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Race: African American
Occupation: Truck Driver
Location: South of L.A., California
Physical Description:
Weight: States that he recently lost 100 lbs. and is muscular.
Other: Likes to wear gold chains and sports a flat-top hair style
Organizations: Annabelleigh.net, VoA
Trucker is a sex offender who recently was released from a treatment program and is on the forums to "learn how to be a better pedophile". He is also possibly allowing Jack McClellan to live with him.

Trucker is relatively new to the online pedophile scene. He first appeared in the Annabelleigh.net forums back in March of 2007. His AoA is female children between 5 and 12 years old. He was recently in a sex offender prison/treatment program for 5 years. He does not mention for what offense but he does claim he has never had sex with a child (or anyone for that matter).

Trucker explains that he learned to fear being around children because he did not want to be seen as a sex offender, but is now frequenting the pedo forums so that he can be comfortable with being a pedophile. In essence, he is taking the 5 years he had of treatment and blatantly disregarding everything he was taught.

He currently works for a trucking company which hires sex offenders, because the person who runs the company is a sex offender.


From the mouth of a convicted sex offender:

I've met many pedophiles in treatment who truly wanted consensual relationships with children, and there were those that, hate to admit it, deserved to be locked up; they could NOT keep their hands off children. And yes those child molesters were pedophiles, except they were the sociopathic type. For myself, I have never had sex with a child, and I don't know if I can even bring myself to having a sexual relationship with a child. I am attracted to little girls by appearance and personality, but physical sex is something that's very moot for me because as pathetic as this sounds, I've never had sex with anyone, adult or child.

I couldn't be a jerk to such a nice girl. Yes I failed my treatment, but my conscience just gets me every time. So I slipped her a dollar and walked further away. The waitress couldn't understand why I wanted to get my order outside. It's not that I want to be an asshole to girls, it's because I was taught every day that by even being around someone underage increases the chance of sexual abuse. I've never abused anyone in my life but that was the treatment for every sexual offender.

I should've been nicer her. I keep forgetting I'm not in that program anymore and I'm a totally free man. Maybe people here can help me be a proper acting pedophile.

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Additional Quotes

I was washing clothes at the laundromat earlier today when a little girl about 9 years old came in to pick up some clothes out of the dryer for her grandma, who washed them earlier.. She was wearing a tight shirt with real tight lowcut shorts, and the most unusual part was she was completely unattended. In fact for that moment it was just me and her in that laundromat; no one else! Now the reason why I was tripping over this is because with all of these child abductions going on (one almost happened yesterday), you'd think children would be heavily guarded. But it was a charmer to see the little sweetie playing granny's little helper by getting those clothes herself.

Because the dryer was on the top row, she had to constantly climb up to pull down the clothes. Every time she climbed up and reached in the dryer her low-cut shorts would slide down a little, giving me a real good show. I tried not to look, but I couldn't help but glance. You see, I try to appreciate little girls for much more than the physical aspects alone, but it was really hard this time with that little bottom in front of me. Regardless I admired her perseverance and devotion to grandma in getting a full load of clothes by herself. I smiled at her as she passed by, but she seemed to ignore me. Maybe she knew I was peeking at her...

Oh well, there's my GM. Yes I was being a pervert, and unfortunately I have a high libido which I wish I didn't have.

In response to this, the forums warned him to be careful but maybe next time help her by holding her up to get the clothes out of the machines.

I also think that pedos and non-pedos should come together and reach a suitable compromise rather than everyone saying "our way or the highway." I don't think the children would like seeing us or their parents being so fiercely absolutist because freedom of choice is what should be aimed for.

How many of us have been apologized to for being outed in public, driven out of our homes, and being hated by society? Is Rick Roberts ever going to get a suspension for perpetuating HATE by putting bounties on innocent pedophiles like Kevin Brown and Jack McClellan? Seems like this society is so hellbent on condemning people for making mistakes, and this is supposed to be the land of the free, where people can always be forgiven and still make good lives for themselves.

Additional Information

  • Currently, Trucker works for a trucking company in the United States. He works here because another sex offender he was in treatment with told him how this guy will hire sex offenders. There are several of them now who work together as truckers, and his boss is also a registered sex offender. He talks about his work a lot on Annabelleigh.net and VoA.
  • Trucker posts about his "encounters" with little girls at the truck stops.
  • He says he has a B.A. degree in psychology, which took him almost 10 years to get. Also, he recently made a post to the forums asking fellow pedophile Jack McClellan to contact him if he wants to come live with him.
  • Says his sister is a teacher
  • Posts regularly in the gallery section of VoA
  • Says that he has lost over 100 lbs since he left prison
  • Takes pictures of children that he says are "inappropriate."
  • Says his father has liver problems from drinking
  • Says he has a dog named "Boogie."
  • Says he suffers from depression
  • Says there are several incidents of obesity-caused diabetes in his family

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