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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Tom Arthur AKA Mr.Double
Age: Possibly 50s
Occupation: Child rape fiction website owner
Location: Big Bend National Park, Texas, United States
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: MrDouble.com, Doublespeakeasy
Tom Arthur is the owner and administrator of the child rape fiction archive and pro-pedophile forum MrDouble.com AKA Doublespeakeasy

Tom Arthur AKA Mr. Double is the owner and administrator of the website MrDouble.com, a large archive of sexually graphic, supposedly fictional stories about raping infants and young children.

Arthur's long-time history of promoting child rape has been documented as far back as 1997, when he frequented Usenet and posted stories written by other pedophiles he was associated with. Examples of the (so-called) "fiction" that Arthur promotes include one author’s graphic description of raping an infant while stuffing her diaper in her mouth to muffle her screaming; another where the author described raping, torturing, and dismembering a young girl, and cannibalizing her body parts while she watched and bled to death; and many other horrific accounts of sexually abusing children in the worst possible ways.

MrDouble.com also contains the subsite Doublespeakeasy, a pro-pedophilia forum where board members openly post their (so-called) "fantasies" about molesting children in explicit detail. Arthur avoids legal trouble by instructing site members to claim that their child molestation stories are "fantasy". He has also instructed members who trade child pornography to do so off-site.

In addition to applauding other members' pro-pedophilia posts and child molestation "fantasies", Arthur has also spoken of his own attraction toward young girls. He has mentioned having a particular interest in young Mexican girls, which is disturbing considering that he lives on the U.S. Texas - Mexico border in an area known to be a main corridor for international child sex trafficking.

Tom Arthur's exploitation of children by encouraging pedophiles and promoting child rape leaves no question that he is a dangerous individual. Both personally, and through his support of others’ pedophilia, he is detrimental to the safety of children everywhere.


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Our Investigation

  • Tom Arthur was linked to Mr. Double through the use of his email address, prior posts on Usenet and other public records

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  • Mr.Double

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Additional Information

  • May have used the business name "Rosa Lopez International" aka R.L.I. Industries
  • More information will be posted as it becomes available

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