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Toby Thomas Rutan
Age: 49
Birthdate: September 11, 1970
Occupation: Previously: Extermination/pest control, lawn work
Location: Previously Broward County (Hollywood), FL
Physical Description:
Organizations: GirlChat, Visions of Alice, Forbidden Realms, MrTim
Tobs AKA Toby Rutan is a pedophile activist who has helped run several pedophile Websites

Tobs AKA Tobytobs AKA Toby Thomas Rutan is a hardcore pedophile who has been on many pedophile Websites over the years and is the administrator of at least two (Visions of Alice and Forbidden Realms). He has posted numerous "girl moments" of seeing little girls during work and off time on the pedophile Websites, describing the girls in detail to his fellow pedophiles.

He also claims he has friends who have little girls who are "in love with him" and who constantly show off their bodies to him, naked, in swimsuits, in shorts, etc. There are two little girls he has focused on particularly: "Jess" who he said was 11 years old in 2007, but said she was 12 in 2006, and one named "Chloe" who was 8 years old in 2007. He says his AoA, or "age of attraction", is for girls who are 4-12 years of age. Toby has also stated that he has over 10,000 pictures of little girls on his computer and he takes pictures of little girls with his phone and shares them with other pedophiles.


When asked: "Ok if a LG is wearing a skirt or dress and she is sitting or in way you can up it do you look or move so you can see. Do you stop or walk on by and do you find your self looking at your LGFs or girls you know. do feel bad if you look or not. I just want to know what people have to say on this subject." he replied:

Paint me guilty, I have looked b4 and will look again, but like the others have said, I wont stare, Oh like Hed said "Perfected" the look without looking, look. Hehe

In a thread where the pedophiles are talking about a party in a "bouncy castle":

BL you may be the luckiest guy I know..WoW what a GM that was......Especially the one with no panties I would have had the hardest time not staring.

I want to thank you in advance for keeping my mind occupied for the next week, I know already I will think about this for a few days Great GM BL.

Our Investigation

  • Toby has posted on pedophile Websites for years using his real first name. He has also posted his birthday and state of residence.
  • Using that information, as well as other information he posted about his family and employment, public records rendered his real name and all postings on pedophile Websites have matched that information.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Tobs
  • Tobytobs
  • Toby
  • Thomas Rutan

Known Websites

Known E-mail Addresses


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

350 Taylor St
Hollywood FL 33024

Claims he has moved to be with his mother in another state, which we believe to be North Carolina

Additional Quotes

I keep my room at 65 degrees at all times I likes it cold....Oh and I sleep in my Bday suit Every night On the occasion my LGF sleeps with me I wear shorts and a T-Shirt, and she wears a T-Shirt and panties

About “Jess,” about him proclaiming his love to her:

"Yesterday I decided to go see Jess, shes my LGF and yesterday I found out just how she feels about me.

... After that we just looked at each other and she stood up walked in front of me and kissed me, I cant say much more about the kiss but was amazing, we both seemed to be happy and hurt...knowing how we felt about each other, knowing how much we love one another but theres no way we can be together."

Additional Information

  • States that he has a gun
  • He likes Pepsi and Country music
  • Possibly owns a motorcycle and also a Ford Mustang

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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