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Age: 42
Birthdate: November 1, 1977
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Student Psychiatrist
Location: Peterborough, UK
Physical Description:
Height: 6'2"
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: Brown
Pedophile Websites: Kidzlandonline, Boylandonline
A 29-year-old male "childlover" (pedophile) living in the UK

"stefanhulsberg" is a member and forum moderator on both Kidzlandonline and Boylandonline; commonly referred to as KLOL and BLOL respectively. He is currently living in the United Kingdom where he studies Psychology and works part-time in a pizza parlor. He states he is sexually attracted to both young boys and girls alike. He also claims to have a 12-year-old "girlfriend" who is the daughter of one of his best friends. His stated AoA is 11-18 years for boys and 12-20 years for girls.

"Stefan," as he sometimes called, is a confused fellow. He openly admits to being boy/girl-lover, but claims he is not a pedophile. He maintains this, "I am not a pedophile," claim while, at the same time, admitting to having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy. He also seems to truly classify himself as being "straight" in sexual preference and adamantly denies being homo- or bi-sexual--again, despite the fact that he openly admits to having relationships with teen boys.

Stefanhulsberg is a moderator on the KLOL and BLOL forums. He claims to speak English, German, and French fluently and says he knows "a little" Russian as well. Though, recently, a native German speaker on one of the forums asked him to please write in English on the German sub forum, because his German was too difficult to understand. The German native said that Stefanhulsberg's written German looked like the text one would get by using a English-to-German web-based translator service--like Babelfish...so he may not actually be fluent in the languages he claims to be.


I am a boylover... a pedophile... but a good pedophile...

Re: girlfriend

yeah... she is my mates god daughter... she is 12 years old and a tomboy... loves baseball caps and fast cars... gets drunk every friday and swears more than me... but she is a good girl... she makes me laugh.

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If you have information about this person's current phone number, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

Additional Quotes

Sometimes it would be wonderful if you could just sit your loved ones around a table and tell them the deep feelings that you have for children and that every thing is going to be fine.... but that is not the case....For me, i had, or i saw, no choice but to tell them... and it was pretty ugly...Sometimes, secrets are best kept as that.... secret... so only tell them if you have no choice...

What ever you do.... don't use the word... pedophile!

"What is a boylover/girllover dear?" they may ask...

here is what you say....

"A boylover / girllover is a person who loves children equally to adults... I do not crave hateful sexual feelings or hide in bush's by the local school so don't even think that.... boylove / girllove... is the same as any other love that a person can give to someone else... but my love orientates around children..."

try and explain that it is not some twisted perverted sexual thing that makes you kidnap and kill kiddies and rape them and abuse them...just tell them straight.... you are not a pervert... you are not a pedophile... you are not a sexual predator! you are a normal human being with a different idea of love...'

My YF is hooked on gay chat sites.....

Ever since we, my YF and I, had that really funny episode with that exhibition couple on a gay chat site.... my YF is on there all the time...

Ok... i know what you are thinking.... but i didn't... i had no part in his decision to partake in any chat sites... especially gay ones

Ok... i don't mind it at all... some of them are just for a laugh... he chats to some gay teens and makes out that he is gay and laughs and giggles at their responces.... especially if they think they are getting somewhere... and when they suggest web cam or intimate details... he cuts them off or just makes his excuses and leaves...

... i read some of his responses and they are a real turn on... he knows what he is saying and how to say it.... he also says he is 13 years old... which he is and the site is for 12 to 19 year olds... so he isn't lying about who he is at all...

the problem is.... and trust me i am not going to take advantage or anything like that... is he gay in real life or is he just trying out his sexuality? curious i think they call it....if he is curious... he is sort of playing a dangerous game of talking to complete strangers like this.... but he is and he is hooked on it...i noted that he has five regulars who he chats with that are gay and between 12 and 15....

but.... some of them are like 20 and above.... i saw this evening a 35 year old showing his bits off on web cam and that was on a site that was supposed to be 12 to 16 years old....

now i know i am a hypocrite for saying that there are some strange people out there... lol...but this is getting to be a little wierd...remember i am supposed to be the straight guy here....i don't know what to say...i laugh at some because it is funny... i try not to drool at some coz they are fit and sexy.... but some i am like... wtf... "Adam what are you doing!?"

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