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Michael W. McCormick
Age: 45
Birthdate: May 9, 1974
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown. Claims he is a Christian Preacher but that is false.
Location: Lynchburg, Virginia
Physical Description:
Organizations: GirlChat, Common Ground, PACE, Forbidden Realms
A dangerous pedophile who posted pictures of little girls he knows on a pedophile website and sees nothing wrong with having sex with children as young as 4 years old.

Michael W. McCormick AKA "Spike" Michael W. McCormick AKA "Spike"

A picture the pedophile "Spike" as a child posted on Forbidden_Realms

Update: It appears that Spike is out of jail as of November 1, 2011 and is actively posting on GirlChat.

Update: Michael Wayne McCormick is now in jail, facing two counts of taking indecent liberties with a child who is 7 years old, and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. (July, 2011)

Michael W. McCormick AKA Spike AKA Bubbaj232 is a moderator at GirlChat and the designer of the GLogo or 'Spike logo', as it is known. The image of two hearts, one larger and one smaller, are intertwined in a unique configuration. The intended meaning to be that of consensual adult/child sexual relations. He is also a very dangerous pedophile, because he claims to have had consensual sex with children as young as 4 and would like to have sex with children in the future.

In addition, Spike posted photographs of little girls from church and other pictures of his niece on the vile pedophile forum board Forbidden Realms with the caption "You won't see these photos anywhere on the net I guarantee it". These series of photographs showed a little girl's legs in a miniskirt walking around at church, while another set of photos of showed his niece with a group of her friends in pajamas at an apparent sleepover party. Not only does Spike claim that sex with children can be "consensual" he also has no problem putting personal family photos on a pedophile message board where other pedophiles can comment on how they think these pre-teen girls are "sexy". He also has posted a video on YouTube and other locations around the internet of a 3 year old girl he claims is his cousin.

Michael McCormick has a channel on Youtube using the name "Bubbaj232". Since he has never exposed his pedophilic nature in this context, he was easily able to befriend some young girls and their father through his niece's Youtube account. He even appears in a video with these two girls and their father in a meeting at the mall and visiting their home. His niece appears in many of his Youtube videos as well.

Spike said he was a preacher at the Monroe Church of God in 2000, but that has proven to be false. He also claims that he frequently counsels youths, and has been active with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America along with serving on the local board of directors and National Advisory Committee. Spike identifies himself as attracted to girls within the ages of 5-10 years old but occasionally is interested in young boys.

Spike claims he started having sexual contact with little girls when he was 13 years old, including some younger children that lived with his family. He has also stated that he's been with girls as young as 4 years old, that he found God at the age of 21 and that he is/has had contact of a sexual nature with both his best friends child and his girlfriend's child.

He also claims that his wife knows about his sexual attraction to her daughter and other little girls and that she has no problem with it; however public records have yet to confirm this information.

It is likely that he is now living with a registered sex offender, or has in the past.


Summertime 1990, we're still in the rural area, but I get news that we're about to leave the area,wich was fine by me, but then, just above my house, 3 little girls moved in. I only had a few mins alone with them for the few months that I was there. I did share one sexual experience with each girl, but the 6 yr old was my favorite, (the ages were 4,6,and 10 due to the nature of this board I will not post what happened).

Nov 28 2006

I too have enjoyed the flirtations of young girls. I have no notions that they are "attracted" to me, as I am in my early thirties, and probably seen as "grandpa" to many a young girl. I do however enjoy their advances on me, and relish every second as they test themselves on me. My young niece and her little friend (both 9 years old) are always doing dances in front of me, and both of them get me a little heated at times! Especially when they are "dressed up" and they are what my niece calls "sassy", and they dance frequently to a song named "Hips don't lie" from Skakira I think, BOY! they dress like this superstar and come out dancing to that song for me, I enjoy every minuite of it, but I know it's an act. There's a girl in the church I go to, she's 13, and she's very cute, but wants to be 18 so bad, I had gotten wind that she wanted to be called Catherine instead of "Katie" so I began to call her by her proper name, talk about a best new friend at church! She comes up to me, hugs me, sits next to me, and smiles at me all the time.

My mother commented that I had "gotten a special friend at church" and wanted to know what's going on with that, I explained what I did and my mom in all her wisdom said "Don't lead that girl on, if she thinks you like her, she'll be broken hearted when she finds out you don't" I just smiled and nodded my head. I guess she's right, but little does my mom know that I really DO like her, though I know I could never have a relationship with her. I enjoy all the advances of a little girl, but I don't get it twisted, I know it's all an act and "feel out" of what they can get away with and what they can't. I am always careful when it comes to this kind of thing.

Thank you for presenting yourself as an intellent person instead of someone who is "going off" and cussing me and everyone around me for having sex with kids. I don't have sex with every little kid that I come in contact with, in fact, I know several lg's that I am very good friends with and I don't even think about it when I am around them...and then there are certian ones that I am very much interested in having sex with, though I let them establish the relationship. [edited] Ummm...thanks for your opinion...I'll keep in mind..

2nd, why rule out penetration? Well, one I just don't want to do that with a little girl, and there IS a big difference between rubbing and penetration, no matter how simple you make it sound, there is a difference. I don't see rubbing, touching, or even sucking harmful to the child. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. I know 2 girls that I had relationships with, their teenagers, except for the normal teenage problems, they seem very ok with it. We're still good friends, though they understand that what we had is no longer taken place. One girl even told me that she enjoyed our playing together and she always remember it fondly.

Damage? Does'nt sound like it to me...

Our Investigation

The following steps were taking in our investigation to connect the screen name "Spike" to the real name "Michael McCormick":

  • We noticed that someone with the screen name "Spike" was posting on several pedophile websites, and that he claimed to be a preacher. He gave in-depth details regarding children he had molested, and was a very enthusiastic pedophile activist. He is even credited with designing the GLogo (girl love logo) used by sites which cater to pedophiles who are attracted to females.
  • We found that he was associated with another pedophile, darwingl, via some pedophile groups such as GirlChat, ASGL and PACE.
  • An archived version of PACE revealed that he had shared his e-mail address, [email protected], and that he gave the name Mike McCormick along with a website http://www.angelfire.com/va/biblebeliever.
  • A search of another e-mail address he used on the pedophile websites, [email protected], led us to several non-pedophile related websites, including Youtube, which confirmed his age, location, name and occupation.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Spike
  • Bubbaj232
  • Ramados
  • Spike232
  • Spiked_232
  • Spike Dylan

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

Online Gaming Activities

User names on Ever Quest:

  • Siinfull Miind
  • Ramados Gladerunner
  • Binuv Gladerunner


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Center Cove Lane
Amherst County, VA

Former Addresses

28 Peck Lane Lynchburg, VA 24501

100 Potts Ln
Monroe VA 24574

33 B 352 RT 3
Monroe VA 24574

Last Known Phone Number

(804) 929-1519

Additional Quotes

I'm writing you guys today to give my support for CLFS. I am a 26 yr old girllover, living somewhere on the East Coast in the USA. I go by "Spike" and "spike232" in most Pedophile communities. I am a member of ASGL-L* (probably for about 2 years) I am also a regular poster at the Girl Chat Website, I have posted on several newsgroups, and I am now in the process of setting up my own webpage, but that's still in development as of right now. I believe that little girls can have a healthy relationship with a man who is much older than she. I also believe that they have the right to say no and yes to sex. I am a very balanced person, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually. Though, in today's society, I am anything but "normal", I consider myself normal in every sense of the word.

I have been a mentor to kids for years, both boys and girls, and I have been awarded the "Good Citizen Award" in my state for the past 2 yrs and have a good chance of winning it for this year as well. I am very well educated, and love to hang with kids, especially girls.

I have 2 special girls in my life now, Megan and Kristie, and if you subscribe to ASGL-L and the Girl Chat message board then you'll hear about them a lot. There are only a couple of people in my life who knows what I am, 1 of them is my brother, and the othe is a friend of mine. I have'nt told anyone else. They are ok with it, and rib me alot about it, but other than that, they are ok with it...

Well that's it about me...



Posted by Spike on 2000-November-29 16:05:15, Wednesday

Well, last Saturday I did go back over to Kayla's house, and we had some "snuggle time" as I like to call it. Nothing happened that even came close to what happened last Wendesday, but she did try to keep sitting on my hand (needless to say I let her win a couple of times )She was fully clothed. I went back over there last night, and she was alrighty in her little shirt. I'm beginning to think that it's a normal thing for her to wear a shirt with no underwear at night (YES!) As I came in she got up and started to jump around, happy to see me. I beginning to bond with this little girl. I can tell if I bond well with a child or not, they are very happy to see me. Immediately she wants me to sit on the couch with her. Her mother and I are is trying to have a conversation, as this child is veying for my attention, and I must admit that it's hard to concentrate and hold an adult conversation while a lg is jumping up front of you! At one point she gets on top of me, straddles my body, turns around and bends over right in front of my face! Needless to say, I was temporarily sidetracked by the conversation we were having (I could'nt help but look) and her mother just kept yacking away as if nothing was going on! I could'nt believe it! Was she completely blind as to what her daughter was doing to me? Or did she even care. After 30 mins of talking her mother finally gets up and excuses herself, she had some dishes to take care of, and this left me alone with Kayla. She started to jump on me again (just like Saturday) but this time she keeps herself mostly on my chest, and my stomach, although I am getting GREAT views of her evertime she gets up to jump on me again. Back on the couch again, and she's trying to sit on my hand again! This time I surrender totally, and she is having fun with my hand and I'm just sitting there! [edited] I won't go any further. Spike

I had what I always wanted, a live-in lg. AGAIN, I can't go into detail what is going on between me and Megan. 5 months ago I met with a beutiful woman, she's 32 yrs old, and she has a 10 yr old girl named Kristie. Kristie and I have something going on as well..but once again I can't tell you...look in future ASGL-L issues...

there ya go, all about me...

her Dad flipped out after his wife, Megan's mother, cheated on him and immediately left him, leaving Megan behind as well. I stepped in to help out with Megan, I am Jim's bestfriend and I felt that I needed to do something. My motives were'nt exactly for Jim however, as I have had my eye on Megan since she turned 3 and I was beginning to have feelings for her when she was 5, when her Mom bailed out on her. I became the full, time babysitter.

He agreed to sign over partial custody to me, and now I am Megan's legal guardian. To say the least, I am torn between being her guardian and being her lover, both are similiar but very opposite roles.

I definitly feel a twinge of excitement a cute boy walks into my office with his shirt unbuttoned but I don't think I would ever do anything to him.

I met Susie, she was 8 yrs old when I met her. Well, as you can imagine I was getting horny after about 8 months without sex and Susie was there, I did'nt rape her, in fact, I don't think she knew what I was doing at the time.......I can't go into much detail, but it involved her hand and me cumming in my jeans, you can pretty much guess what happened. My very first sexual experience with a lg was insued and I was hooked on lg's from then on. I did'nt really understand my feelings at first, it was just sexual gratification, but I did'nt want to hurt them and in fact, I loved them

my AOA is 5-10 yrs old, going as high as 12 and as low as 4 except my hottie 20 yr old wife..that's the only exception so far.. Megan is nearing 13 so I may have to change my mind again!

She was probably 4 at the time, I was totally into her. Nothing happened between me and her in the pool, as there were a lot of people there, but I was totally turned on by her...The winter was bleak and there was no little girls around to keep me happy in that neighborhood. My Dad comes in one day and says "We got new neighbors" Imagine my suprise, and delight, that one of the kids were the 4 yr old from the POOL!!!!! Only now she was 5, and she was looking good! I was in heaven as you can imagine. Her name was Chere' and she was my first "LOVE". For 5 yrs Chere' and I have a relationship with one another.

At age 19 I was pretty much out of luck of meeting little girls, and I went through one MAJOR dry spell. I decided that I wanted to see the world, so off I went, I bought a big ugly yellow stationwagon and hit the road.

Anyways..back to my story. About a yr ago I met up with a very nice family. A mother, a father, and a 5 yr old girl named Megan. During the course of last year, the mother left. I needed a place to stay, and the father needed a babysitter from time to time, so it only made since for me to move in with them. I had what I always wanted, a live-in lg. AGAIN, I can't go into detail what is going on between me and Megan. 5 months ago I met with a beutiful woman, she's 32 yrs old, and she has a 10 yr old girl named Kristie. Kristie and I have something going on as well..but once again I can't tell you...

Additional Information

  • Confirmed in post on GirlChat back in 2002, information on his contact emails:

Posted by Spike on 2002-January-5 01:13:56, Saturday

Well I don't mind you contacting me at all, my e-mail address is [email protected] or Yahoo Instant Messanger ID: mmccormick0

there ya go..get in touch, stay in touch


  • Claims to work in the Computer Tech industry and is familiar with the deadlines behind the release of new software programs. Also claims to have worked as a Manager of a Shipping and Receiving warehouse.
  • Posted a video on Youtube saying his father owned a towing company called Buster's Towing & Recovery with the phone number (434) 229-8042.
  • Says he is an avid gamer. He plays Everquest and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.
  • He played Volleyball and claims:

I was an all star, and I was famous for "spiking" the ball, so they called me Spike and Dylan came from my best friend,who was killed a few years ago, so I came up with the "internet" name Spike Dylan.

  • Also claims to have been arrested for reckless child endangerment:

One time, when I was really desperate for cash, I applied for a credit card in my nieces name, they gave me a $1500 credit limit, and she's only 8! I even put down her real birthday, social security number, and address and they STILL gave it to her! She's got a card and everything! I did not use it however, I turned it back in, I was arrested for identity theft and reckless child endangerment!

  • Claims to have friends who attended Virginia Tech during the famous shootings on campus and that one of his friends was shot during this horrible rampage.
  • Made a webpage for Monroe Church of God:

Wednesday 04/12/2000 3:20:14pm
Name: Michael McCormick
E-Mail: mmccormick0 @yahoo.com
Homepage Title: Monroe Church of God
Homepage URL: http://www.monroecog.cjb.net
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: Virginia
Comments: Hey XXX, like you page was referred here by TXXXXX, check out my page, I've done that one with Frontpage too, I have'nt put the button up to say so yet, but I used it... if you need help don't hesitate to e-mail..always ready and willing to help out a fellow believer...


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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