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Derek J. Foster
Age: 34
Birthdate: 3/26/1985
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Fire Fighter, Youth counselor
Location: Smithfield, Rhode Island
Physical Description:
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Average
Pedophile Websites: Little Boy Lover Forum, boylover.net, boyzoom
Derek J. Foster, AKA TheGreatBL, is a 23 year old self-professed pedophile who uses pedophile groups on the internet to share his love of boys with other "boylovers".
Derek Foster, pedophile from Rhode Island
Derek Foster, pedophile from Rhode Island
A picture Derek Foster posted of his fire truck at Warren Fire Department
Derek Foster, pedophile from Rhode Island
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Derek Foster talking on the pedophile forum board Boylover.net about being a youth counselor.

TheGreatBL, AKA Derek J. Foster, is a self-professed pedophile from Smithfield, RI. He uses the internet to communicate and share his love of boys with other pedophiles by frequenting sites such as Little Boy Lover Forum, boylover.net and boyzoom. He even helped run one of the pedophile websites, boyzoom for a year.

Beginning, in high school, he knew he liked young boys. He felt misplaced until he found comfort among other pedophiles on the internet where he now shares his attraction to minor boys.

He mentions several times in his postings on the pedophilia forums that he is a youth counselor for troubled male teens, and he was a volunteer fire fighter in his community, which may have gained him access to young boys looking for role models.

I have a cool job. A youth Counselor for troubled teens. Males mind you. What a handful they are.

I work as a youth counselor and am always around younger children. I am always the funny, cool guy that all the kids love hanging out with. So, to me, that is am advantage that i love about being in my early 20's. Its the fact that i can associate with the younger crowd more.


From boylover.net:

in a pure fantasy world,using your imagination.would you like to suck or be suck by a 12 year boy? remember this is all just fantasy lol

His reply to the above question:


When i was just finding out i liked boys in high school i thought i was very weird, that im a freak for likeing boys the way i do. That was part of my troubles in my teen years. I was afraid that someone would find out because i was always looking at younger boys, i was very confused. It wasent until i signed up to this board last year what my problem was, that i was a boylover. Let me tell you, i was so happy to know that thousands of people were out there just like me. I finally was happy with myself that i wasent alone. Being here and having the friends that i do from the board has made me finally happy and at peace with myself. I now feel normal and more at peace now knowing that im not alone. I am happy knowing that there are so many of us.

Our Investigation

The following steps were taken in our investigation of TheGreatBL, that led us to his real name, Derek J. Foster:

  • We noticed a pedophile with the user id TheGreatBL posting on Little Boy Lover Forum as well as Boylover.net.
  • On Boylover.net, he mentioned that he also was a frequent poster to another boylove site, boyzoom.
  • Based on the email address he used on the pedophile forum boards, we were able to locate several public profiles.
  • Information he posted on the pedophile forum boards matched his public profiles.
  • Public records confirmed the rest.

Online Accounts

E-mail Addresses:

Web sites frequented by TheGreatBL:


Pedophile Organizations:

Last Known Address

169 Old County Rd Smithfield, RI 02917

Last Known Phone Number


Employment Information

  • Volunteer Fire Fighter at Warren Fire Department until 2008 and perhaps longer. Possibly worked at the Burrilville Fire Department
  • Counselor Assistant at Phoenix House in Burrillville, RI US

Additional Quotes

About being a moderator on the pedophile site boyzoom:

posted August 15, 2009 09:28 PM

Im very upset that BZ is down, i was finally in a place where i felt free, safe, and most of all, appreciated for who i am. I was on staff there, something that i was trying to do here for a year!!!!!! And now thats been robbed of me, and thats what really pisses me off. I finally get the chance to prove who i am, i finally am a staff member, everything is going well and poof, nothing.

So yea, im compleatly pissed, that was my home. My home is now gone and im back to being a lonely nobody here. Im not on staff and im not home, so it sucks big time.

Hopefully BZ is back up and running soon, I really miss it.

Yours Truly, TheGreatBL.

From Stickam (notice the young boys on his friends list):

Im Just a small town fireman that enjoys the simple things in life. I am a caring, loveing, gentle guy who loves adventure and traveling. I am a fireman, fire buff, and public safety guy. I love history, hot rods, fire trucks, cop cars, computers and of course i love guys. Thats it for now. I will write more as it happens. *** Update *** *** I am back on, its been a few months trying to get on, been deactivated, By who i dont know, i would like to know who excactly wanted me to go but i always win. ***

Teen boys are great. I love them

Additional Information

  • He is a firefighter and a youth counselor for troubled male teens.
  • Has had had bouts of depression, for which he required medication.

Contact Us

If you have information about this person's current address, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

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