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Created: Unknown
Referred to as: Somersault forums, Tech Forum, Somersault's Lounge
Based out of: Canada
Founder: Ian M Hodgson/Martin Somers aka "Tangie"
Purpose: To provide forums for boylovers to interact with topics ranging from boy lovers to computer privacy issues.
Website Address:
Current: http://somersaultforums.org/
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
Somersault provides several forums for pedophiles to use for interaction with other pedophiles, or to gain information on a variety of other topics relating to the pedophile lifestyle.

Somersault's Forums, created by Ian Hodgson/Martin Somers, aka Tangie, is a set of forums which were designed to offer a place for discussion amongst boy lover pedophiles. Forums are set up so that members may choose a more social forum to discuss a wide variety of topics concerning pedophilia, or gain advice on how to protect themselves and their computers from the authorities, or to gain information regarding the use of html or chat programs for Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

It is also a place where BoyChat posters go when there are problems with the BoyChat forum.

The future of the forums is unknown as this time, as Tangie states, as of June 19, 2007, that he is near death and not expecting to live past a few more days. He has sent out an appeal for assistance from the members of his forum.


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If you have any information regarding this pedophile organization, its owners, members or contact with underage children, please contact [email protected].

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