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Timothy P. Merrigan
Age: 65
Birthdate: August 9, 1954
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Homemaker
Location: Venice, California
Physical Description:
Other: See Photo
Organizations: TkGL
Tim Merrigan is a pedophile who is sexually attracted to babies and young children. He enjoys sharing his pedo fantasies with his peers.
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Timothy Merrigan


Tim Merrigan is a nepio-pedophile from California who was a member of the now defunct pedo run site, TkGL. He is sexually attracted to babies and young children.

Tim Merrigan, who fancies himself a writer, enjoys posting pedo smut on [asstr.org] using characters with his and his live-in girlfriend's real names. Merrigan also writes of his dream world, which he calls "Pedonia". He says he would like to see it serve as a safe haven for pedophiles, children and incestuous families. Merrigan states that his dream world would have no age of consent laws, no murder, rape or dress code - clothing optional. Incest would be allowed, and all schools would include sex education from the earliest ages. In addition, all females would have their hymen surgically removed at birth or immigration so there would be no virgins.

Tim Merrigan has stated that if the legal climate had been different, he might have enjoyed an incestuous relationship with his own sister, as well as with his daughters and granddaughters, continuing until they gave birth to new baby girls for him to "play with". He has spoken of his desire for non-consensual, violent, rape, and even snuff and cannibalism of young children. Although he maintains that his stories are mere fiction, the disturbing fantasies this man shares should be of concern to anyone who has contact with him.

Merrigan is dyslexic and was last known to be a self-described homemaker, while his long time girlfriend works to support them. He has held several jobs in the past, including employment as a Census taker and as a clerk in an adult book store. He is a big fan of science fiction and has done some writing for a Sci-Fi fan amateur magazine. He also founded a Yahoo Sci-Fi fan group and participates in regular meetings with group members.


Birth to puberty. I absolutely adore their bald little slits, and it's everything I can do to resist fingering them.

In response to a story written about a drugged girl, Tim replies:

Left leaving her unconscious and naked on the floor? He could have at least left her laid out on the bed, ready for the next guy. (And left the door open to show she wasn't being used at the moment.)

Our Investigation

  • We first spotted Tim Merrigan posting as "Tim" on the former TkGL forums.
  • Tim had linked his personal Website through his ISP to his profile on TkGL, home.comcast.net/~tppm/home.htm. The site listed his real name, Tim Merrigan and autobiographical information, including the name of his long-term live-in girlfriend and their location, Venice, CA. The site also included his e-mail address, [email protected]
  • A search using his e-mail address lead us to several sites, including asstr.org, which is a repository for sex stories. There we found Merrigan has posted several stories he had written about his sexual fantasies. His e-mail address also lead to an adult community online called "The Taboo Tales" where we found he had been posting more of his sick stories, as well as providing feedback to other writers.
  • Further searching of his e-mail address lead us to his Facebook and MySpace pages, both of which contained matching information regarding his name and location.
  • Public records revealed that there was indeed a Timothy P. Merrigan, age 55, living in Venice, CA with a roommate named Rita. This information matched everything we had previously found.

Online Accounts

Known E-Mail Addresses

Other Contact Info

  • AIM: tppm1
  • YIM: Tim_Merrigan

Known Websites

  • Facebook Member:Tim Merrigan[1]
  • MySpace Member:Tim Merrigan[2]
  • Yahoo Group APA-LASFS (Sci-Fi Fan Group) Founder[3]
  • Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society Member:Tim Merrigan[4]
  • XFire Game Forum Member:Tim Merrigan, posing as a teen[5]
  • ASSTR Writer Tim Merrigan - WARNING: Sexually Explicit Material[6]

Other Sites

  • This site contains several photos of Tim Merrigan in his role with the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society: Tim Merrigan[7]

Last Known Address

548 Venice Blvd. Apt #3
Venice, CA 90291

Also listed as being in Apt #1 at the same address.

Last Known Phone Number


Additional Quotes

Toddlers because they're so much fun to be with. Preteens are OK too, but toddlers are great. With a few exceptions teens aren't much interested in me, and mostly the feeling is mutual.

IME most people writing in these taboo areas write (and read) about their fantasies, and/or to exorcise psychic demons. I, for instance, like stories involving very young, newborn through early childhood, girls in sexual situations, including but not limited to non-consensual, violent, rape, snuff, and cannibalism. Also however, including loving gentile sex from loved ones. A lot of that is incest simply because of access.

I haven't actually experienced any of that, either as giver or recipient. If the social and legal climate were different I might have enjoyed a loving sexual relationship with my sister, 40 to 50 years ago, and/or with my daughter(s) and/or granddaughter(s) now, starting as soon as they were born, and continuing till they were giving me new daughters to play with.

This group is for fantasy, saying it's anything other than fantasy is too dangerous, that would be confessing to a crime.

In Reply to: #1 fantasy posted by pumper on March 20, 2008 at 23:08:44:

My two or three year old daughter hears me opening the front door and runs to me, naked, shouting "Daddy's home!" takes out my cock and sucks me off.

Additional Information

  • Graduated Arroyo High School in 1973
  • Holds an AA degree from Rio Hondo College in Whittier, CA in General Business. Also took drafting classes and was on the intercollegiate swim team.
  • Likes lions and collects lion themed knickknacks
  • Considers himself to be a liberal Democrat
  • States that he is agnostic neo-pagan Wiccan

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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