want me on the team then i will be be there.

If not, you can tell me honestly, and i shall disappear.

But i reccon we need to get our heads together and do some work!

Because we have a formidable common advisary who is cracking at the moment.

Old Sib.


Our Investigation

The following are steps we took to connect the pedophile screen name "Sibelius" with the real name of Peter-Gene Budarick in Australia:

  • We first noticed "Sibelius" posting on GirlChat's Website.
  • We also took note of his writing style such as the regular use of brackets { } and [ ], the constant misspelling of the words agree and agreement (he spells it: aggree and aggreement) and his use of a strange kind of Q&A format in his postings.
  • We also carefully noted his constant discussion of a particular religion called Quatzikosahan, a very oddly named religion that when researched only produced one Web site: www.quatzikosahan.com. Fortunately, running the whois domain information revealed Peter-Gene Budarick as the Web master along with his full address and phone number in Australia.
  • Upon further examination of this Website, we began to notice many similarities between his writings on this site and on GirlChat such as his reference of children as Godletts and Godlings, the use of the brackets and the use of the same kind of Q&A format as mentioned above.
  • Further investigation of Peter-Gene on the Internet revealed him posting on more than the two sites already mentioned; he was also a frequent poster on StormFront.org and Whitakeronline.org where he spoke highly of Hitler, considers himself an Aryan, calls himself a Jew Hater, and has said “Stay legal, staywhite,” something he's said on GirlChat.
  • Other confirmations that we had the right man came when he revealed nicknames he has used on other boards, surprisingly the same one he uses on GirlChat. For example, on Whitakeronline.org, he reveals that he used an old nick of "Sibelius" on StormFront and when posting on StormFront.org, he refers to himself as OLD Sib, another nick he's used on GirlChat.
  • But perhaps the most fulfilling confirmation that we had the right pedophile comes when he accidentally signs his real first name of "Peter" on ONE SINGLE POST on GirlChat.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Sibelius
  • OLD Sib
  • SIBE
  • PeterGene
  • PeterGene_Budarick
  • Lucifer
  • YIM: pomporosatan

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Unit 7
2 Sanford Street
Kensington Gardens
Adelaide, South Australia 5068
8361 2074

Last Known Phone Number

[08] 8 3612074

Additional Quotes

There are so many things in life about which i can not communicate to others (and never could). My love for girl children is one of them, but it is, in many respects, rather trivial (after all i have lived a relatively productive and satiated life for 50 years without so much as touching one). There ARE even more serious matters, which i can NOT share with the whole world. Not because they are taboo, or even that i am not a good communicator, but simply because my fellow humans do not understand (are made incabable of understanding due to their upbringing). And i was aware of this already as a very young man. So even before i was confronted with this issue (of men loving girl children - whatever that may mean), i was already aware of my isolation from most of humanity. I have always had to confront this issue of the "true man" that you so poignantly express in your post, but it seems now that i may indeed have managed to escape from it. I now wonder: have i been too successful in escaping from it? Have i desensitized myself? Have i lost my humanity? Am i an un-authentic human being?

We do not make models of any God or hold a common dogma, but we allow individuals to have their own beliefs, if they wish. We promote the worship of Godlings and Godletts [Children] as God but not in a sentimental or superstitious way. Only our children can travel into the future and discover new realities. We are all Children of God on the same journey. Investment in Godlings and Godletts is beneficial to any community because it creates sane adults and thus ensures the survival of the community.

Hitler was not a "paedophile"!

Our strength must lay in our ability to live proudly without depending on other peoples images of us. That can be done and i teach it to children. Otherwise we will become what others imagine we are. I am not other peoples superstition!

I have researched Saddam Hussain for instance and many other so-called "evil" vilified men like Adolph Hitler about whom even bigger lies are told than about Peadophiles. These men are not evil at all [compared to others in the same line of work], they just happened to be on the loosing side. And how can you vilify someone you have not even met and lived with? Because someone told you? Who told you? If every one told you that it is good to mutilate the genitals of baby boys would you believe it? Would you do it to your son just because everyone else does?

Additional Information

  • He states that he was born in Germany, speaks German and has lived in France.
  • He states his interests are: "Art, Music Composition, Philosophy, Science and Teaching".
  • He says he admires JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson and is a big fan of TLOTR.
  • He states the following of himself: "Sibelius is an Aryan, Actualist, Conservative, Holists, Qualist, Ethicalist, Visualist, Practicalist, Pluralist, etc".

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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